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What To Wear Camping


Camping is simply one of those activities that you love or hate. True camping aficionados will do it year round regardless of temperature or terrain. However, most people who enjoy camping are fine weather friends to the activity. They enjoy camping when it is warm and dry outside and love the opportunity to be at one with nature. Nothing beats the sound of falling asleep listening to the peaceful sounds of nature, unless of course you prefer to be lulled to sleep by the sweet hum of an air conditioner.

When you embark on a camping trip, there is always the question of what to wear and it is closely tied to the fact that camping requires a lot of packing. Therefore you want to make the best use of the clothes you choose to bring camping by opting for multi-purpose clothes. It is also important to bring clothing that you can layer. If the night turns cold you will want to be able to add another layer and keep warm. Bringing a warm-up suit that can be used to sleep in is a great choice in terms of versatile clothing.

Another thing to keep in mind is the type of material the clothes are made from. It is important to choose items that can dry quickly and are lightweight. These will keep you comfortable and dry, while allowing you to do a little laundry by hand so you can wear these things repeatedly. This allows you to bring the least amount of clothes and saves packing space. It is also the perfect type of clothing to keep you cool and comfortable on warm days in the summer – the high season for camping.

Be sure to choose protective clothing appropriate to the area you are going. You may need hiking boots or at least closed shoes to comfortably walk to the area in which you are camping. If you are planning to go to any of the areas where ticks are abundant long pants tucked into your socks and long sleeved shirts are essential choices. Even if you are not crazy about that fashion statement, it will keep you healthy. If your main choices for tops are tank tops, bring along a lightweight shirt with short sleeves to protect your shoulders from the sun at least occasionally.

For most camping expeditions to less wild places, shorts, T-shirts, bathing suits and sandals or flip flops will be the uniform of choice. Many campgrounds are located on the water or have swimming pools available for use. You will want to bring a comfortable bathing suit that you can have fun in. Warmer clothing for the evening may still be necessary. Be sure to check the weather before you go to be sure that you know what to expect and how to be best prepared.

By choosing your camping attire wisely you will have fewer things to bring along but will still be ready for anything that comes your way. Remember camping is all about fun and getting away from it all so don’t sweat the details too much.

Burning man

What to Wear to Burning Man

Burning man

Burning Man is a yearly event that is held in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada and gets its name from the burning of the effigy that takes place on the last Saturday night of the event. The event is usually held the last Monday of August and runs until Labor Day. This event is usually accompanied by radical self expression and is a chance for experimental community to take place. So what should you wear to Burning Man?

It should be noted that Burning Man is a ‘clothing optional’ event so if you are planning on going, then be prepared for that. However, if you want on a little more that your birthday suit, here are some tips:

•    Shoes:
First and foremost you will want to get a comfortable pair of shoes. Burning Man will have you walking and walking a lot. There is what is known as playa dust all around and if your feet are not adequately covered then you can be susceptible to ‘Playa Foot’ which is a type of irritating burn. While not serious it can hinder the amount of fun you can have. You should wear either sneakers or work boots but you absolutely need to wear socks. You can also soak you feet at night to keep them fresh for the next day’s activities.
•    Get goggles: In the dessert a sand storm can whip up at any minute. To protect your eyes you can bring a pair of goggles. You can get the kind that fir over your glasses or get a more contemporary looking pair, but be sure your eyes are protected.
•    Dust masks: For the same reason you need goggles it is a good idea to have a dust mask handy. If you don’t want to use the traditional dust mask you can use any number of fun and stylish bandannas that can be worn around your neck and then used to mask your face from dust if need be.
•    Dress in layers: The dessert can be hot in the day and cold at night. Dressing in layers will not only add to your costume but it will also allow you to stay comfortable no matter what the temperature is.
•    Wear a hat: Find a fun and wild hat that you can wear that will not only add to your costume but will also help protect you from the elements.
•    Get colorful and creative: When it comes to Burning Man, the more color in your costume the better. Get creative and remember it is all about the art so feel free to experiment and go wild. Be sure that all of your decorations are either securely sewn onto your costume or hot glued on so that you don’t leave anything behind when you leave. Feathers are not a good idea as they can come off rather easily.

When you return home from Burning Man, don’t just throw your cloths in the washing machine. They will be filled with dust and that dust will turn to mud if thrown straight into your machine. Use a leaf blower to blow out the excess dust first and then you can wash your clothing as normal.


What to Wear Bicycling


A great way to get exercise and fresh air all at the same time is by bicycling. Bicycling can be enjoyed by almost everyone and there is really no limit to how serious or laid back you can get with it.

To get the maximum amount of enjoyment out of your cycling experience it is important for you to dress in the proper attire. This attire will consist of optional equipment and also some that is required by law. Your attire will also be dictated by what type of cycling you are doing. Here are some tips to get you going no matter what kind of bicycling you decide to get into:

