Tips and Advice on How to Dress for a Massage


When you go to get a massage, there are a number of factors that can influence what you wear. Before you choose an outfit for your massage, make sure you consider exactly what kind of massage you will be getting. For most massages, there are a number of ways that you can make the process more difficult by wearing the wrong thing. You can also conserve time by wearing the right thing, leaving more time for your actual massage.

Loose Clothing

For the most part, your clothing should be as loose as possible when you show up for a massage. There are many massage techniques that require the massage therapist to have a lot of contact with your bare skin, and you will waste a lot of valuable massage time if you have to change or rearrange your clothing a lot. You may actually need to remove your shirt or most of your clothing, and if you are wearing tight clothing, this will take longer to do.

Simple Clothing

If you are wearing simple clothing, pushing up your shirt for a massage or taking off your shirt will be a lot easier if you don’t have to undo a lot of buckles and snaps. The best outfit to wear is a short, loose t-shirt and a pair or loose pants or a loose skirt. A simple sundress without a belt or a lot of buttons is also ideal. These take only seconds to remove. They are also non-restrictive and can keep that relaxed feeling going after the massage is over.

Arrive at a massage appointment wearing as little jewelry as possible. If you want to keep on small earrings and a wedding ring, these can usually be kept on without a problem. However, you should leave all necklaces, bracelets and larger pieces of jewelry at home. These items can be restrictive and can impede the movement of the massage therapist. During a massage you may have your arms and hands massaged, and bracelets and large rings can make this difficult. If you are wearing a necklace, the neck massage portion of the appointment will be made more difficult. You may even risk having a necklace that gets broken during the massage.

Whatever you wear, make sure that it’s something that won’t require help to take off. If you are removing your clothing for the massage, there will be no one in the room with you to help you to take off complicated dresses, necklaces with tiny clasps or zippers in the back that you just can’t reach.


Like the rest of your massage clothing, your shoes should be simple and loose. If you wear something with a lot of straps and buckles, it will take time to get them off. You may even need help with that tiny buckle if it proves difficult. A better choice is flip flops, loose tennis shoes or a pair of slip-on flats that won’t take any time to remove. This

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