Sienna Miller

How to Dress Like Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller is a modern-day It girl with a style that is both modern and retro at the same time. Her look is one that lots of girls emulate in order to get the effortless style that she exudes.

Boho Chic

Though Sienna Miller resists the label of Boho Chic, this is a style that fits her tastes perfectly. It consists of pieces that call to mind the hippie look of the 60s with a modern twist. The look requires a lot of loose, flowy pieces that are long and patterned.

To get this look, find shirts that are peasant-style shirts that are loose fitting. The shirts can have an empire waist or they can have no tailored waist at all. Instead of paisley or other 60s-style prints, look for floral prints or stripes. Often, she chooses peasant blouses that are strapless. These give her the carefree, effortless look that she is famous for.

Wear low-rise pants with the flowy tops to complete this look. The pants should be light in color and they should fit loosely. Frayed jeans are the perfect way to set off the Boho Chic look. To finish it, choose jewelry that is simple and not too showy. Wear just one ring and one bracelet and skip the necklace in order to get this look.

Sack dresses are a part of this look and can be worn to formal events. She often wears a simple sack dress with a few small pieces of jewelry. If the sack dress has any crocheting on it, it will make the look even more authentically Sienna Miller.

80s Style

When she isn’t in her Boho Chic outfits, Sienna Miller is sporting a hip 80s style. This style is all about geometric shapes, patterns and bold colors.

To get this look, choose pants that have a natural waist and pair it with a short jacket. Sometimes she wears a short denim jacket that matches her jeans or that is a few shades lighter. Her jackets have straight lines and are simple in style. She likes to wear black and white outfits to present a bold color contrast.


When in her 80s –style outfits, Sienna Miller wears a lot of skinny jeans. Her jeans are usually dark and are cuffed at the ankle. Choose designer jeans to get the full Sienna Miller look. In the summer, choose skinny denim capris that are dark blue. Whether you choose jeans or capris wear them as tightly as possible to get Sienna Miller’s style.


Platform shoes are a 60s staple that Sienna Miller likes to wear. Choose ones that have a wooden platform to get the right look for most outfits. Other times, Sienna Miller wears wedge heels, often with a wooden wedge. For formal occasions, she wears strappy stiletto heels. Choose neutral colors so that the shoes don’t outshine the rest of the outfit. On casual days, choose dark-colored flats that match the rest of the outfit. A pair of black or dark blue flats complements a pair of jeans well.

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