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What to Wear to Italy


Italy is a place filled with wonderful cuisine and all the romance you can handle. The country is filled with so much to do you will find it hard to see everything you want the first time there. To get the most out of your trip to Italy you will want to try to dress like the locals. Why? When you blend in you tend to be treated a bit better as nobody likes an ‘annoying tourist.’

Some foreign countries are very strict when it comes to fashion and while Italy is a bit more lenient that most you still have to go about your ‘local look’ in a specific way. Here are some tips to keep you looking more like a local and less like a tourist when going to Italy:

•    Going for casual: Clothing seems to be on the pricey side in Italy and for that reason many who live there only have a limited number of outfits. They supplement this lack of clothing by mixing and matching what they do have to be sure that they are always wearing a fresh look. This is important to keep in mind because an Italian’s idea of casual and an American’s idea of casual are apples and oranges. If you go to Italy and wear your typical jeans, t-shirt, and Red Sox cap you will pegged as a tourist in no time at all. Instead, go for a nice pair of slacks and a lightweight, long sleeved button down shirt.
•    Shorts: Shorts are almost taboo in Italy. If you do see men wearing a pair they will come down to at least their knees. You will never see women wearing shorts unless you are at the beach. If possible just avoid the shorts, but if you feel you must absolutely wear a pair then let the local rules preside.
•    Shoes: One of the most beautiful sights in Italy is the cobble stone streets. As pretty as they are though, they can wreak havoc on your feet. You will want to have a very comfortable pair of shoes with you that have a rather thick sole to help absorb the abuse your feet will get. As far as all the American favorites like mules, flip-flops, cowboy boots, and sneakers, leave them at home because they will do you little good in Italy. A good thing to do is buy your Italian walking shoes a couple of weeks before your trip so you have time to get them broken in. Wear them everywhere you go for the days leading up to your trip as this will ensure the utmost comfort once you do start walking all over the cobblestone of Italy.
•    Wearing cameras: Avoid wearing your cameras around your neck. With technology as good as it is today you can find many small cameras that will take great pictures and fit either in your pocket or your purse. Nothing screams ‘I am a tourist’ like cameras around the neck.

Remember, nobody likes the loud and obnoxious tourist so keep it low key while visiting Italy and do your best to blend in with the locals.


What To Wear In Indianapolis


Indianapolis is home to one of the most exciting car races of the year. The Indianapolis 500 draws race fans from around the country. In fact this race is probably the thing that makes Indianapolis stand out for most people and is its best known feature. During race week, the fashion statement that most people make is a pair of shorts and a T-shirt rooting on their favorite racing team.

If you want to know what to wear in Indianapolis, your number one resource will be the weather forecast. The city gets four distinct seasons and you will need to dress appropriately for them. Summer experiences nice warm weather averaging mid-80s in the daytime. Spring and fall are comfortable seasons for spending time outside. You will find that it is much easier to dress for these seasons than for winter. However, spring can be a tricky season with huge temperature fluctuations in the same day. This fact reinforces the necessity of checking the weather.

Indianapolis is in the north part of the United States Midwest and receives its share of snow and cold weather. Because of the winter temperatures, it is important to equip yourself properly if you are going to the state in the winter. The things that are most important for anyone in Indianapolis to wear during the winter include a suitably warm winter jacket or coat, a hat, gloves or mittens and winter boots. Scarves, earmuffs and snowsuits are also good choices depending on what you plan to do and if you want to spend time outside.

Indianapolis is home to a large number of serious sports fans. There are several professional and semi-professional sports teams in the city, the two most prominent being the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts and the NBA’s Indiana Pacers. During the football season and basketball season especially, clothes sporting a team logo are commonly seen throughout the city.  During NCAA basketball tournaments that are held in Indianapolis, college team shirts are in abundance.

The city offers much in terms of cultural attractions and events. The arts are alive and well in Indianapolis, as is the music scene. Because of the prevalence of such influence and the fact that there are multiple colleges and universities in the city, fashion is a little bohemian in places. Many of the artists and college students put together eclectic looks from the used clothing stores and their own imagination. Jeans and T-shirts are commonly seen in much of the city, as they are throughout America. Layering is also a popular look and one that is very practical for changing temperatures.

Indianapolis is the state capital and as such has a large number of professional and government offices in the city. If you are visiting on business, chances are a business professional outfit will serve you well. If you know that the company you are visiting has a business casual environment, opt for a conservative look within that range. It is the Midwest, after all.

Enjoy Indianapolis and all it has to offer!

New Orleans

What To Wear In New Orleans

New Orleans

New Orleans has a unique cultural history and is steeped in tradition. The city is a study in contrasts with very wealthy areas and very poor ones. New Orleans is also known as a city that knows how to party and celebrate. Numerous festivals are held annually that attract tourists from around the world. Despite the fact that the population of this southern city is still greatly reduced in the post-Hurricane Katrina era, it is still a lively place full of joie de vivre.

