Get Crafty with Custom T-Shirts

What you wear speaks volumes about who you are and what better way to express yourself than with a shirt you yourself designed. No need to get it professionally printed, a hand-made shirt is the perfect way to show off your artistic talents to the world!

The traditional t-shirt crafting mediums–painting and iron-ons-will never go out of style. But recently, new and exciting methods of transforming t-shirts have taken the crafting world by storm. T-shirt crafts aren’t just for the little ones anymore. Crafters of all ages are discovering the joys of wearable art!

The first thing to remember when crafting a t-shirt is your personality. How you express yourself is up to you, just be sure to choose the medium, style and canvas that is right for your personality. The tried-and-true techniques of painting and iron-on transfers are good, dependable decorating techniques. Both require only basic skills–and no pattern reading!–and can be mastered with minimal practice. A steady hand and the ability to follow directions are all you need.

Painting is one of the most traditional methods of garment decoration. Perfect for children and adults alike, painting allows the artist to express him or herself on the most basic level without worrying about complicated or expensive methods. Fabric paints can be purchased at your local craft store and are available in all colors and types. Glitter, puffy, pastel, and even glow-in-the-dark can all be found fairly easily. Pick up a few brushes and you’re ready to paint!

Iron-on transfers are also an easy and fun way to decorate clothing. Pre-made transfer materials can be purchased at your local craft store. Pre-made transfers come in designs ranging from holiday themes to children’s characters. Additionally, transfer paper can be purchased from most office supply stores that can then be used to print transfer designs right off your computer! Personalized text, images, and even photographs can all be printed onto iron-on transfer paper. If you’re new to this method of decorating, be sure to read the directions on the transfer package.

While painting and transfers are both exciting ways to express yourself through t-shirt crafting, it must not b forgotten that the t-shirt itself can be a valuable tool. Painting and decorating change the surface of the shirt, but why not change the shirt itself? In the past few years, t-shirt decorating has become quite popular in an unexpected age-group. Young adults all over the country have begun using their creativity to re-design shirts by altering the shape of the garment itself. Paints and transfers are no longer required to make your shirt as unique as you are! The sleeve length, neck shape, and fit of a shirt all can easily be altered by simply cutting the material. A stodgy old crew-neck can become a trendy v-neck in a matter of seconds and an oversized shirt takes only a few minutes to be cut and tied to fit the shape of its owner. The special knit of the garment keeps the t-shirt from fraying, even after washing.

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