Amelia Earhart

How To Dress Up Like Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart is a true American heroine. She is one of the few women featured in American history and was a pioneer in aviation. In addition to being an award-winning pilot and the first woman to pilot many historic voyages, she was also an acclaimed author of books about her own experiences. Her disappearance in 1937 was a mystery that still fascinates many. Dressing up like Amelia Earhart is a great testimonial to history and encourages others to learn more about this historical figure.

Dressing up like Amelia Earhart can be done in a variety of ways. You can opt for a dressy Amelia Earhart look or an all-business in-the-cockpit look. Either way, the distinguishing features that will set your costume apart from just a “period” look and make you clearly stand out as Amelia Earhart is the addition of the leather helmet and flying goggles that are typical of pilots of her era.

If you choose to dress up like Amelia Earhart in an everyday outfit or a dressy outfit, you will have a variety of looks to choose from. Flapper dresses were very popular in the 1930s and many of the pictures of Amelia show her in this style. Two piece suits with long straight skirts and a jacket over a blouse was also a common style for her. This was also one of the first times in history when women were beginning to wear pants. Earhart was often photographed in pant suits and pants with a blouse and jacket. She was often shown in bomber jackets and a short tan leather jackets. Her wardrobe was made up of very loose-fitting garments. Scarves were Amelia Earhart’s most commonly chosen accessory.

To dress up like Amelia Earhart, you will need to shy away from colorful clothes and prints. Her wardrobe was mostly of somber colors like navy, shades of brown, tan, khaki and green. Her blouses were mostly plain white.

If you are looking to create an Amelia Earhart at work look, you will need to find a one-piece set of coveralls, similar to what a mechanic would wear today. As she was a pioneer among women, there were no female flying suits available and pictures of her ready for flight show that the suits she wore were very unflattering. Shoes were always flat and utilitarian also. A set of coveralls, the leather helmet and the flying goggles are the three essential items for an Amelia ready-for-flight look.

Despite some rather unfashionable styles, especially when it came to what she wore in the cockpit, Amelia Earhart always had a beaming smile. She looked genuinely happy to do what she was doing, especially in action photos, as opposed to the more formal, publicity shots, which always looked contrived. To help pull off your genuine Amelia Earhart look, smile lots.

Do some research into 1930s era clothing for women. Opt for the most conservative of those items and throw in lots of pants and you have Amelia Earhart’s style. You can easily create a genuine costume that calls to mind a true American hero: Amelia Earhart.

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