How to Dress Like Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy is one of the best known wrestlers to young WWE fans. His style is a combination of over-the-top 80s wrestler style and the more modern, more subdued style of professional wrestlers. Because his clothes are fairly simple, it’s easy to copy his over-the-top style and get a look that screams Jeff Hardy.


Because he so often wears nothing but pants, it’s important to get his pants look correct. Jeff Hardy prefers very brightly colored pants to get the attention of everyone in the audience when he’s in the ring. This also translates into a look that he carries over outside of the ring. Look for pants that have bright patterns in highly contrasting colors. Contrasts such as black and pink, black and yellow, and yellow and green are highly contrasting and are easily visible from long distances away. Find pants and patterns that use these colors and you’ll be on your way to achieving Jeff Hardy style.

Make sure that any pants you wear are very, very baggy. The best type to wear are pants that have a loose, drawstring waist. Look for cotton pants that will flow well and will not cling to your legs.

Arm Accessories

Other than his pants, Jeff Hardy is very well known for his arm decorations. These arm decorations are usually black, and they usually have some type of fringe or other adornments on them. They can be made with black strips of fabric tied around the arm loosely all the way up to the elbows. They might also be made by cutting the sleeves off a long-sleeved black t-shirt and cutting large holes in the sleeves and wearing them without a shirt.

Sometimes, Jeff Hardy does wear white arm accessories. These are constructed in much the same way as the black ones. Sometimes they are sheer black. Sheer black arm accessories can be made from an old pair of black pantyhose. Make sure to cut holes up-and-down the length of the arm accessory in order to make it more realistic. There are times when he uses black underneath the white with holes cut in the white to show off circles of black. These arm accessories will be more difficult to construct, but they will showcase typical Jeff Hardy style. The WWEshop website has some replica versions available for purchase for those who don’t want to make their own. If you have a pair of armbands and a pair of bright pants, you already have the look of Jeff Hardy.


When Jeff Hardy does wear a shirt, it’s usually a tank top. He prefers white tank tops but sometimes wears T-shirts. Sometimes, he wears a sheer shirt that shows off his pecs. His sheer shirts have a seam down each side. Sometimes he wears black tank tops with very thin straps. These have spaghetti straps on top to show off the most muscle possible.

For inspiration, there are many Jeff Hardy style T-shirts in the WWEshop website. These have wild color combinations just like Jeff Hardy wears, and many of them have Jeff Hardy’s picture on them.

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