•    Helmets: No matter what kind of biking you are planning on doing you will want to get a helmet. First off all there are many states which now require that you wear one but you should always wear one as it protects your head. Think about it, there are no seat belts on a bicycle and if an accident happens the only thing protecting your fragile head is your helmet.
•    Mountain biking: If you are into mountain biking you will be exposed to all kinds of branches and other brush that can rub up against you and cause some nasty abrasions. For that reason you will want to wear long pants and you should also consider a riding jersey that is long sleeved. For footwear you will want to get some durable biking shoes that offer great coverage for added protection. It is also a good idea to wear riding goggles as this will keep your eyes safe from anything that may be flying around. Some like to wear gloves and they can be a good idea because they keep your hands from getting nicked up.
•    Distance biking: Is you are into distance biking then you will want to get clothing that will help keep you cool and dry. Biking shorts are made of a special material that helps to keep moisture away and are very lightweight which helps to keep you cool. You can wear a short sleeved or even sleeveless riding jersey made of the same material as the shorts which again will keep you cool and dry. Depending on the bike you have will depend on the shoes you will need. Some pedals require special biking shoes that clip into them and some pedals are regular and do not require the clip. Either way though, remember that you want to wear a lightweight riding shoe as it will help to keep you cool overall. You can also get riding gloves which will help keep your hands blister free on the long runs you will be doing. These gloves are the kind that are padded on the palms and have the fingers cut away. Top off the outfit with a nice pair of riding glasses which will be clear and allow your eyes to stay fresh and not get all dried out.
•    Family biking: If you are just out and about in a cozy setting with the family then wear what is comfortable. This is usually dictated by what the weather is doing. Just be sure that as a parent you too wear a helmet as this will set the safety tone for your kids.

No matter what kind of biking you are doing you can enjoy your cycling even more when you dress the appropriate way.


What to Wear Kayaking


When you get into the sport of kayaking you will have many fun filled adventures. While the sport can tend to be a costly one, there is nothing quite like the feelings you get when paddling down a white river or even if you are paddling into the open ocean.

Knowing what to wear when kayaking is essential to ensure that you get the most out of this action packed sport. Here are the things you will need to wear when you go kayaking:

•    Dry suit or wetsuit: A dry suit or wetsuit is an essential piece of clothing to have on when you go kayaking especially when the water is frigid. Wearing a wetsuit or dry suit means that you will not only stay dry, but your body temperature will be trapped inside the suit and this will help to keep you nice and warm.
•    Personal Flotation Device: Also known as a PFD, these are not only mandatory by law but absolutely necessary to ensure a safe time. Most PFDs are a bright color and they are good piece of mind to have on as you never can tell what might happen when you are kayaking.
•    Booties: These are worn on your feet and are essential to help keep your feet dry. These should feel comfortable on your feet and should also fit easily into your kayak. If you opt to go without the booties your waterlogged and soggy feet will certainly remind you that you did.
•    Gloves: Gloves will help to keep your hands warm and dry in the cooler water and also prevent other things from happening to them. A good pair of gloves can greatly diminish your chances of getting blisters, scrapes, and cuts on your hands due to a rough day of kayaking.
•    Helmet: Again, this isn’t required by law but anyone that doesn’t want to have one on should have their head examined. In the sport of Kayaking you are constantly being churned about in the rough waters and you will certainly hit your head a time or two. What do you think is going to protect your head when you do hit it?
•    Non-essentials: Other non-essentials that you may want to consider before you go kayaking are items such as a spray skirt which will help keep water out of your kayak, a rope bag that can be tossed to someone should trouble arise, a dry bag which is perfect for keeping gear dry, float bags which keep the kayak from sinking should you get separated from it, and a trusty knife just in case you need to cut yourself free from any debris.

While some of these items are essential and some are non-essential, in order to fully enjoy kayaking you should strongly consider all of the above. If you are going to skimp on some items be sure that you don’t skimp on the safety gear. Remember that you can always replace physical objects but you can never replace a human life.

Plus size

Plus Size Women Fashion Tips – What Not to Wear

Plus size

Everyone was created differently and for that reason it really is true that everyone is special in their own unique way. When it comes to the shape of women, some were created petite and some were created as more of a plus size. While one is no better that the other, there are certain things that a plus size woman should avoid wearing.

Fashion often comes down to how good you feel in a garment, but there are some easy no, no’s to avoid that will have you looking better and feeling better as a result no matter how plus in size you are. Some things to avoid as a plus size woman are:

•    Horizontal lines: Horizontal lines tend to give things, including people, a stretched image. If you are already a plus size then wearing clothing that features these types of lines is only drawing to that fact on a greater level.
•    Sizes too small: If you are a size 16, then wear a size 16. A lot of times, especially with dresses, you may find an unbelievably cute dress that is a size or so too small for you. Don’t give into temptation and get the dress thinking you can pull it off. If you are already plus sized, then wearing extra tight clothing is not going to compliment your figure. Stick to dresses and other clothing in your size and leave the stuff that is too small alone. As cute as it is, there are other ones just as cute that will actually fit you, so just leave it on the rack.
•    Bright colors: Bright colors make for bigger appearances. Avoid bright yellows, reds, and violets to name a few as this will give the impression that you are bigger than you are. Again, you want to compliment your figure, not complicate it. This isn’t to say that you have to dress in dark drab colors all the time, but be careful how bright you go.
•    Skinny Jeans: Skinny jeans, or tapered leg jeans, only look good on skinny women – and the jury is still out on that- and will not compliment your full figure. Wearing skinny jeans will not only be very uncomfortable on you they can also give you the appearance of having stumpy looking ankles and that is not a look you will want to go for. Stick to the loose fit jeans and let the 100 pound and under women have the skinny jean trend.
•    Short-shorts: Not everyone in the world was designed to wear short shorts and if you are a plus sized woman, avoid them. If you insist on wearing short shorts you are asking to be teased and that is not going to do your image or your self-esteem any good. There are plenty of cute carpris and bahama shorts that will not only fit you great, but compliment your fuller figure as a result.

You should never have to feel bad that you are a plus size woman as you are just as special as anyone else alive today. Dressing yourself to look great, helps you feel great as a result and will help you keep that great looking smile on your face day in and day out.


