Muscle tone

Fashion Tips for Highlighting Your Muscle Tone

Muscle tone

It takes a much disciplined person to keep a strict workout regimen. If you are one of those individuals you should feel proud of yourself and it is only natural that you will want to wear clothing that highlights your muscle tone. Some may call this bragging, but hey, you’ve earned the right to show off what you’ve got and really it’s no different from what many individuals do; show off their greatest assets.

Dressing to highlight your muscle tone is a delicate balance and if not done properly you could come off looking too boastful. Here are some tips to ensure you look great while highlighting your muscle tone:

•    Keep them wondering: The trick with highlighting muscle tone is to bare just the right amount of flesh in all the right places. If you bare too much you will cheapen the look and have people thinking you are trying too hard. This can be accomplished by wearing a short sleeved shirt that fits nicely rather than a sleeveless shirt that screams, ‘look at me everyone!’ You can also show just enough skin to tease people as to what lies beneath. The trick here is to expose some, but not all of the muscle you wish to highlight, for example, wearing a short sleeved shirt that covers half the bicep.

•    Not too tight: You will of course want to wear clothing that is form fitting as this will help you to show off your muscle tone, but be careful that you don’t go too tight. With shirts you don’t want them to be so tight that it looks like it is cutting off the circulation in the arms. Choose a snug fit instead. The same applies for pants and jeans. You will want to go with a slimmer cut that hugs your body better but don’t go too tight like a pair of skinny jeans. If your pants are too tight, you may actually be hiding your muscle tone instead of highlighting it.

•    Nice legs: Both men and women can show off their muscle tone legs easily when in a formal environment. For women, simply wear a nice dress that is not too long and your legs will speak for themselves. Guys can wear a nice pair of cargo shorts that come down just above the knee. Don’t go too short here though as no one want to see a guy in short-shorts.

•    Follow fashion: Wear what’s in style. There are plenty of cloths that can be worn that will highlight your muscle tone that are in current style so instead of wearing clothing that sports the name of the gym you work out at, dress like everyone else. If you dress like you are going to the gym for all occasions you will again cheapen your look and have people thinking you are trying to show off.

It’s totally natural for you in shape individuals to want to show what you have, just be sure to do it the right way. If done properly, you can highlight your muscle tone nicely without looking like you are seeking the attention of everyone in the world.

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