Tight or baggy

Is It Healthy For The Skin To Wear Tight Or Baggy T-Shirts

Tight or baggy

When you wear T-shirts, you can give a variety of impressions. They can include the impression of being casual, well-dressed, sloppy, neat, being attentive to details, dressing provocatively and much more. A simple T-shirt really can speak volumes. In fact if you choose to wear tight tees, it typically gives the impression that you are sexually permissive and that you are dressing provocatively to attract attention. Wearing a baggy T-shirt is often perceived as the hallmark of someone who is lazy, sloppy, trying to hide a poor figure or careless. However, your choice of T-shirts can also be healthy or not for your skin.

If you choose to wear tight T-shirts for an extended period of time, you run the risk of causing your skin to break out. Acne commonly occurs on the back especially after a period of wearing overly tight clothing, because perspiration and oils are trapped next to the skin. Other factors may also contribute to such acne however. The main problem with tight T-shirts causing acne is that they don’t allow skin to breathe as it should.

In addition, if you have a tendency to develop eczema, you may want to avoid too-tight T-shirts. The residual chemicals from laundry that remain in T-shirts will have a greater chance of rubbing off on your skin and irritating it if you wear tight tees. Eczema flare-ups are more common for those who opt for tight T-shirts.

Wearing baggy T-shirts is fine for the skin. It has no effect whatsoever on your skin in terms of impacting it in a healthy or unhealthy way. When compared to tight T-shirts, baggy ones are obviously healthier. However, regular fitting T-shirts would also be a healthy skin alternative and would definitely look better. Baggy T-shirts are not flattering for anyone regardless of size or shape. Therefore toss out the baggy tees and the tight tees and get some T-shirts in the right size for healthier skin and a much better look.

If you are ready to invest in some new smart-looking T-shirts in the right size for you, custom-made T-shirts are the way to go. You get to select the colors, styles, fabric weight and quality that you want. Then you can opt to have practically anything you desire printed on the tees. You can recreate an old too-tight T-shirt that was a favorite. You can also choose to print a fun line on one like:
•    Tight tees are uncool.
•    No more tight T-shirts.
•    Tight tees are bad for your health.

Other options of things to do with a custom-made tee is to have a photo or drawing that means something to you printed on it. You can opt to put on things you believe in, people you are proud of, your accomplishments, favorite causes, hobbies and things you feel strongly about. You can also make a joke on your T-shirt.

Get your custom-made T-shirt today in the right size and make sure your skin stays looking great.

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