Are Tight T-Shirts Fashionable? Does Body Type Matter?

This is a question that a lot of people ask when they are buying a t-shirt. The answer, however, is yes and no. In general, there are some occasions when wearing a tight t-shirt is fashionable. For a day out shopping or a night out on the town, a tight t-shirt is an attention getter that always works. However, there are other times when a looser-fitting t-shirt will be more appropriate, even if the tighter shirts are generally fashionable.

Going out to a club or another trendy scene practically begs for a tight t-shirt. Anyone wearing loose-fitting clothes is probably not going to be as socially successful at one of these places as someone who wears a fashionable, tight-fitting t-shirt.

The fashionable way to wear a t-shirt is generally dictated by the way celebrities and people on TV are wearing their t-shirts. Young celebs do tend to wear their t-shirts tight to show off their toned figures. People who want to look like their favorite stars can wear tight t-shirts to try to recreate that look. But, there are times when wearing a tight t-shirt may not be the most appropriate look.

A tight t-shirt will likely not go over well at church, at a family reunion or when worn for casual Friday at the office. A fashionable casual look for many places is a t-shirt that is loose enough to look comfortable and casual. There may even be rules at work against wearing tight clothing. Even if there are not rules against it, wearing a tight t-shirt as an employee may not be the way to be taken as seriously as wearing a looser fitting t-shirt.

The main thing to remember about how tight to wear a t-shirt is that it may affect how comfortable you are. Body type matters because it will affect your comfort level. If you have problem areas and are embarrassed by them, wearing a tight t-shirt may make you feel uncomfortable. If you are proud of your body type and happy with the way it looks, a tight t-shirt may give you more confidence than a looser-fitting shirt.

Anyone who feels they are underweight or overweight may find that a tight t-shirt will cling to their form and will reveal the problems that they are embarrassed about. It should also be taken into consideration that a new t-shirt may shrink a little. Anyone not wanting a t-shirt that is tight should remember the possible shrinkage that can occur. Anyone who does want a tight t-shirt should also remember this, however, since the t-shirt may shrink slightly and become too tight.

Paying attention to the place and the circumstance will tell you whether a tight t-shirt or a looser one should be warn, But, also listen to yourself. If you think a tight shirt will make you feel uncomfortable, then don’t wear one- even if you’re going to a club. Being uncomfortable is no way to feel when you’re out trying to have a good time.

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