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What to Wear with Dunks


Dunks have been a part of the Nike line of shoes since the 80s. These shoes were originally meant to be for athletes only, but now they are worn by athletes, skaters, and both men and women with a number of different outfits. Because they come in so many colors now, it really isn’t too hard to mix and match them into your wardrobes lineup.

Both high top and low top Dunks are available and the patterns and colors seem to be endless. Here are some ways that you can incorporate your dunks into your outfits:

Jeans: This is a no brainer and really any style Dunks go with jeans. If you are like many these days that likes the look of skinny jeans then you will want to go with a low top pair of Dunks so that your feet don’t look like they are ten times too big. Typically with the jeans look you can wear whatever as far as a top goes, but most prefer a loose fitting t-shirt. You can get really creative and fins a t-shirt that has a saying on it like, ’Wear your Dunks.’
Skirts and dresses: This one is obviously for the ladies. Cute miniskirts with your favorite tops look great with high top Dunks. You can also wear a shorter style dress and the same pair of Dunks.  This is also a great opportunity for you to wear different layers as the weather gets cooler.
Leggings and tights: Wearing black tights or leggings with a miniskirt goes really well with dunks. High top or low top is a personal preference and these days you will see many women wearing both. Wear a brighter colored top like yellow or pink and be sure that those colors are in the Dunks. This look is also usually seen with the shoe laces untied on the Dunks. You can add even more pizzazz to the look by wearing bright colored shoe laces that contrast the top.
Shorts and t-shirt: When it is all said and done, Dunks are still great athletic shoes. You can wear a plain black pair or any other solid color with your basketball shorts and basketball shirt and hit the courts in style. You can also just wear cargo shorts, your favorite t-shirt, and any type of multi-colored Dunks you like.
Capris: Even capris fit into the fashion realm of Dunks. Women can wear a light colored pair of capris with a bright colored top such as red and either wear a pair of Dunks that matches the shirt or go with a pair that is lighter like the capris. The choice of low tops or high tops is again up to you but this look seems to be better paired with low tops.

Dunks are the perfect all around shoe and can be worn in almost any situation you like. If you don’t already have pair of these versatile shoes you may want to pick up a pair or two and start enjoying your wardrobe even more than you do now.