How to Dress Like Emily Osment

Emily Osment is a 16-year old actress, who is incredibly popular with the younger teen and tween age groups. She is also a singer-songwriter and has recorded several songs. Despite her young age, she has been acting for quite a while and has appeared in a variety of different movies and shows. She is a regular on the Disney hit TV show Hannah Montana.

In order to emulate Emily Osment’s fashion style, you have to be aware of what she wears and what she seems to favor most. You can figure this out by reading as much as you can about her. Several fan websites give detailed information about where to buy the same clothing she is wearing. Such sites are also filled with pictures of her at various places, so you can get a good idea of how she dresses in different situations. If you want to know what she is wearing lately you may also want to check out the popular magazines and websites that track any and all stars and the fashions they are seen in.

Dressing like Emily Osment is very easy and very doable for almost any young girl who truly wants to dress like her favorite sitcom star. The clothes worn by Emily both onscreen and offscreen predominantly can be found in stores that you will find in shopping malls around the country. Forever 21 and American Apparel are two of the ones she shops from. American Apparel is a particularly great choice because it is a sweatshop free store.

Emily has a tendency to layer her clothes. She also is not afraid of color and wears practically any color. While on the show, her character is totally a tomboy and dresses that way, in real life Emily Osment is all about fun, feminine and flirty outfits. She loves short shorts and mini dresses, as well as tight jeans that show off her great legs. Emily wears a lot of pink, green and other colors but also seems to love black and white outfits.

If you are a teenager or have a teenager in your house who is dying to copy the awesome Emily Osment look, you can help to get her started with a great selection of custom-made T-shirts for layering. You can opt for any color that Emily would wear. Be sure to get a good quality T-shirt in a lightweight fabric for layering or if you live in a colder area, a heavy weight tee might be a better choice. V-necks, scoop necks and off the shoulder tees are also favorite choices for Emily and would be wise to own for anyone looking to imitate her.

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