Show Your Community Concerns in a Community Activist T-Shirt

Being a community activist shows true dedication to a cause. It is simply a person who works towards a local cause, usually something of a political nature that they believe in. He or she may try to have a local law changed because they believe it will improve life or help people. It can be campaigning to change zoning for a school or to stop a school closure. Often community activists work toward the goal of stopping or starting development, to either help the economy or preserve their community. Sometimes their concern is the local environment. They also show support for legislation and work towards helping to raise awareness and get it passed, when it is for the good of the community.

It takes a lot of hard work to be a community activist. It means having to increase public awareness of the issue that is concerned. You have to talk to people, organize events, do publicity and mobilize others to join the cause. It may include protests, demonstration, picketing or organizing boycotts. You have to communicate with politicians and the powers that be through letters, blogs, petitions, and any other way you can.

Community activists show that things can get changed if citizens get involved. They have succeeded in keeping big discount store chains out of certain shopping districts, in order to keep their neighborhoods quiet and smaller storeowners from being run out of business. They have succeeded in getting stoplights, stop signs, reduced speed limits and other traffic law changes in places they considered dangerous. They have gotten environmental problems cleaned up and prevented further pollution of rivers, lakes and other bodies of water. Activists have played a major role in blocking laws that were not in the best interests of the community.

Having custom-made T-shirts for your community activism is a great idea. You can have them made with the slogan of your cause, pictures of the problem and a list of things your cause will improve or save. You can get a shirt with a call to action on it describing the situation and saying “Write your elected official today” or “sign our petition” or “vote a certain way”. You can even have a variety of shirts made that cover different points. Such a tactic will create interest, make people think and consider things that they wouldn’t otherwise.

Often community activist campaigns can get costly. Having signs made up, running ads, making banners and flyers and other things can add up quickly. It is important to have some sort of fund generating system in place to help cover the costs. Selling custom-made T-shirts about your cause can be just the right thing. It will get you added exposure, at the same time it raises money. Make some simple ones that say something like “I support the River Cleanup Amendment” or “Keep our community safe.” Be sure to have some flashy ones made too with more controversial or disturbing statements, because there will surely be people who will want those also.

Get a community activist T-shirt today and help to make a difference in your community.

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