What to Wear and How to Dress at 40 – Fashion Advice

At 40, there are many people who believe that they must begin to dress in a very specific style to go with their age. However, today there is no one style that is appropriate for people who are in their 40s. The major rules are not to be too revealing at this age and not to look too trendy. You want to create a look that is flattering to your own face and figure and to have a style that is all your own.


Many men and women in their 40s have bodies that have changed shape a bit through the years. The wisdom about dressing well in your 40s was once to simply cover everything up as much as possible. This is no longer the case. Today, dressing in your 40s is more about projecting your own style and flattering your own figure. You want to emphasize your best features while downplaying any negative ones.

There are many styles of clothing that will skim your shape without clinging too tightly to it. This is perfect for people who have a little extra weight around the middle. Something that does not have a defined waistline will skim over your midsection instead of revealing it to the world.


At 40, many people choose to dress mainly in neutral colors rather than the brighter colors that they had worn before. This is a matter of personal style, of course, but neutrals do tend to give people a more classic look that is less likely to make it look as if you’re trying to look younger. Bright colors can also add weight to the figure and can be extremely unflattering for those with problem areas.

Classic colors include navy blue, off-white, white, black and various shades of tan. These colors can all be paired together to create classic looks that are appropriate for any age. Many people do find that finding one or two brightly-colored accessories are perfect to put with outfits that are made up of neutral colors. This keeps an outfit from looking too boring or even older than your years. A brightly-colored scarf to go with a navy blue dress or an off-white shirt is a perfect way to accessorize with some color.


Many people also choose to wear brightly-colored shoes to go with dark-colored outfits to add a splash of color. With shoes, just about any color is fine, though neon colors may not look tasteful on someone who is in their 40s. Generally, most shoe styles are also okay with the possible exception of flip-flops. Very casual sandals and flip-flops may not look tasteful on someone who is 40.

A pair of flats is just as casual and comfortable as a pair of casual sandals, but the effect will be one that conveys taste and style rather than one that can easily look sloppy. High heels, even stilettos, are perfectly acceptable for woman in her 40s, as are tennis shoes in good condition and sparkly flats.

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