How to Fix a Hole in Your T-Shirt

A hole can be a serious problem with a t-shirt, or it might be nothing more than a minor inconvenience. The extent of the problem is usually related to how large the hole in the t-shirt is and where exactly on the shirt it is located.

If the hole is located on a seam, it is the easiest type of hole to fix. To fix it, simply turn the garment inside out and sew a line across the seam to close up the hole. To do this, match up the thread color to the thread that was originally used to sew up the seams on the t-shirt. This is usually the same color as the t-shirt, but that isn’t always true. Take a look at the thread first to make sure.

If the hole is small, thread the matching thread through a small needle and knot the end of the thread. Then, pinch the seam together so that it looks the way it should look after the repair is done. Then, sew through both parts of the shirt that go together to make the seam. Continue doing this until the hole in the seam is closed up. Knot the thread at the end of the stitches and cut off the thread. The t-shirt should look just like it did before the hole formed.

If the hole is not located at the seam it can be a little more complicated. The thread must exactly match the color of the t-shirt in order to allow the stitches to blend into the shirt as well as possible. Even if the t-shirt is white, this may mean matching the t-thread to the exact shade of white that is used in the t-shirt. If the hole is very small, turn the t-shirt inside out and make a few very small stitches in order to close up the hole.

If the hole is larger and is not on a seam, use a sewing machine for a better effect on the t-shirt. The t-shirt should be turned inside out before you begin. Then, load the matching thread into the sewing machine. Use the zigzag stitch to close up the hole. Place the sewing machine needle into the fabric located at the top part of the hole. Then, use the zigzag stitch to close up the hole until you get to the other side of it. Once you reach the other side, reverse directions and use the zigzag stitch all the way back to the other end of the hole. This will create tight stitching that will barely be noticeable in most cases.

If you aren’t as concerned about the hole or the stitching being visible, consider fixing the hole with a patch. There are a number of different kinds of patches available, and they can be ironed on in just a few minutes. A large hole that could take a long time to mend with stitches will take considerably less time to fix with a patch. And, the t-shirt will be one that is different and unique.

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