Johnny Cash

How to Dress Like Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash

Johnny cash was one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century and he was well known for his deep bass voice as well as his deep felt lyrics. Cash spanned many genres or music and was popular in country, blues, and rock and roll alike. Cash was so often seen wearing black that he actually earned the nickname ‘The Man in Black.’ This makes Cash’s style of dress probably the easiest to nail.

When you think about dressing like Johnny Cash only one thing should be one your mind; black. While he didn’t always wear black, he probably did over 95 percent of the time. Here are some simple ways that you can dress like Johnny cash:

•    Shirts: Cash was most often seen in his classic button down collared shirts that were almost always black. Choose a shirt that is comfortable to wear and leave the first two buttons undone. If you do decide to stray away from black, stay with a very dark color or the look will be lost.

•    Pants:
You have just a bit more leeway her, but not much. Cash always wore black pants and they were either slacks or jeans, but always black. Make sure to go with a very classic look and style here and stay away from skinny jeans at all costs. A nice pair of loose fit boot cut jeans that are black does the trick every time.

•    Boots: Cash always wore cowboy boots and they too were black. He had been known to wear a darker brown pair a time or two, but for the most part he stuck with the old trusty black and you should as well. Don’t tuck the pants into the boots, but rather, pull the pants over the boots and let them hang down as this is how Cash did it.

•    Trench Coat:
Towards his later years Cash could always be seen in his familiar black trench coat. Acquiring one for you would make a great touch to the look, but it isn’t necessary.

•    Accessories:
Cash wore no accessories save an occasional tie. While you could carry an acoustic guitar around with you to better emulate him, an easier way is to do it with a cigarette. Cash was frequently seen with a cigarette dangling from his mouth. If you don’t smoke, don’t light it up, but it will definitely add to the Johnny Cash look.

•    Hair:
Depending on which years of cash you want to portray will depend on how you should do your hair. His younger look will call for you to slick back your hair with some strong hair gel. If it is the later Cash look you are after, grow out your hair just a bit, brush it backwards and let the chips fall where they may so to speak.

Just remember, when dressing like Cash that he was called the man in black, not white or blue. While it may feel mundane, everything black is the way Cash wore it and it is the way you too should wear it if you want to dress like him.

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  1. Pat

    A little correction: Cash didn’t use gel in his hair but rather pomade. Supposedly Royal Crown. Any type of pomade with some shine should wmuothe 50s look.

  2. David

    I am attempting to find just were I can purchase coats like that of John Cash Do you know where that would be possible?

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