Give the Gift of Blushing with an Embarrassing T-Shirt

Do you love practical jokes? Those in good taste, of course. Well, what better way to show off your humorous side than by giving an embarrassing t-shirt to a friend or family member. Such a gift will be remembered for years to come, so show off your creative side with specially designed t-shirts whenever the opportunity presents itself. What occasions are best for embarrassing t-shirts?

Birthdays are most obvious. A t-shirt can serve as a great gag gift that actually might be worn if only for the evening. We’ve all seen an ‘over the hill’ t-shirt for a 40th birthday. In fact, the most popular milestone birthdays for these types of t-shirts are 21, 30, 40, 50, and 60. T-shirts can be made up for party goers as well as the individual being celebrated. Participant party shirts are a great idea if you know the birthday guy or girl won’t likely willingly go along with your fun and wear your specially designed t-shirt.
Anniversaries typically aren’t funny occasions, but why can’t they be? If your parents or grandparents are celebrating a milestone and appreciate your good humor, it’s time to put together a t-shirt! Do you have an inside family joke you are ready to share with the world? Making them a specially designed t-shirt is a great way to ensure they’ll never forget the role you played in their special day.

Wedding proposals are a time when uniqueness is often celebrated. This is definitely one time when the more public the display of affection the better. After showing your bride to be how much you love her, why not let her see your humorous side? Have a witty t-shirt put together for her to slip on after your propose. This is probably the one day you can get away with embarrassing her. Take advantage of the opportunity. Who knows? If you’re spending the day in public, the local television station or newspaper may even capture your creativity. Live up the day!

While families are easy targets of your humor, t-shirts can also be used to embarrass those who may be your friends. Confused? Throughout our lives we desire to become affiliated with new organizations or sporting teams. Some, especially those targeted at the college aged, require a hazing or initiation of some sort. These activities are designed to show the potential member’s desire to be part of the organization. Often these activities are in good nature and create a cohesive bond between current and potential members of the organization. An embarrassing t-shirt is well suited for such initiations or hazing. Why not ensure that the embarrassment is public by having the potential new members wear it on their bodies. The specially designed t-shirt can become a tradition associated with the organization and create an ongoing story and history.

Giving an embarrassing t-shirt can be a perfect gift. Used properly, humor can be one of the best gifts for almost any occasion. Spend some time today thinking of the next perfect occasion to have a t-shirt made!

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