What to Wear to Italy


Italy is a place filled with wonderful cuisine and all the romance you can handle. The country is filled with so much to do you will find it hard to see everything you want the first time there. To get the most out of your trip to Italy you will want to try to dress like the locals. Why? When you blend in you tend to be treated a bit better as nobody likes an ‘annoying tourist.’

Some foreign countries are very strict when it comes to fashion and while Italy is a bit more lenient that most you still have to go about your ‘local look’ in a specific way. Here are some tips to keep you looking more like a local and less like a tourist when going to Italy:

•    Going for casual: Clothing seems to be on the pricey side in Italy and for that reason many who live there only have a limited number of outfits. They supplement this lack of clothing by mixing and matching what they do have to be sure that they are always wearing a fresh look. This is important to keep in mind because an Italian’s idea of casual and an American’s idea of casual are apples and oranges. If you go to Italy and wear your typical jeans, t-shirt, and Red Sox cap you will pegged as a tourist in no time at all. Instead, go for a nice pair of slacks and a lightweight, long sleeved button down shirt.
•    Shorts: Shorts are almost taboo in Italy. If you do see men wearing a pair they will come down to at least their knees. You will never see women wearing shorts unless you are at the beach. If possible just avoid the shorts, but if you feel you must absolutely wear a pair then let the local rules preside.
•    Shoes: One of the most beautiful sights in Italy is the cobble stone streets. As pretty as they are though, they can wreak havoc on your feet. You will want to have a very comfortable pair of shoes with you that have a rather thick sole to help absorb the abuse your feet will get. As far as all the American favorites like mules, flip-flops, cowboy boots, and sneakers, leave them at home because they will do you little good in Italy. A good thing to do is buy your Italian walking shoes a couple of weeks before your trip so you have time to get them broken in. Wear them everywhere you go for the days leading up to your trip as this will ensure the utmost comfort once you do start walking all over the cobblestone of Italy.
•    Wearing cameras: Avoid wearing your cameras around your neck. With technology as good as it is today you can find many small cameras that will take great pictures and fit either in your pocket or your purse. Nothing screams ‘I am a tourist’ like cameras around the neck.

Remember, nobody likes the loud and obnoxious tourist so keep it low key while visiting Italy and do your best to blend in with the locals.


What to Wear in England


As the old saying goes, ‘When in Rome do as the Romans do.’ Well when you are planning on visiting England you should know how to dress so that you don’t stick out like a typical American tourist. It is important to note that many people in England get their sense of style by watching the starts of television and screen. That being said the fashion is one that tends to change on a fairly regular basis.

Here are some tips to help you decide what to wear when you are in England:

•    Loud colors: In England the colors of choice seem to be loud and bright. Many countries overseas like to stick with the darker and drabber colors, but England isn’t one of them. Yellows, purples, blues, and reds seem to be a favorite among many the locals.
•    Wild design: This is especially for the woman. Don’t be afraid to go with a totally wild and outrageous design or pattern. Many people in England sport styles and patterns that may be considered to over the edge here in America, but over there it is just another day in the life of England.
•    Get a good coat: It seems that everyone over in England has a coat on them most of the time. These coats can range from a sports jacket to a nice half-coat, or even a leather jacket, but they are almost always wearing them.
•    Shoe wear: Men tend to gravitate towards the boot look or the low top sneaker look. Their low top sneakers that they like are the same style as the low top Converse that can be found at almost any store right here in America. Women like to wear a lot of closed toed heels that are a variety of wild colors.
•    Scarves: When it is cold out it is very common to see both men and women sporting scarves. These scarves will serve two purposes. The first will be fashion and the second will be function by way of helping to keep the person warm.
•    Accessorize big: Women in England like to accessorize in a big way. They will wear big hanging necklaces and flashy jewelry. They also tend to cut their hair on the shorter and wilder side these days.
•    When in doubt: A great rule of thumb for anyone about to visit England is to pack lightly and bring some extra money. This way you can check into your hotel and then hit the streets and get ideas on how to dress by seeing what the locals are all wearing. Keep in mind that one region may dress a bit differently than the others so if you are planning on visiting more than one area in England than you will not want to spend your entire bankroll on the first day.

The good thing about dressing in England is it seems to be all about fun. The styles and colors over there are wild and vivid and allow for a great deal of leeway when choosing what it is you want to wear.


What to Wear with a Skirt


For a woman, one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that they own is a skirt. Skirts can be worn in an office environment and can also be worn when heading out for a wild night out with the girls. Because there are a variety of different lengths that skirts come in there are many possibilities when it comes to the outfits that can be put together using skirts.

What you will wear with your skirt depends on what type of skirt it is. Here are some different fashion ideas for you utilizing several of the different skirt lengths:

•    Miniskirt: The miniskirt can be worn as one piece or it can be layered on top of a pair of black leggings. While a mini skirt by itself is bit more on the risqué side, miniskirts with leggings still look great and can offer you just a bit more coverage. No matter what type of miniskirt you like, a white blouse or t-shirt usually goes quite well with the look. If it is on the colder side a nice touch is a lightweight black leather jacket and the shoes can be either a dark pair of pumps or heels. You can also go for broke with a pair of gladiator shoes that come up to the bottom of your knee. This is a look that is gaining a lot of popularity in Hollywood.
•    Mid length skirt: A mid length skirt is one that usually comes down to the top of your knees. These types of skirts look great for office wear. Pairing a gray mid length skirt with a white blouse that is collared and topping it off with a gray blazer is a sharp and sophisticated look for your office job. Finish the look of sophistication with a dark colored pair of pumps or flats which will add some comfort and style all at the same time.
•    Long skirts: Long skirts are those that hang down below your knees and can even come down to about your ankles. These skirts are paired nicely with sweaters and other tops that are long sleeved when it is cool outside. For warmer weather these longer skirts make a nice mate to a sleeveless shirt with a light jacket or wrap accompanying it. Footwear with this type of skirt can range from sandals to flats but comfort is the key.
•    Pull-over skirts: These skirts do what they sound like they would and simply pull over your head. They are typically both sleeveless and strapless or they are tied into place with one tie at the neck line. These skirts generally go really well with a pair of black leggings or even a pair of jeans. This is the perfect look for a nice pair of high heels.

