Do Hangers Stretch Your T-Shirt?


Knowing whether or not hangers stretch your T-shirt is an important piece of information to know. It can change the way you store your clothing. It can also help you to get more use from clothes you already have. Knowing why certain clothing storage methods are advisable or not is useful to practically everyone.

How to properly store T-shirts so that they remain in the best possible shape with the fewest wrinkles is something many people want to know. Most people tend to belong to one camp or the other, in regards to storage. They either swear by folding T-shirts and laying them flat or they swear that hanging T-shirt is the only way to have them looking great when you want to wear them. One thing often heard, especially from those who fold their tees is that hangers will stretch your T-shirts. This is partially true and partially false.

T-shirt cotton is slightly stretchy, but not too much so. Therefore the length of time you hang the T-shirts will make a huge impact on whether or not the tee stretches. For T-shirts that you wear often, hangers will definitely not stretch them. They will be hung for relatively short periods of time, therefore they will not have time to stretch. For T-shirts you wear infrequently or ones which are seasonal, you may want to store them flat during their off-season. Hanging for long periods of time will cause slight stretching, shoulder dents from hangers and even a tell-tale collection of dust on the shoulders following the outline of the hanger.

Another thing to keep in mind when hanging T-shirts is to refrain from hanging wet T-shirts. The additional weight of the water in the material will encourage stretching. T-shirts should be dried in the dryer and then hung if that is your chosen method of storing your tees. If you happen to choose to hang your T-shirts to dry, be sure the water is spun out well, so there is no excess weight in the material to cause stretching. You can also hang your clothes to dry, until they are just a little damp. Then put them in the dryer to finish drying them and so that they keeps their shape.

You may also want to consider changing the type of hanger that you use. A padded hanger will work best to keep from stretching your shirt. A wire hanger will do the most damage. Plastic and wooden hangers are somewhere in between, but look for wide ones.

If you have left some of your favorite T-shirts hanging around for too long and they have stretched to a point where washing and drying won’t fix them, it is time for a new shirt. You can have a favorite T-shirt perfectly recreated by having it custom-made. You get to choose the color, style, weight, quality and design, so your favorite tee is back and looking better than ever. When your new T-shirts arrive, make sure you use these common sense T-shirt storage tips to make sure you don’t suffer the same result again.

Get your custom-made T-shirt today for the most efficient way to deal with T-shirts that have been stretched out by hangers.

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