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What to Wear with Pumps


Pumps offer a great alternative to high heels as pumps still have a heel, but the heels are just generally on the shorter side versus a full-blown high heel. This allows for a great look but better overall comfort as you walk throughout the day. That is probably why these types of shoes are the choice of the professional working woman everywhere. But pumps can be worn on more than just work occasions. In addition to the office, they can also be worn when just out and about.

Knowing what to pair your pumps with will have you looking you best no matter where you find yourself from day to day. Here a few ways to look great in your pumps:

Pants suit: This is a great look for the office. Nothing says sophistication like a nice dressy pants suit and a matching pair of pumps. While you can go with any color that best suites you, colors such as beige and tan seem to be the colors of choice by many professional women.
Dresses and skirts: When just out and about a great garment to wear is a shorter dress. Pumps look great with these types of dresses and if the dress is the right color you can use it as an opportunity to go with a fun and wild print on the pumps. Skirts paired with nice white blouses also look extremely nice and offer a welcomed change to the typical pair of jeans. Again wear any color pump you like and don’t be afraid of fun and interesting patterns.
Jeans: Even jeans look great with a nice pair of pumps. Typically though you should go with a fit that is not tight at the ankles like skinny jeans are. Going with a nice form fitting boot cut pair of jeans and topping it off with your favorite blouse or t-shirt will be the perfect compliment for your favorite pair of pumps.
Work attire: A great outfit for sporting your pumps is a gray work skirt, a white blouse that is frilly at the top and a gray blazer. Go with black pumps for this outfit and accessorize lightly. This will have you looking your best at any work related event you attend.
Leggings: Another popular garment that is accompanying the pumps of many of those in Hollywood these days is the leggings. Leggings can be worn with a multitude of different style and fashions of pumps and depending on how fancy you want to look, the leggings and pumps can help. You can add a pair of black leggings to your typical work skirt and attire or wear leggings under your dresses or miniskirts. The pumps that are worn with the leggings should offset the leggings in regards to color.

Pumps offer a wide variety of options for women whether they are going out for a night on the town or are on their way into the office. With such style and versatility every woman should have at least one pair of these wondrous shoes.

What to Wear with Flats


Flats where once only known as the shoes that women wore when they wanted ultra comfort, but as fashion often does, flats have made a complete 180 and have now made it to the forefront in women’s footwear. This is probably due to so many famous actresses now gracing a great looking pair of flats both on and off the screen. Flats are a very versatile shoe and can be worn with a number of different outfits and deciding what you want to pair you flats with is simply a matter of where it is you may be going for the day.

While flats go with almost anything, here are a few ideas for you to experiment with when wearing your flats:

Skinny jeans: This look is sweeping through Hollywood and making its way quickly to the mainstream. If you like to wear skinny jeans then this is the look for you and your flats. Pair your skinny jeans with your favorite t-shirt and finish it off with a lightweight leather jacket. As for the flats go crazy and try different looks. Skinny jeans look great with animal print flats, metallic colored flats, and even bright solid colored flats. Mix and match here and find what works best for you. If you don’t like the look or feel of skinny jeans on your body you can still accomplish about the same great look by just going with a tighter fit of jeans than  you normally would.
Dresses: A great way to compliment almost any dress you have in your wardrobe is by pairing them with a great looking pair of flats. Really it doesn’t matter how long the dress is what is important is the color. Go with solid colors on the dress and match them with the flats. This combination works equally as well with light and bright colors like white and yellow, as it does with darker colors like blue and black. For a great look and a cozy feel try ballerina flats with your favorite dress.
Capris and shorts: You can wear flats with capris and shorts to complete a cool and casual look. You can wear a simple t-shirt with this look and top it off with a light jacket if the weather is cooling off. Most of the time when wearing flats you will not wear socks but in this case it is totally up to you. If you do choose to go with socks go with no higher than calf high.
Leggings and tights: This look is great and easy to pull off. Simply start with a black pair of tights or leggings and top it off with a miniskirt or dress and your favorite pair of sassy flats. The result will be a hip but casual look. You can also go for a bit of a wilder look and dress in animal print leggings with a solid color flat. This look will spice up your appearance and definitely have people doing a double take.

Flats look great no matter how you decide you like to dress. From casual to formal, flats will have you covered.

What to Wear with Dunks


Dunks have been a part of the Nike line of shoes since the 80s. These shoes were originally meant to be for athletes only, but now they are worn by athletes, skaters, and both men and women with a number of different outfits. Because they come in so many colors now, it really isn’t too hard to mix and match them into your wardrobes lineup.

Both high top and low top Dunks are available and the patterns and colors seem to be endless. Here are some ways that you can incorporate your dunks into your outfits:

