Keeping Your Cool with the Right T-Shirt – Breathable Fabrics

You want your everyday clothing to be comfortable, almost like a second skin. That’s one reason breathability is so important in a t-shirt. Let’s face it, there are situations in life where you’re going to sweat, and you want your t-shirt to help keep you cool. Then again, there are times when you need a t-shirt that will keep you warm and cozy, and you’re willing to sacrifice a little bit of breathability. We can give you some guidelines for choosing the t-shirt that’s just right for any situation.

The material used in the t-shirt is important factor in breathability. Cotton is considered by many to be one of the most breathable fabrics. Plus when you wear cotton, you can feel good that the product is 100% natural. It’s even possible to buy t-shirts that are made from organic cotton for the truly environmentally conscious consumer. The drawback of cotton is that it absorbs moisture, making it potentially less comfortable to for active wear or other situations where you need to keep cool. It also tends to wrinkle more than some synthetic fabrics.

That’s where we can turn to synthetic materials to enhance breathability. Often synthetics such as polyester are blended with cotton to give you the best of both worlds—added durability, less shrinkage, and much less of a tendency to absorb water. Plus, polyester or a poly/cotton blend resists wrinkles, which contributes to keeping your t-shirt looking crisp and fresh even after a long day.

Also, how the fabric of your t-shirt is constructed can be just as important as the type of fabric used. Wearing a t-shirt made of a fabric with a loose weave allows more air to circulate around your body, cooling you off more effectively. In cooler weather, you’ll want to look for a t-shirt made of a thicker, heavier-weight material to help your body retain heat. You could also look for a long-sleeved or turtleneck version of your favorite t-shirt to add to your cool-weather wardrobe.

Also, you could think about the different styles of t-shirts that are available, and try to choose the one that will keep you the most comfortable in a particular setting. T-shirts with less coverage, such as those with cap sleeves, a deep v-neck, or a sleeveless tee will allow you to keep cooler. Of course, these styles may not be suitable for a conservative office setting, unless they’re worn as a layer under another piece like a blazer.

For active wear, there are dozens of specialty synthetic fabrics available that help keep you cool by wicking moisture. If you’re really going to work out a lot, you have certain concerns such as protecting against chafing and keeping your t-shirt smelling fresh and clean. To address those concerns, some t-shirts are made with a sleek, close fitting design. Also, some are made from specialty fabrics that have odor control built into the material.

The t-shirt is an important wardrobe staple that will never go out of style. Plus, there are so many styles of t-shirts and so many different fabrics available that you’re sure to find one—or many—that will be just right for you, and help you keep cool and comfortable.

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