Is Putting Names on Kids T-shirts Safe?

T-shirts are so much fun. They are great gifts for anyone. Kid’s t-shirts are a blast since you can personalize the shirt with their favorite activities, places and even name. The question is it safe to have your child’s name on a t-shirt then becomes the issue. The problem with having the child’s name right on the shirt is that a stranger then has access to that information without even trying. A less than stellar stranger may use this information to approach your child thus can put your child in danger. Keeping your child protected is one of the main concerns for parents. Letting your guard down over a t-shirt just doesn’t seem worth the risks.

Each parent has the responsibility to protect and teach the kids in their home. Teaching kids about potential dangers can ease your mind a bit, but you must remain vigil in keeping watch. With your child’s name on a t-shirt a stranger could approach your child. Using your child’s real name may confuse your child into thinking that this stranger actually knows him or her. Of course, potential threats can find out this information other ways as well.

Having your child’s name on a t-shirt is cute. Most kids enjoy seeing their names on t-shirts and having other people to acknowledge them personally. If you are uncomfortable with your child’s name on a shirt for fear of a stranger knowing your little one’s name, perhaps there is another alternative. A fun nickname that wouldn’t be a cause for alarm may work great. If you decide to have a name or nickname printed onto your child’s t-shirt you may want to explain to your child about strangers and the potential threat they offer.

Another option if you intend to have your child’s name on the t-shirt is to only allow your child to wear that shirt when you are around and paying attention. Perhaps at birthday parties or family gatherings would be perfect places for your child to wear this prized t-shirt. This might be a great way to please your child since the personalize t-shirt can be worn out but under the strict watch of responsible adults. For large gatherings like family reunions it might also come in handy to have the child’s name on a t-shirt so that everyone will be able to address the child personally and give the child a sense of belonging.

Deciding if it is safe to put your child’s name on a t-shirt is a personal decision that should be made after serious look into the implications. Having your child’s name on a t-shirt might be a great thing, especially if your child loves to have others know his or her name. Of course, the risk of someone dangerous knowing your child’s name by simply reading a shirt can also cause serious problems, so weigh the options carefully. Taking special care to protect your child while still allowing the enjoyment of a personalized t-shirt can be tricky, but worth it.

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