No matter what kind of skirts you like to wear you just need to mix and match and do some fun experimentation and you too will be able to look your best no matter how long the skirt you are wearing is.

Rock climbing

What to Wear Rock Climbing

Rock climbing

Rock climbing can be a great way to get your adrenalin pumping and will certainly give you some thrills you won’t soon forget. While it is very important that you learn about all the gear you will need and how it all functions, it is equally as important to know what to wear when you go rock climbing.

When you dress for a day of rock climbing you have to consider what kind of climb it is and what the weather is going to be like for the day before you can accurately get dressed for it. Here are some tips to help you figure out what to wear on your next rock climbing adventure:

•    Base layer: If you are doing a climb in a cooler part of the year you will want to go with a base layer that is close to your skin to help keep you insulated and thus warm. A good undershirt and a pair of boxer briefs are usually a good choice when dressing for the cooler climbs.
•    Shirts: It is essential that you choose shirts that will let you keep your elbows, wrists, and shoulders free so that they can do all the essential climbing work that will be required of them. If the weather is colder than you will want to go with a longer sleeved shirt as this will help keep you warm but you must be sure that the shirt doesn’t hinder your shoulder movement whatsoever. You can gain further warmth by wearing a vest over top of the shirt as it will help to warm you while leaving all the vital parts of the arm free and clear. On a warmer climb you can opt for a t-shirt.
•    Pants: This is a personal preference and is again usually dictated by the weather. Most rock climbers like to wear shorts that stretch and are durable when doing a shorter climb in warm weather. For a colder climb you may want to go with stretchy pants that are both lightweight and water resistant. Never wear jeans as they will not only hinder your movements but will also absorb any moisture and have you feeling soggy and uncomfortable.
•    Jackets: In extremely cold climate climbs you may need a jacket. Again you will want to go with the most lightweight you can find and be sure that your movements are not hindered. You should always have a wind breaker or lightweight insulated jacket with you as you never know when a warm weather site will turn cold as the sun starts to go down.
•    Shoes: When preparing for your rock climbing adventure you will first need to get a pair of shoes that are designed specifically for rock climbing. These shoes should fit tightly and allow for a lot of movement so that you will be able to get your feet into tight spots if need be.
•    Helmet: While this is not actually a piece of clothing it is essential gear for anyone who wants to be a rock climber. When it comes to your head and what’s inside it you should never take a chance.

Clothing can be just as important as any gear that you will bring with you on the rock climb and if you plan properly you will be able to conquer the rock with greater ease and much greater comfort.

San Diego

What To Wear In San Diego

San Diego

The city of San Diego is a bustling city of commerce and tourism. In fact, it is second only to Los Angeles as the biggest city in the state of California. On the coast of the Pacific Ocean, San Diego has unique geography featuring hills and canyons which separate the city into different neighborhoods.

The temperature there is great with very little fluctuation in temperatures from summer to winter. Daytime averages range from the 60s to the 70s. Nighttime averages range from high 40s to high 60s. These temperatures mean that in San Diego a T-shirt and jeans is a suitable wardrobe choice any time of the year. Just add a sweater or jacket for the winter or cool summer evenings. San Diego style is like much of the state, California casual. Even though San Diego is a wealthy city and there are many upscale events and outings to attend that require formal wear, for the most part the city is one that is casual and laid back.

San Diego is a great place for tourists and has a booming tourism industry. It offers a variety of amusement parks that are popular with people of all ages, as well as a renowned zoo. If you are planning to visit the amusement parks in San Diego, you will need to dress for the weather. Check the forecast before heading out. Since mornings are cold and the days warm up nicely before becoming cold again in the evening, a variety of clothes may be needed for one day. Layering is a great way to dress with such varying temperatures. You can shed or add layers as necessary. Be sure to bring a long sleeved jacket or sweater to stay warm both in the morning and evening and in air conditioned buildings. Wear a hat and sunglasses, as well as sunscreen for sun protection. Choose comfortable, supportive shoes or sneakers so that days spent walking around will not cause too much foot discomfort.

San Diego is a hotspot for outdoor activities. Surfing and skateboarding are very popular there. Cycling is another sport that is prevalent, as there are numerous cycling routes throughout the city. It is mostly recreational cycling though because the geography and size of the city makes using cycling for transportation less than ideal. The comfortable temperatures make San Diego a great spot for practicing these and other outdoor sports year-round. In terms of fashion, this means that sports clothes are often seen on the street. Styles popular with the younger generation often are influenced by the surfing and skateboarding especially.

Industry and commerce in San Diego runs the gamut of agriculture, the military, manufacturing, computer science, shipbuilding and repair, financial services, research and much more. Business wear ranges from professional to business casual and should be checked before you choose your wardrobe for work.

