My Poor Friend Always Wears the Same T-Shirt…

Best friends share a very special bond. They know and understand each other’s needs and no words need be spoken to express them. Mostly, best friends understand their obligation to help each other out. Sometimes this means protecting your best friend, even from himself. I consider myself a good friend. When I see a friend in need, I’m there in a flash. Hopefully with a solution. Lately, I’ve noticed that my best friend is having a fairly serious problem. The saddest part about his situation is that he seems unaware of its presence. Because of his ignorance, he has not approached me for help, his bestest buddy. I think I’m going to have to impose a solution on him. It’s my duty.

See, my friend is a swell guy. Everybody likes him. He’s funny, the life of the party, and he’s super smart. Needless to say, he has a bright future ahead of him. However, this bright future of his is going to get dimmer if he doesn’t get another shirt to wear. When I say “another,” I don’t mean that the poor fellow has a history of wearing bad shirts and that they need to be replaced with better ones. I mean quite literally, that he needs another shirt to wear besides the single, lonely shirt he has. It’s so pitiful, hanging there in his closet all by itself. My best friend’s single, solitary shirt.

The shirt itself is okay, there’s nothing offensive about it. He keeps the shirt clean, which is to his credit. In fact, the shirt is fresh as a flower most of the time. It would be a perfectly good shirt if it weren’t for the fact that every time you see my friend, he’s wearing it. And it’s starting to affect his life. This seemingly harmless shirt is shamelessly sabotaging my friend. He finally got the guts to ask this great girl out on a date last week. He’s been working up the courage all semester long. She said “yes” and they went out last Saturday. Of course, he wore the infamous shirt. He says they had a great time, but now she won’t return his phone calls. It’s got to be the shirt.

I suppose it isn’t fair to blame the shirt. It’s not its fault that my stupid friend wears it constantly. You’d think he would know better. Nevertheless, I can’t stand by and watch my friend’s life go to shambles. What kind of friend would that make me? I decided to get him a new shirt. But not just any shirt, an extra cool one designed by me. I might even go wild and get him several shirts, so he can have some options. Not only will our friends have a renewed appreciation for my dear friend, but they’ll be stunned by his fabulous new wardrobe. They won’t even know what hit them. And he will be scratching his head, trying to figure out how he ever survived without these fantastic shirts. See, personally designed shirts can change lives.

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