How to Dress Emo – Fashion Tips


Emo is more than a music style it is also a fashion style for a those with lot of emotions that need expressing. Emo is short for emotional, and people who dress this way want people to know how deep their emotions run. For this reason, dressing emo generally means creating a somber look that communicates that depth.


The number one color for dressing emo is black. Other dark colors, such as navy blue, dark gray and dark jewel tones will also create the needed somber look. No matter what articles of clothing you choose and what accessories you pair them with, always make sure to keep the colors dark. Sometimes, black and white will do if the predominant color is black. A black shirt with thin white stripes can look very emo.


Emo guys and girls tend to wear dark pants in a few different styles. The jeans are usually dark blue, black or a very deep gray. The pants are generally straight leg style rather than flaired or tapered. Sometimes these jeans are called “skinny jeans“. Some emo dressers wear dark brown or black corduroy pants.


The tops worn by emo dressers are often either track jackets or vintage-style t-shirts. Many people who dress emo actually do find vintage t-shirts in thrift stores or in vintage clothing stores, but vintage-style shirts that are pre-faded are now readily available online and in many clothing stores. The vintage t-shirt may be worn under a vintage track suit or under an unbuttoned button-up shirt in a dark color. Whatever type of top you choose, make sure it fits tightly. A loose fitting t-shirt does not fit into the emo style.

New t-shirts that are not vintage style can also fit into the emo look. The t-shirts should have some type of printing on them, from nonsensical words to popular sayings to pictures of animals. Some emo dressers like checkered shirts or striped shirts, but those are usually are worn over a t-shirt with printing on it.


In keeping with the dark color scheme, many emo dressers wear a belt with metal studs on it. Emo girls sometimes wear a white belt for a contrasting color, though emo guys usually wear a black one.

Socks and Shoes

Argyle socks are favored by emo dressers, and they can be in any color at all. Even white socks with light-colored patterns on them are ok in the emo world. If you want to keep everything dark, look for black argyle socks with deep red or green patterns on them. Also consider black and white striped or checkered socks instead of argyles.

Shoes are usually tennis shoes like Vans or Converse. These are shoes with a simple construction with a lot of different patterns available. Shoes that tie are preferable to any other kind when dressing emo. Dark-colored tennis shoes with dark-colored laces are the best choice when dressing emo. You may need to replace your white laces with black ones to achieve this look, but it does add to the overall somber appearance.

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7 thoughts on “How to Dress Emo – Fashion Tips

  1. des

    heh..i’m emo 😛 i wear a zebra striped shirt w/ a vest builts/sewn into it..and converse and skinny jeans.


  2. james

    hey im sort of emo. i wear me black skinny’s all the time i always wear a black cardi or jumper. i do wear some florescent colors sometimes. i wear dc’s and converse

  3. joe

    i love emo because it shows all emotions are present and that person not afraid of what other people think,im totally emo

  4. James

    I used to be emo when I was younger but the style was different back then. My style was influenced more by (OLD not the new crap) weezer and the like. This was basically vintage nerd clothing. I usually wore a dark button down shirt, cardigan sweater, dark corduroys and chuck taylor shoes. Hair was usually dyed black and I wore glasses and carried a messenger bag everywhere. Its all changed now, as do all trends I suppose. Well, my version of emo had its day I suppose its time for today’s kids to have their fun.

  5. Raychel

    On the t-shirts for girls and boys isn’t the style band shirts like blink 182 or somthinn like the beatles well what it said to but still??!?

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