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What to Wear Bicycling


A great way to get exercise and fresh air all at the same time is by bicycling. Bicycling can be enjoyed by almost everyone and there is really no limit to how serious or laid back you can get with it.

To get the maximum amount of enjoyment out of your cycling experience it is important for you to dress in the proper attire. This attire will consist of optional equipment and also some that is required by law. Your attire will also be dictated by what type of cycling you are doing. Here are some tips to get you going no matter what kind of bicycling you decide to get into:

•    Helmets: No matter what kind of biking you are planning on doing you will want to get a helmet. First off all there are many states which now require that you wear one but you should always wear one as it protects your head. Think about it, there are no seat belts on a bicycle and if an accident happens the only thing protecting your fragile head is your helmet.
•    Mountain biking: If you are into mountain biking you will be exposed to all kinds of branches and other brush that can rub up against you and cause some nasty abrasions. For that reason you will want to wear long pants and you should also consider a riding jersey that is long sleeved. For footwear you will want to get some durable biking shoes that offer great coverage for added protection. It is also a good idea to wear riding goggles as this will keep your eyes safe from anything that may be flying around. Some like to wear gloves and they can be a good idea because they keep your hands from getting nicked up.
•    Distance biking: Is you are into distance biking then you will want to get clothing that will help keep you cool and dry. Biking shorts are made of a special material that helps to keep moisture away and are very lightweight which helps to keep you cool. You can wear a short sleeved or even sleeveless riding jersey made of the same material as the shorts which again will keep you cool and dry. Depending on the bike you have will depend on the shoes you will need. Some pedals require special biking shoes that clip into them and some pedals are regular and do not require the clip. Either way though, remember that you want to wear a lightweight riding shoe as it will help to keep you cool overall. You can also get riding gloves which will help keep your hands blister free on the long runs you will be doing. These gloves are the kind that are padded on the palms and have the fingers cut away. Top off the outfit with a nice pair of riding glasses which will be clear and allow your eyes to stay fresh and not get all dried out.
•    Family biking: If you are just out and about in a cozy setting with the family then wear what is comfortable. This is usually dictated by what the weather is doing. Just be sure that as a parent you too wear a helmet as this will set the safety tone for your kids.

No matter what kind of biking you are doing you can enjoy your cycling even more when you dress the appropriate way.