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How to Break in Jeans

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You have just worn yet another hole into your favorite pair of jeans and you know it time for them to be retired. You rush off to the department store and grab the same brand and the same size you just had and go back home happy with your purchase. Once at home you put on the jeans and whoa! The jeans are so tight you feel like you need to grease yourself just to get into them. No you didn’t get the wrong size; you just have to break in the new jeans.

Breaking in new jeans is a process that takes just a bit of time. Following these simple tips will have your new pair of jeans fitting like your old favorites in no time:

•   Wash the jeans: Most jeans will say to wash them in cold water with like colors. Why? Hot water will actually soften up your jeans. Wash your new jeans in hot water and dry them, but not completely. While still damp, put the jeans on and walk around with them. This will help the jeans conform to your body.
•   Roll the jeans: Match up the pant legs of the jeans and start at the bottom to create a tight roll. The tighter you roll the jeans the better. As you unroll them be sure to pull at the denim as this will help to stretch the fibers and give you jeans a better overall fit.
•   Beat the jeans: Wash the jeans again in hot water. When you put them I the dryer throw on some sneakers and walk away. Make sure that the sneakers are not old and nasty. Besides clean sneakers, make sure the sneakers are safe to put in the dryer.  Having the sneakers in the dryer with the jeans will create a constant pounding on the jeans and that beating will loosen up the material so that the jeans will better fit you.
•    Wear the jeans: With every use the jeans will fit better and better. Constant wearing of the jeans will produce a comfortable fit faster. While they may not feel cozy at first over time the constant wearing of the jeans will have them hugging your legs and conforming to your shape.
•    Exercise the jeans: This sounds silly, but it works. Put the jeans on and do some jumping jacks. You can also do some deep squats or any other type of exercise where the material in the jeans will get a good stretch. The welcomed side effect here is some extra calories getting burned which can also help you fit into the jeans better.
•   Be patient: You may have to do these steps several times to accomplish your goal of breaking in the jeans. Even after you do though, keep in mind they will not fit like your old favorite pair for a while. Have a little patience and in time your new jeans will become just as cozy and form fitting as your old ones were and you will never think of the old ones again.

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