Should I Wear a Heavyweight or Lightweight T-Shirt?

A heavyweight t-shirt is one that weighs more than 6 ounces. Its heavier weight comes from its thicker material. A t-shirt with a thinner material, weighing under 6 ounces, is considered a lightweight t-shirt. How thick your t-shirt should be depends on several factors. These can include the type of weather you can expect, how the t-shirt looks on you and how it personally feels to you.

A heavyweight t-shirt can be worn to keep you warmer when the weather is cold or when there is a lot of wind. But, that’s not the only occasion to wear a heavyweight t-shirt. They can also be worn if you want better coverage from your clothing. A heavyweight t-shirt is one that will not show your figure as easily. For women, this can be a very important factor in which weight they choose. Because the coverage is better, wearing a heavier t-shirt is often more appropriate for the office and for many social occasions than a lightweight t-shirt. In many workplaces, it may be mandated how much coverage a person needs. If a bra line is visible through a T-shirt, it may be considered inappropriate by the boss.

Men may find that they have figure flaws that they wish to conceal behind a heavier weight T-shirt. If they have any chest fat or love handles, a thicker t-shirt will cover these more easily. The heavier weight pulls the t-shirt down so it does not cling as easily to the body. Women may have similar figure flaws that they wish to hide as well. A heavier weight t-shirt may make them feel better about themselves because they feel their perceived figure flaws are being hidden instead of being put on display by thinner material.

Thicker t-shirts also tend to last longer than thinner t-shirts. A heavyweight shirt will last through more washes than one that is lighter. It will also hold its shape for a longer period than a thinner t-shirt will. This can make it a lot easier to buy a heavyweight T-shirt so that you don’t have to keep shopping for T-shirts as often. It also means that the ones you already have will not stretch out as quickly.

Some people simply preferred the way a lightweight t-shirt feels. A lightweight t-shirt will breathe better and may allow a breeze that you can feel right through the fabric. Many people choose lightweight t-shirts if they live in very hot weather or for beach vacations. And when going to sleep, a loose, lightweight t-shirt provides a comfortable item of clothing that will not be constricting.

It’s known that a lightweight T-shirt usually costs less than a heavy weight t-shirt, and that might influence some people to choose a lightweight t-shirt over a heavier one. However, a heavyweight t-shirt usually lasts longer than a lightweight one. This can make the difference between the two prices negligible. What the decision often comes down to then is how much coverage as needed and the climate in which it will be worn.

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