San Diego with its great beaches and parks make it a great place to visit or live in. Mild year-round temperatures take the worry out of what to wear. Just throw together a nice California casual outfit and you’ll be good to go just about anywhere.


What To Wear In Indianapolis


Indianapolis is home to one of the most exciting car races of the year. The Indianapolis 500 draws race fans from around the country. In fact this race is probably the thing that makes Indianapolis stand out for most people and is its best known feature. During race week, the fashion statement that most people make is a pair of shorts and a T-shirt rooting on their favorite racing team.

If you want to know what to wear in Indianapolis, your number one resource will be the weather forecast. The city gets four distinct seasons and you will need to dress appropriately for them. Summer experiences nice warm weather averaging mid-80s in the daytime. Spring and fall are comfortable seasons for spending time outside. You will find that it is much easier to dress for these seasons than for winter. However, spring can be a tricky season with huge temperature fluctuations in the same day. This fact reinforces the necessity of checking the weather.

Indianapolis is in the north part of the United States Midwest and receives its share of snow and cold weather. Because of the winter temperatures, it is important to equip yourself properly if you are going to the state in the winter. The things that are most important for anyone in Indianapolis to wear during the winter include a suitably warm winter jacket or coat, a hat, gloves or mittens and winter boots. Scarves, earmuffs and snowsuits are also good choices depending on what you plan to do and if you want to spend time outside.

Indianapolis is home to a large number of serious sports fans. There are several professional and semi-professional sports teams in the city, the two most prominent being the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts and the NBA’s Indiana Pacers. During the football season and basketball season especially, clothes sporting a team logo are commonly seen throughout the city.  During NCAA basketball tournaments that are held in Indianapolis, college team shirts are in abundance.

The city offers much in terms of cultural attractions and events. The arts are alive and well in Indianapolis, as is the music scene. Because of the prevalence of such influence and the fact that there are multiple colleges and universities in the city, fashion is a little bohemian in places. Many of the artists and college students put together eclectic looks from the used clothing stores and their own imagination. Jeans and T-shirts are commonly seen in much of the city, as they are throughout America. Layering is also a popular look and one that is very practical for changing temperatures.

Indianapolis is the state capital and as such has a large number of professional and government offices in the city. If you are visiting on business, chances are a business professional outfit will serve you well. If you know that the company you are visiting has a business casual environment, opt for a conservative look within that range. It is the Midwest, after all.

Enjoy Indianapolis and all it has to offer!


What to Wear to Disneyworld


It is hard to find anything that can compare with the fun you and your entire family can have when you take a trip to Disneyworld. Disneyworld is filled with so many different rides and attractions that there is sure to be something for everyone in your group to enjoy and the memories you form will ultimately last a lifetime. But in order to get maximum enjoyment out of your visit to Disneyland it is important to know what to wear when you go.

Though it may not seem like it, when you are attending any theme park, especially Disneyland, you will be moving around a lot. There will be rare opportunities for you to just sit and relax because you will be so busy enjoying everything that the park has to offer. Knowing that you will want to leave all the dressy clothing that you have back at the hotel room and prepare for your fun day by dressing in an ultra casual way:

•    Shoes: When it is all said and done you will probably walk a few miles while inside of Disneyland so you need to prepare your feet for that. Be sure you have on a comfortable pair of sneakers and be sure they are already broken in. A new pair of sneakers may look great on your feet but if you wear them for the first time while visiting Disneyland you will leave with much more that memories; you will leave with lots of blisters as well.
•    Shirts: T-shirts and tank tops are in tall order for Disneyland. Remember you will be moving around all day and anything that is thick is sure to be soaked with sweat before the day is done. If you feel the weather may get chilly you can bring a light sweater or a wind breaker with you and tie it around your waist. That way you will have it if you need it and it stays out of the way if you don’t.
•    Shorts: You will want to go with shorts even if it is a bit on the chilly side. With the constant movement from all the walking you will be doing your legs are not going to get a chance to get cold. If it is really cold then a lightweight pair of pants will do you better than jeans because you will still sweat and jeans are only going to absorb that sweat which will make for a sticky and uncomfortable day.
•    Accessories: Besides a camera and a couple memory sticks there are a few things you will want to bring with you. A hat can be a great way to keep the sun off your head and help shade your face. Be sure the hat is a lighter color as a darker color will only absorb the sun and make you feel hotter that you already are. Sunglasses with a high UV protection are a good idea too as you will be exposed to the sun for long periods of time. The most important thing to remember though is sun block. You will want to apply and reapply so that you don’t end your Disney trip looking like a lobster.

The last thing you will need to bring with you is lots of money. Disneyland is by no means inexpensive; but it sure is a lot of fun.


What to Wear in Germany


If you are going to be going to Germany and are wondering what you should wear while you are there, the first question you must answer is what time of the year will you be going. Germany is a country that has four seasons and each season requires you to dress a certain way. To add a wrinkle to the fold the weather will vary from region to reign depending on the altitude.

When preparing your attire for your Germany trip keep these tips in mind about the different seasons:

•    Winter: Germany can be cold and certain parts of Germany can be bitter cold in the winter time. Depending on the region you visit you will more than likely see some snow if visiting in the winter time. It is therefore important that you pack accordingly. You will want to dress in wool slacks for warmth, several layers of top clothing, have heavy socks, gloves, hats, scarves, and boots in case the snow gets deep. Another essential in the winter time is an umbrella or raincoat as it tends to rain a lot in the winter as well as snow.
•    Summer: The weather is warm and also unpredictable in the summer time. It can go from blistering hot to nice and cool so you should think in terms of layers. You will want to wear clothing that is easily added or removed and that will keep you comfortable at all times.
•    Spring and Fall: These are the most unpredictable seasons when it comes to weather. Again think in layers and you should also make sure that your rain gear is with you at all times as this is the rainiest part of the year in Germany. Just as with any other time in Germany be sure that you have a sweater or a jacket handy as you never know when you will need it.

