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How Can I Gradually Change My Style Without People Noticing Right Away?

Change style

There are many times in life when a person wants to change their style. Sometimes it’s because the styles have changed and you want to adapt to the latest fashions. Other times it may be because you see a style that you want to incorporate into your own style. Sometimes it’s because you just tire of your usual look and you want a dramatic change. When you change your style, changing it gradually is certainly preferable to changing it overnight and confusing those around you. It also makes the progression to your new style look more natural and less planned.

One of the ways to gradually change your style is to start by changing the accessories only. You can change your watch, earrings, belts, scarves, etc., to your new style without changing the look of any of the rest of your clothes. This is a subtle way of making your outfits look a little different without making too many obvious changes that will stand out right away.

As people adjust to your new accessories, you can slowly start to add other pieces that match the style of those accessories. You can start by changing the type of shirts you wear and eventually changing the type of pants or skirts that you wear to match the style of shirts. This introduces a gradual change that eventually all fits together as a cohesive look.

Another way to gradually change your style slowly without causing too much attention to it is to change the style of your shoes first. Wear shoes that are a part of your new look, even if they don’t look quite right with your old style. The shoes will pave the way for the rest of the outfit that will follow gradually. Wait at least a few days before adding any additional changes to your look. When you do add changes, start small. Start by changing colors or accessories to match your new style in shoes. Then, you can change your entire outfit to match those pieces.

One way that many people change their look is to ease into the new style by wearing a toned-down version of the new look for a while as a transition into the new look. This is a way to bridge the gap between your old look and your new look and will serve to keep the change of style from being too noticeable to those around you.

If your new look will involve wearing bright colors, start with muted colors or only one piece that has bright colors. If you are transitioning to wearing darker clothes, gradually wear darker hues until you get to the colors you want. If you want to start an entirely new style of clothing, such as transitioning from pants to dresses, start wearing the new style once a week, then more and more often until you are wearing your new style every day of the week. BY the time you are wearing it every day, it will have seemed like a natural progression to those around you.

One thought on “How Can I Gradually Change My Style Without People Noticing Right Away?

  1. Charity

    I have started cutting,and I have a tumble girl style,so I want to change to a 12 punk/emo tumblr girl style,just until I stop my addiction (I know It is gonna be a addiction sometime) then I will go back to now.this kinda helped out,but very poorly

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