If you are visiting New Orleans you will find that it is important to dress for the weather. Summers are very hot with average daily temperatures in the 90s. Even winter is mild, with 60s for daytime averages and no snow to contend with. However, as commonly found in the south, all buildings are air conditioned and even in summer you will need to tote a shirt or light sweater to wear inside, especially if you are easily chilled.

New Orleans is a very laid back city where practically anything goes. You will see a wide variety of clothing and styles on both the residents and tourists in the Big Easy. Local musicians influence the style of the city with their Bohemian looks. Artists who strive to look unique by putting together some unusual looks are also commonly seen, mixed in with business professionals and other more straight-laced individuals.

New Orleans is very much a college town, being home to multiple colleges and universities. The abundance of young people in the city are there primarily for post-secondary education. However their presence gives the city a youthful appearance. They also make the fashions of the younger generation more common around the city. You will see lots of students relaxing and studying, dressed casually in jeans or shorts and a T-shirt. The casually dressed tourist can easily fit in.

When it comes to going to New Orleans on business, note that many companies require professional business attire. Others opt for business casual, but don’t let the reputation of the city lure you into dressing too casually. The workplace is still taken seriously and people dress appropriately. Learn the guidelines for the company you will visit before making a mistake.

If you are planning to go out on the town, plan to dress up. Clubbing is serious in New Orleans. However, natives will warn you against wearing Mardi Gras beads or dressing in an overly revealing outfit. For dinner in upscale restaurants, expect to dress up. Many will require men to wear a jacket and tie. Women will need to wear dress pants, a skirt or dress.

If you plan to explore the city on foot, be sure to choose shoes that are supportive and comfortable. High heels are not the best choice. The streets are often uneven and you may hurt yourself. If you make the right choice in footwear you’ll be able to do more and see more and enjoy your stay to the maximum.

Get your stuff ready now for the Big Easy and enjoy your stay in a one-of-a-kind


What to Wear on Vacation in the Bahamas


The Bahamas are the place to go if you are looking for great beaches, great nightlife, and a lot of rest and relaxation. A big mistake that many people make when visiting the Bahamas is that they tend to over pack. The Bahamas is a much laid back place to visit and when planning your trip there you should follow one simple rule; less is more.

Here is all that you will need for your trip to the Bahamas:

•    Shorts: The Bahamas are hot so bring a few pairs of shorts. Guys can always look great in cargos and gals can get away with short shorts if they can pull them off. If not, then go with a nice pair of carpris pants that will keep you feeling good and looking good as well.
•    Bathing suits: The number one reason that people visit the Bahamas is the beach. Bring your suit and be ready to get wet. Guys typically look great in a cool pair of board shorts and women can go about as bare as they dare. Be warned though, there are some nude or clothing optional beaches in the Bahamas so be sure you go to the beach you want.
•    Walk around wear: As tempting as it may be to wear your beach wear into the towns and local churches, don’t so it. Some nice casual slacks made of cotton topped off with a nice button down shirt for guys and a fun skirt or dress for the ladies will do the trick every time.
•    Night wear: The Bahamas tend to be cooler at night so make sure you pack a light sweater or jacket. Some resort restaurants will require guys to wear a jacket and tie before entering so check with the place you are staying at beforehand to see if you need to pack these items.
•    Shoes: You’ll definitely need your flip flops and a good pair of walking shoes as well. You’re flip flops will come in handy at the beach and you will want a nice pair of walking shoes for all the window shopping you are bound to do as the Bahamas seem to have an endless array of shops and stores. Don’t forget a nice pair of shoes to wear when you go out at night.
•    Sun block and bug repellent: Bring a good bottle of sun block and bug repellant with you as you will need both. For the sun block go with an SPF that is 30 to 45 as the Bahamas has plenty of sun to offer and anything less could result in a burn. Reapply all the time and don’t be shy on the amount. You will use your bug repellant at night and thank yourself for bringing it as some of the bugs in the Bahamas resemble a B-52 bomber coming after you; well not that bad, but you get the point. If you happen to run out of either, don’t worry, the Bahamas carry most major brands of both products.

Remember, when it comes to the Bahamas, pack to relax and go with no worries or cares.

Atlantic City

What To Wear in Atlantic City

Atlantic City

Atlantic City is virtually a gambler’s paradise. Located on the Atlantic Ocean it offers beautiful scenery, a great beach, the world’s longest boardwalk, exciting casinos, fabulous restaurants and so much more. People of all ages and all walks of life are attracted to Atlantic City. Because of this you will see an eclectic display of fashion in the city, especially in the tourist areas.

Because Atlantic City is a total resort town, many people wear resort wear. You see lots of light clothes in bright colors and patterns. Men often wear Hawaiian shirts, while women favor sundresses. Shorts and T-shirts are also commonly seen. Due to the beach being right there you will often see people wearing a bathing suit and a cover-up. Those who use the world famous boardwalk are most typically dressed in sports clothes and sneakers.