As far as protocol goes it is important to note that Germans tend to dress more on the formal side than most Americans do. When going out to eat you will want to stick with slacks as opposed to jeans. When choosing your colors go with darker colors like grays, browns, and black as the Germans tend to stick to the darker side of the color spectrum. You should also bring a comfortable pair of dress shoes as a pair of white sneakers will immediately out you for the American tourist that you are.

When visiting the German churches and other local spots remember to be respectful. Never wear anything that is too revealing and leave the shorts back at the hotel room. Dressing in a disrespectful manner may have many a German feeling a bit of contempt towards you.

While the weather can be somewhat unpredictable you can check the weather before you go over to Germany and try to plan your trip accordingly. If you should neglect to pack something don’t fear. There are many wonderful little shops all over Germany that will be able to outfit you with whatever it is you need.


What to Wear When Playing Basketball


Playing basketball is a great way to get some exercise and there are many courts that are outside so you can even get some fresh air in the process. As fun as the game is it is important that you dress properly to get the maximum pleasure out of the game. Dressing the right way will have you feeling great and also have you receiving a lot less trash talk from opponents as well.

While there is no set in stone rules for how to dress when you are playing basketball, here are some tips that will help you to look great and feel great too.

•    Shoes: Starting with the feet first is essential as the entire time you play basketball you are running and jumping. For this reason you must be sure to have the proper foot wear. There are actually shoes at the shoe store that are called basketball shoes and these are easily spotted by the high top design on an otherwise sneaker looking shoe. While you can play basket ball in low tops, it really isn’t recommended and doing so is almost always a recipe for a twisted or sprained ankle. A good pair of high tops is the key to enjoying many games of basketball.
•    Shorts: With the amount of sweating you will be doing, you will definitely want to go with a good pair of shorts. Just as with the shoes there are shorts that are called basketball shorts. These shorts are typically longer than normal shorts and are made of a lightweight, breathable material. There are generally no pockets and there is usually an elastic waist bald and a draw string to help cinch up the shorts. They should be very loose fitting as this will allow for maximum movement.
•    Shirts: While any old t-shirt will do the trick you may want to go with a, you guessed it, basketball shirt or jersey. These types of shirts are sleeveless and usually made of the same lightweight materials that the short are made of. You can jazz up your look here and get a basketball shirt that features your favorite team on it and even get one that has your favorite player’s name on the back. There are even some companies online that will custom print your last name, or any other name that you want, on the back of the shirt.
•    Other equipment: If you tend to be a big sweater then you will want to pick up a headband and some wrist bands. A headband may look a little funny, but it will absorb the sweat and keep it from running into your eyes. Wrist bands will also absorb sweat and this will keep the ball and your hands dry while you are dribbling or handling the ball. If you wear glasses then you will need to talk to your eye doctor about getting sports goggles that are in your prescription. This will allow you to see what you need to see without the risk of you breaking your expensive glasses.

Basket ball is a great sport and it is enjoyed the most when you dress for courtside success.

New Orleans

What To Wear In New Orleans

New Orleans

New Orleans has a unique cultural history and is steeped in tradition. The city is a study in contrasts with very wealthy areas and very poor ones. New Orleans is also known as a city that knows how to party and celebrate. Numerous festivals are held annually that attract tourists from around the world. Despite the fact that the population of this southern city is still greatly reduced in the post-Hurricane Katrina era, it is still a lively place full of joie de vivre.

If you are visiting New Orleans you will find that it is important to dress for the weather. Summers are very hot with average daily temperatures in the 90s. Even winter is mild, with 60s for daytime averages and no snow to contend with. However, as commonly found in the south, all buildings are air conditioned and even in summer you will need to tote a shirt or light sweater to wear inside, especially if you are easily chilled.

New Orleans is a very laid back city where practically anything goes. You will see a wide variety of clothing and styles on both the residents and tourists in the Big Easy. Local musicians influence the style of the city with their Bohemian looks. Artists who strive to look unique by putting together some unusual looks are also commonly seen, mixed in with business professionals and other more straight-laced individuals.

New Orleans is very much a college town, being home to multiple colleges and universities. The abundance of young people in the city are there primarily for post-secondary education. However their presence gives the city a youthful appearance. They also make the fashions of the younger generation more common around the city. You will see lots of students relaxing and studying, dressed casually in jeans or shorts and a T-shirt. The casually dressed tourist can easily fit in.

When it comes to going to New Orleans on business, note that many companies require professional business attire. Others opt for business casual, but don’t let the reputation of the city lure you into dressing too casually. The workplace is still taken seriously and people dress appropriately. Learn the guidelines for the company you will visit before making a mistake.

If you are planning to go out on the town, plan to dress up. Clubbing is serious in New Orleans. However, natives will warn you against wearing Mardi Gras beads or dressing in an overly revealing outfit. For dinner in upscale restaurants, expect to dress up. Many will require men to wear a jacket and tie. Women will need to wear dress pants, a skirt or dress.

If you plan to explore the city on foot, be sure to choose shoes that are supportive and comfortable. High heels are not the best choice. The streets are often uneven and you may hurt yourself. If you make the right choice in footwear you’ll be able to do more and see more and enjoy your stay to the maximum.

