T-shirt highlighter

How To Get Highlighter Out Of A T-Shirt

T-shirt highlighter

Removing stains from any item of clothing is typically a tough task, with certain stains more difficult than others to remove. One of the first things to remember when dealing with any stain is that speed is of the utmost importance. The quicker you can treat a stain, the more success you will have in removing it. In addition, you must make sure that the stain is completely removed before you put the T-shirt or the item of clothing in the dryer. The heat from the dryer will set the stain permanently, making it practically impossible to remove.

If you happen to get a highlighter stain on your T-shirt, the first thing to do is touch it lightly with paper towels to soak up any extra highlighter ink that has not soaked into the tee, if the stain is really fresh. Then you will have a variety of options to choose from in terms of how to treat the stain. The most common solution is to apply a commercially made pre-treatment to the stain and let it sit for 15 minutes before laundering.

For many highlighter stains you may even be able to remove them by simply washing them in cold water with laundry detergent as you normally would. This water-based ink is typically very easy to remove. However, every once in a while you come across a tough highlighter stain that needs a little extra something. In such cases, you can use rubbing alcohol. You need to do so with caution though, so remember to test an inconspicuous area first. Then use minimal amounts as it is rather strong. Another great stain remover for any type of ink is hair spray. Place a cloth or paper towel under the stain, spray hair spray on it and blot with another towel until the stain is completely gone.

If by some chance you can’t get highlighter stains out of your T-shirt, you can simply designate it as your official study T-shirt. Then you will need to replace the T-shirt you have ruined. However, it seems like the shirts we get permanently stained are always favorites that are practically impossible to find again. Luckily, by having a T-shirt custom-made you can recreate your favorite tee, only better. You not only get to choose the design, but you can choose the color, style, weight and quality of the T-shirt. You can even get one that is made from organic cotton if you are concerned with the environment.

Another fun type of T-shirt to have made is one that is okay to get highlighter stains on. To create such a shirt, have a custom T-shirt printed with a line like one of these:
–    Official Highlighting Team
–    Official studying shirt
–    I highlight, therefore I study
–    Highlighting stains are the sign of a genius at work
–    Student at work, watch out for highlighter stains
–    Highlighters are a student’s best tool

Get your custom-made T-shirts today for the best way to deal with highlighter stains.

2 thoughts on “How To Get Highlighter Out Of A T-Shirt

  1. Derrick

    Your methods of removing highlghter from cotton did not make one bit of difference. I spoke to my sister-in-law about it and she suggested pouring boiling water right from the kettle 2 feet above the cotton tablecloth right onto the highlighter stain. It removed it immediately. Apperently, it works on almost everything.

  2. Harriet Paul

    Thanks FIBERS.COM for the tip. One of my shirt got some orange highlighter on it and I realized it AFTER the stain dried. I hope your method will work.

    Thanks To Derrick too for that extra tips. But I want to caution at large that NOT all fabric can handle boiling water. The hot water may ruin the dye in some clothing. So use with caution.

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