Is it ok that my t-shirt can be seen through my dress shirt?

T-shirts are extremely versatile and can meet a variety of your needs when dressing. In fact T-shirts are often used in layering or as an undershirt beneath other shirts and sweaters. Sometimes it looks fine to let your T-shirt be apparent through the dress shirt, other times it does not. Knowing when to let your T-shirt be seen and when not to can make all the difference in terms of dressing successfully.

When you are wearing a dress shirt, chances are you are attending a more formal event. You may be wearing a dress shirt for work, if you work in an environment that promotes a business professional style of dress. If you are in one of those situations, it might not be okay that your T-shirt can be seen through the dress shirt. If you are wearing a plain white T-shirt and your shirt is to cover up chest hair, your social faux-pas is not so great. If you are wearing a T-shirt with a wild and crazy design on it and it can be plainly seen through the dress shirt, chances are you should have considered something different when getting dressed.

When you need to wear T-shirts under dress shirts, opt for solid color ones that either are white in color, match the color of the shirt or your skin tone. Steer away from designs, pictures or anything printed on them. Another great idea is to purchase dress shirts that are heavier and do not show what you are wearing beneath them.

If you are wearing a dress shirt and the situation is less formal, wearing a T-shirt can be perfectly fine. Many people wear dress shirts loosely buttoned or even unbuttoned as a cover, a jacket or simply for the layered look. If this is what you are striving for, it is perfectly okay that your T-shirt can be seen through your dress shirt. Try to match colors and at least choose something that is complimentary for a more pulled-together look.

If you enjoy the laid back easy look of a dress shirt with a T-shirt underneath, you can use your T-shirt to express yourself any way you want to. In fact you can have T-shirts custom-made to do just that. You can have anything you want printed on a T-shirt. It can be your favorite picture, a drawing you have done or a message you want to convey. You can talk about the things you have accomplished, things you believe in or your favorite things to do. You can even boast about another person if you are proud of them. You can have some fun with your custom T-shirt by having something like these lines printed on them.
–    These are my dress clothes
–    Dressing up sucks
–    What do you mean a black tie printed on my shirt is not considered “black tie”?

Get your custom-made T-shirt to go under your dress shirt today for a unique look.

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