Get your stuff ready now for the Big Easy and enjoy your stay in a one-of-a-kind


What to Wear to a Carnival


There is nothing more exciting for the entire family than when the carnival comes to town. Carnivals are filled with riders, games, attractions, and fun. While there is no certain dress code to attend a carnival wearing the proper attire will have you enjoy your trip to the carnival that much more.

Here are some different ways in which you can dress to attend your next carnival:

•    Tops: The whole idea behind going to a carnival is to have fun and forget about the stresses of everyday life. When you choose a shirt to wear it should be a fun shirt that you really enjoy wearing. Of course if the weather is warm then you will want to go with a nice t-shirt and if the weather is cold then a long sleeved t-shirt will do just fine. Since carnivals are primarily outdoors it is a good idea to wear shirts that are made of a breathable fabric such as cotton.
•    Pants: Again, anything goes and you have to have fun with it. If it is cool out and you feel like wearing jeans then by all means do so. Cargo pants are also a great option as the extra pockets can come in handy for holding your wallet or other personal effects and can also hold any tickets that you may get. If it is too hot for pants then a nice pair of cargo short for the guys will do the trick and the girls can wear a nice pair of capri pants.
•    Hats: Hats are not a good idea to wear to the carnival if you plan on riding any rides. Many of the rides at the carnival will take you on some high rates of speeds and if you are wearing a hat it can quickly be gone for good. If you do wear a hat, be sure to hold on to it in your lap while riding the rides.
•    Shoes: This is probably the most important piece of apparel that you will wear. A carnival requires you to walk around all over the place and knowing that you should be sure that you are wearing the most comfortable shoes you own. A good pair of lace up sneakers usually does nicely and you should avoid wearing slip on shoes or flip-flops as they will not only be uncomfortable but they can also get lost easily on the faster ride.
•    Sun glasses: this is often overlooked, but if the carnival is a daytime one then you will be squinting all day long if you do not have a good pair of sunglasses with proper UV protection.
•    Purses: Bringing a purse to a carnival is just asking for trouble. Instead go with a fanny pack. Yes they may look a bit goofy, but they are a great alternative to lugging around a purse and will still allow you to ride on all of the rides without having to worry about losing all of your personal effects.

Now all you need to do is walk around and enjoy the show by taking in some attritions, rides, and good old fashioned family fun.


What to Wear Skiing


Skiing is probably one of the best ways to enjoy the snow that comes to the upper states every winter. If you are getting ready this winter to enjoy some skiing you need to know how to properly dress for it so that you don’t risk freezing to death.

Getting ready to ski means more than throwing on a pair of jeans and a ski jacket. As well as staying warm you need to stay dry as well. This is accomplished by dressing in a three layer approach. Here are some tips on how to dress for your upcoming ski trip:

•    First layer: The first thing you will want to put on is long underwear otherwise known as thermal underwear. Long underwear has the ability to wick away moisture that will come in the form of your sweat and will not allow it to absorb into the material. This is essential so that you stay as dry as possible.
•    Second layer: Your second layer of clothing will consist of sweaters and pants. Choose a good wool sweater for the best warmth and when going with pants do not choose jeans. They may start out keeping you warm but the denim will actually absorb any moisture that comes its way and eventually leave you wet and uncomfortable. Instead you can opt for a pair of polyester pants that will help you to repel any moisture that finds its way to you while keeping you warm at the same time.
•    Third layer: Your third layer should consist of your ski pants and your ski jacket. These will be the thickest of all and therefore provide you with the most amount of warmth. They will also help you ward off moisture as they are made with a water resistant material that will repel a good amount of moisture.
•    Footwear: When you ski you wear thick and ridged ski boots. These boots are designed to clip into your skis and are made of a material that is water proof. To keep your feet warm and protected wear a thick pair of wool socks and you will be all set.
•    Other apparel: Don’t forget to wear the little things that can easily be overlooked. First and foremost you will need a good thick pair of ski gloves to keep your hands warm. You will also want to get a wool cap so your head holds in heat and thus keeps your entire body warmer. Lastly you don’t want to forget to get a good pair of ski goggles as these will keep your eyes from getting dried out in the cool winter air. You may also want to consider getting some lip balm and sun block so that your lips don’t chap and your face doesn’t get sun burnt.

Skiing is a ton of fun but that fun can be cut severely short if you do not have the right clothing on. By going with the three layer approach and remembering the little things you will ensure that you day of skiing will be filled with fun and that you will stay warm and dry.

Baby shower

What to Wear to a Baby Shower

Baby shower

How you dress for a baby shower all depends on the baby shower itself. While some showers will be held in a more formal setting and other a more laid back and casual setting, showing up either under dressed or overdressed can be embarrassing. So how do you decide how you should dress to attend a baby shower?

Here are two specific tips that will help you decide what you should wear to the next baby shower that you attend:

•    Read between the lines: Look at the invitation you received for the shower. How nice is it? If it is inviting you for an evening of cocktails and finger foods then it is obviously a more formal setting and semi-formal attire will more than likely be required. If however the invitation is for a backyard picnic followed by cake and punch then it is more than likely a more casual setting.
•    Ask a friend: The nice thing about baby showers is that there are more times than not going to be one or more of your friends that will be in attendance. A great way to decide what you want to wear is to call your friends and see what they are going to be wearing. If you can come to a consensus then you will be in the clear and will not have to worry about whether or not you will be over or under dressed.

