Look taller

How to Dress to Look Taller

Look taller

We can put a man on the moon, but we haven’t found a way to make ourselves taller, or have we? Actually, there are many different tricks at our disposal to create the illusion of looking taller. It’s not difficult when you know exactly what to do. As soon as you understand the principles behind these tricks, you will know how to shop for items that elongate you.

You may be surprised to know that many celebrities are short. Al Pacino, Bono, Ben Stiller, and Tom Cruise are all under 5’8″, the average height for men in America. Julianne Moore, Drew Barrymore, Sarah Jessica Parker, and America Ferrera are all under 5’4″, the average height for women in America. Most of these stars, and others, never look short on camera. This is due to their team of stylists who know how to create height through optical illusion.

Starting at the bottom up, shoes are certainly important. It’s very easy for short women to wear high heel shoes or boots, but it’s not so convenient for men. Unless you think Prince is a good fashion idol, you may not want to wear high heel boots if you’re a man. Men do have options when it comes to shoes. On the market now for men are platform shoes. It’s not the standard white platform shoes from the 1970s. It’s undercover platform shoes that look like regular loafers or dress shoes. Basically, the platform is placed inside the shoe, and gives height from within, without creating a bulky heel. These are a very good long term investment for a problem that will never go away. Shoes should also be closed-toe, and preferably matching the color of the pants. This creates an illusion of length.

For pants, fit is everything. Both men and women should buy pants that fit around the thighs and then fall straight from the thighs. Contrary to popular opinion, skinny jeans, especially if you’re not skinny, do not make you look taller. They emphasize the length of the legs, and if your legs are not long, they will emphasize that, also. It must be noted that some people do look taller in skinny jeans, but this varies depending on the brand, the style, and the color of the jeans. Always try on jeans, and get a second opinion from a non-biased party (not the sales associate). High waisted jeans also give the impression of long legs.

To look taller, skirts should be shorter. Knee length or shorter shows off more leg, creating the illusion of length. Another item to consider are A-line dresses or skirts.

Continuing up the body, shirts with vertical strips elongate the torso. Avoid wearing horizontal strips that make you look shorter. Wear longer tops, that reach below the waist, to carry on the illusion of height. Many women find that dangling earrings also help. As far as hair is concerned, shorter is better. Men should consider close cropped, or spiky hairstyles. Women would benefit by adding more height to the crown of their hair.

Many people find that a monochromatic look works very well for them. This means choosing one color, especially a darker one, to wear for top and bottom. The human eye interprets a monochromatic outfit as a single unit, and this tricks the mind into believing the person is taller.

Some things to avoid are baggy clothes. Clothes should be fitted, and sleek, creating a lean look. Avoid belts if at all possible. Men usually need belts, and in this case, the belt should be thin, and the same color as the pants. Following these guidelines when shopping will make you taller instantly.

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