Hayden Panettiere

How to Dress Like Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere is a trendsetting young star with a fun, youthful style that is fun to wear for any occasion. While she wears clothes that give her look a feeling of sophistication, she isn’t afraid to pair her outfits with fun accessories or shoes that keep the outfit fun and age appropriate.


Hayden Panettiere wears a lot of dresses. She wears them almost exclusively to her events and photo opportunities, rarely opting for slacks for those occasions. To get her dressy look, wear a brightly colored dress with a wide belt. Hayden Panettiere knows how great she looks in red, and it has become a signature color for the young star. To get her look, try a dress in bright red and use dark accessories to set off the brightness of the red.

One of Hayden Panettiere’s favorite ways to do this is to make everything else in her outfit black to make the red that much more eye-catching. Wear a pair of black shoes with a black belt and small black earrings to really set off the color of your dress.

When you choose your Hayden Panettiere dress, keep it simple. Choose one that has a low-cut neckline but that is simple in style and shape. Let the color do all the talking for your dress. Choose a dress that is about knee length of slightly longer to get the full Hayden Panettiere look.


Hayden Panettiere loves the high heeled, pointy-toe shoe look that is so popular in shoes right now. To get this look, choose a plain pair of high heels in a dark color, especially in black. Make sure the shoes have the pointiest toes that you can in order to capture the look. Her shoes are usually one color and free from any sparkles or other adornments.

Sometimes, Hayden Panettiere wears peep-toe high heels in metallic colors. Some of these shoes have an ankle strap. If you’re wearing a light colored-dress, try a pair of gold, strappy high heels with a pep-toe front to get this look.

Roman-style sandals are also a favorite of Hayden Panettiere. They can be worn in either brown or in gold to get her casual look. She has been seen several times in a pair of Miu Miu gold gladiator sandals. She often wears this style of sandal along with a long skirt or a pair of dark pants.


The place where Hayden Panettiere really shows her fun side is in her accessories. If you want to get her look, try jewelry with a lot of color and personality. A bracelet with lots of charms or one that has large, colorful spots on it are something that Hayden Panettiere would feel right at home in. When you wear earrings, wear something fun that fits well into your outfit. No matter what Hayden Panettiere wears, she always keeps everything together in one cohesive look. Your earrings can be big and full of color, but make sure they are the same colors that are found in your outfit.

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