Jeans: This is a no brainer and really any style Dunks go with jeans. If you are like many these days that likes the look of skinny jeans then you will want to go with a low top pair of Dunks so that your feet don’t look like they are ten times too big. Typically with the jeans look you can wear whatever as far as a top goes, but most prefer a loose fitting t-shirt. You can get really creative and fins a t-shirt that has a saying on it like, ’Wear your Dunks.’
Skirts and dresses: This one is obviously for the ladies. Cute miniskirts with your favorite tops look great with high top Dunks. You can also wear a shorter style dress and the same pair of Dunks.  This is also a great opportunity for you to wear different layers as the weather gets cooler.
Leggings and tights: Wearing black tights or leggings with a miniskirt goes really well with dunks. High top or low top is a personal preference and these days you will see many women wearing both. Wear a brighter colored top like yellow or pink and be sure that those colors are in the Dunks. This look is also usually seen with the shoe laces untied on the Dunks. You can add even more pizzazz to the look by wearing bright colored shoe laces that contrast the top.
Shorts and t-shirt: When it is all said and done, Dunks are still great athletic shoes. You can wear a plain black pair or any other solid color with your basketball shorts and basketball shirt and hit the courts in style. You can also just wear cargo shorts, your favorite t-shirt, and any type of multi-colored Dunks you like.
Capris: Even capris fit into the fashion realm of Dunks. Women can wear a light colored pair of capris with a bright colored top such as red and either wear a pair of Dunks that matches the shirt or go with a pair that is lighter like the capris. The choice of low tops or high tops is again up to you but this look seems to be better paired with low tops.

Dunks are the perfect all around shoe and can be worn in almost any situation you like. If you don’t already have pair of these versatile shoes you may want to pick up a pair or two and start enjoying your wardrobe even more than you do now.


How to Make Shoes Last Longer

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These days people are saving money wherever they can. A great place to do so is with your shoes and this can be achieved rather easily if you just give your footwear the proper care it deserves. Depending on what type of shoes you have will depend on the care, but for the most part there are a number of things that you can do to help stretch the life of your shoes.

Again, each shoe type is different but here are some ways you can make your various shoes last longer:

•    Let shoes rest: Most of you have more than one pair of shoes and this is great because ideally you should never wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row. By letting your shoes ‘rest’ you are allowing them time to breath and dry out completely should they be damp from moisture due to the outside or perhaps due to your sweaty feet.
•    Get driving shoes: Buy a cheap pair of shoes specifically for driving. The reason is simple; it saves your more expensive shoe’s lives. When you are driving your heel is constantly dug into the floorboard of your car and this can lead to your heel being pre-maturely worn out or even worse a broken heel should you be wearing high heels.
•    Shine shoes: If you have dress shoes or any other shoe that can be shined, then do so. This may sound like a daunting task but you can do it while you watch television and doing so will not only stretch the wearability of your shoes, but it will also keep them looking great all the time.
•    Try shoe repair: Many dress shoes can be repaired when the bottom sole or tap becomes worn. Yes it will cost you some money to have the shoes repaired but the cost is typically a lot cheaper than a new pair of shoes. And if you have been shining your shoes then a repaired shoe will look and feel as good as a new pair and best of all, they will already be broken in.
•    Dye your shoes: This applies for sneakers that are white. When they get old and dingy looking get some fabric dye and change the color. The end result will be a comfortable fitting shoe that looks new because you have changes the color.
•    Dry the wetness: This sounds silly, but so many people allow their shoes to get wet due to the rain and then simply allow the air to dry them. Bad move. Doing so will compromise the material of your shoes and thus weaken them with the end result being a pair of shoes that are worn out before their time. Combat this problem by making sure that you completely dry your shoes once they get wet. Some tougher shoes like sneakers can be tossed in the clothes dryer for a few minutes and others will require a more delicate touch. A great tool to have here is a hair dryer with adjustable heat settings.

Your shoes are like anything else you own in your wardrobe. If you neglect them they won’t be around for long, but if you give them proper care they will last you for many seasons to come.

Boat shoes

What to Wear with Boat Shoes

Boat shoes

Boat shoes are a unique shoe in the fact that they are not quite a formal shoe and they are not quite an ultra-casual shoe like the loafer. Because it is sort of in between, the boat shoe can be worn with a wide variety of outfits. They are considered to be a three season shoe and the only season that you should not wear them in is winter.

About the only thing that you can’t wear boat shoes with is a suit and tie or a tuxedo. Other than that, boat shoes go with almost anything. Here are some examples of what to wear with boat shoes:

•    Shorts and collared shirts: Wearing a nice pair of shorts and a ‘Polo style’ collared shirt will give you the casual preppy look. You can choose to tuck your shirt in if you desire or you can look equally as good leaving it untucked. Typically with this look you will not want to wear socks. You can complete the ultimate preppy look if you drape a sweater over your shoulders. Finish the look with a designer pair of sun glasses and you are dressed nice enough for just about any occasion.
•    Jeans and button down shirts: Some will argue that boat shoes don’t look good with jeans and a button down shirt, but some will argue otherwise. If you decide to go with this look be sure to wear a looser fit of jeans as tight jeans will not look right at all. The shirt should be long sleeved and more of a casual button down as opposed to a dressier one. Leaving a few of the top buttons of the shirt undone will give the casual look that will look good with the boat shoes. With this look socks are optional.
•    Slacks and button down shirts: This is the perfect outfit for the boat shoe. A nice pair of khaki pants with a long sleeved button down shirt looks very natural. Like with shorts, you can drape a sweater around your shoulders to get the preppy look. The nice thing with khakis is that you can wear a wide variety of colors in relation to your button down shirt. Your boat shoes and khakis will look equally as well with a white button down or even a darker color button down like maroon or black. As with jeans, socks are optional with this look.
•    Socks: For two of the three styles it is totally up to you on whether or not you want to wear socks but you should stick to a specific style of socks if you decide to wear them. Go with ankle socks that are barely noticeable if you do wear socks as this kind will come off the closest to no socks which is the traditional look for boat shoes.

Quality boat shoes will not come to you cheaply, but if properly taken care of you can enjoy these versatile shoes for several seasons before they need to be replaced.