Once you figure out how you are going to dress here is how you can pull it off:

•    Formal: When going with the formal look you will want to wear a really nice dress. If the shower takes place after work then keep in mind that many people attending will be coming in their work clothes so you will want to dress in a business formal way. Try to wear bright and cheerful colors as a baby shower is a celebration of a new life to come and should be met with happy and cheerful colors.
•    Casual: If the baby shower you will be attending is going to be a casual one then really you can wear what is most comfortable to you. If it is a close knit group of your friends then you will more than likely be fine in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. You can always go with a more casual sun dress if you want to dress down but not too down.

If all else fails you could call the expecting mother and ask her how she wants everyone to dress at the shower. But a word of caution here, many times a baby shower is a surprise so you have to be sure that it is not a surprise party before you call the mother to be and ruin the whole thing.

Once you are dressed and ready to go to the shower, go pick up a gift such as a baby  t-shirt or onesie or even create your own custom t-shirt and enjoy your day at the baby shower that is sure to be filled with friends, fun, and games.

Mardi Gras

Getting Wild at Mardi Gras in a Custom T-Shirt

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras parades and parties across the country and across the world are a celebration of excess and indulgence. It’s hard to think of a better reason for a party, and it’s a great excuse to deck yourself out in a t-shirt of your own design. Your hair will be fixed, your neck will be full of beads, so why wear a plain shirt that has nothing to do with the occasion?

Mardi Gras t-shirts are a way to celebrate the occasion with a festive piece of clothing that is personal and creative. The design can be something that is associated with Mardi Gras, or it may commemorate one group’s trip to the festival. A customized shirt may even have a graphic of beaded necklaces on it to give the appearance that you’re wearing beads all of the time.

The year of the Mardi Gras celebration will remind you later about the great time that was had at that year’s Mardi Gras. The year is an important aspect of the t-shirt- every Mardi Gras is different, just as every year’s experiences are different. Other popular designs are the masks that so many people wear to Mardi Gras parties and parades. The masks are usually highly decorated, leaving the door open to a very personal design. They can be designed with any theme, from festive to scary to humorous.

If you’re working Mardi Gras as part of a Krewe or in another capacity, having a t-shirt is a must to let everyone know that you’re an important part of the celebration. These shirts are important if you are a part of a Mardi Gras team. They foster a team mentality and the confidence of knowing that you have done your part for the celebration. It’s also a way to impress members of the crowd that you want to meet.

If you’ve attended Mardi Gras, it’s a good idea to get a t-shirt made up to show that you went to Mardi Gras and had a great time. At Mardi Gras people go with the flow. They eat what’s thrown off the floats and wear the beads they find on the sidewalk. If you’re a Mardi Gras survivor, that’s an attractive persona to have. A t-shirt commemorating the celebration tells others what a fun-loving person you are and how spontaneous you can be. It’s a conversation starter with anyone who has ever been to Mardi Gras.

Everyone at Mardi Gras wants attention. But, it can be tough to get noticed in the crowds that surround the Mardi Gras floats. If you want to set yourself apart form the crown, a good t-shirt design will do it. Mardi Gras t-shirts are never boring or subdued. They are loud, they are ornate; they’re like Mardi Gras itself. These are t-shirts that get noticed, and get the person wearing them noticed as well. The shirt won’t necessarily stay on all night, but it still serves as a reminder of the fun and excess that took place.

Mardi Gras 1

What to Wear to Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras 1

Mardi Gras is a festive occasion that calls for letting go of your inhibitions and acting as wild as you want. It also calls for some specific clothing to make the celebration comfortable, safe and fun.

Mardi Gras colors

The traditional Mardi Gras colors are gold, purple and green. You’ll see this theme everywhere when you go to a Mardi Gras celebration. For this reason, many Mardi Gras goers like to wear clothing in those colors. You might choose a casual outfit such as a pair of purple pants, a green T-shirt and a gold jacket or gold necklace to represent these colors. You might also choose a Mardi Gras costume that embodies the spirit of Mardi Gras as well as the traditional colors.

Comfortable Clothing

One of the most important things to remember is that your close will probably get quite dirty during Mardi Gras. The trash and dirt that is left in the streets during the celebration is legendary. You will be wading through trash throughout the celebration and you may even have food thrown at you. Don’t wear anything that is very expensive or that you don’t want to get dirty, stained or torn.

Many people choose very casual, inexpensive clothing for this reason. Others make a yearly stop at the thrift store to buy inexpensive clothing that can be thrown away after Mardi Gras over. However you get your Mardi Gras clothing, make sure it is comfortable and easy to move it. You may be jumping for beads, you may be jumping over something dirty in the street or you may want to run alongside a parade float. Make sure your pants are not too tight for these activities and are not loose enough to catch on something and get you injured.

Leave the expensive jewelry at home. It may very well be stolen in the crowds, particularly at night. For Mardi Gras, accessorize with giant plastic beads. Even before Mardi Gras starts, you can buy lots of Mardi Gras beads at any souvenir shop. And once the parades start, you should be able to catch them from the floats. Wear as many Mardi Gras beads as you can for the ultimate Mardi Gras experience.


There are two schools of thought on Mardi Gras shoes. The first is that you should wear very tough boots because your feet will get stepped on and you will be wading through garbage. A strong pair of boots will make sure that your toes come through just fine and the dirt in the street doesn’t touch you. However, the garbage can be hard on a pair of boots and they may end up ruined.

The other school of thought is to buy the cheapest pair of shoes you can and then to throw them away after the celebration is over. Whenever shoes you choose, they should be a dark color so that the stains aren’t as obvious. Even if you are keeping the shoes, you may not want to look at dirty, stained shoes all night.