Certain casinos have dress codes for those arriving after a certain time at night. This includes bans on work clothes, T-shirts, some sports clothes, work shoes and baggy jeans. This is in order to make their establishments seem more high fashion. However for the most part casinos have no dress code and most people go there in casual attire.

If you are heading to Atlantic City, your choice of what to wear is endless. Pretty much anything goes. However, since it is a vacation spot, dressing like you are on vacation is a good tip. Bring a swimsuit or several for trips to the beach or the pool. Make sure you have a cover-up in case you decide to stop somewhere to shop or for a bite to eat. For the beach, flip flops or sandals are a good choice of footwear, but bring along sneakers or walking shoes also for those long walks on the boardwalk or around the shopping centers. Bring some dressy clothes for dining out or shows in the evening. Some of the chic restaurants in Atlantic City will expect you to be dressed appropriately. If you plan to hit the club scene be sure to get a hot outfit that will turn some heads.

If you visit Atlantic City in the winter, things look very different. The beach and boardwalk are still breathtaking and there is still much to do however, expect it to be cold, windy and snowy. New Jersey in winter is definitely not tropical. Be sure to bring along a winter jacket, gloves or mittens, winter boots that are suitable for walking outside and a scarf. It is also a good idea to layer when you plan to be inside as some places keep the temperature high while others do not. A dressy coat is a good choice to bring along if you are planning to take in some exciting evening events.

Clothing choices for Atlantic City depends on the weather and your agenda. A family trip to the beach in the summer will require completely different things than a work-related convention for business professionals in the winter. Make your choices accordingly with such things in mind.


What To Wear In Houston


Houston is a bustling city,  and is in fact the biggest city in the state of Texas and amongst the 5 biggest in the country. It experiences nice weather year-round and those living there have the luxury of not needing to worry about snow. The temperature greatly affects the fashion styles you see there. However there are many other influences also on Houston fashion. If you are going there it is important to know what to wear.

Houston is home to more Fortune 500 companies than any other American city, with the exception of New York City. This fact impacts the way people dress in the city. If you are there on business, be prepared to dress professionally or at least business casual. Be sure to research the company you are visiting to make sure you are dressed appropriately. If the company has a professional environment, the choices are obvious: a suit for men and for women a skirt or pants suit with hose and dress shoes. If it is business casual, dig a little deeper to see exactly what that means. If in doubt, err on the side of conservatism. Houston is known for its conservative dress in the workplace.

For anyone heading to Houston on vacation, you will need to check the weather before you go. The winter has typical temperatures in the 60s during the day and 40s at night. Therefore it is necessary to bring along some warm clothes and a jacket. In the summer temperatures are up in the 90s in the day and 70s at night. Shorts, T-shirts, tank shirts and anything lightweight are perfect. Just remember to bring along a long-sleeved lightweight sweater also as indoor locations are air conditioned and you may be too cold.

If you are planning to attend a wedding, shows or other special events, be prepared to dress up. Houston is a city with wealthy neighborhoods and many people who are passionate about fashion. You will see individuals in designer outfits if you happen to attend certain events. Even many Houston restaurants will require proper dress, meaning no shorts or tank tops and often even a jacket for men. Certain nightclubs are also the scenes for designer duds.

Sports are huge in Houston. Almost every type of professional sports teams is represented. This tells you that the city is made of up a large percentage of people passionate about sports. If it is game time, you can bet that the style is team clothes and things like team jerseys, T-shirts, hats and jackets can be seen in every walk of life throughout the city.

There is a distinct college influence to fashion in Houston. Home to over 60 colleges and universities, there are more than 350,000 college students in the city. This means that young fashion trends, jeans, T-shirts and casual wear are in abundance.

One simply can’t forget the influence of the state of Texas on what to wear in Houston. Cowboy hats are prominent and are an accepted accessory in many places whether the wearer is in jeans or a 3-piece suit. So grab you 10-gallon hat and head out to a city that combines sophistication and the Texas lifestyle.


What To Wear in Anchorage


Anchorage is the biggest city in the United States’ most northern and coldest state, Alaska. Its citizens make up over 40% of the state’s population. This beautiful city offers amazing scenery, parks, wildlife and outdoor activities that are unparalleled in many other parts of the country. Anchorage is considered to have a sub arctic climate, which can be witnessed by its long winters and short summers. Winter days are very short and very cold with the sun appearing very little, while summer days are characterized by very little darkness and a cool temperature.

Visiting Anchorage during their very long winter definitely requires preparation. Heavy winter coats are a must. Thermal gloves or mittens, hats, scarves and lined winter boots are also necessary. In fact the temperature can get so low that winter clothes that would prove to be fine in many other places does little to protect you from the cold. If you live in the Southern portion of the United States and are planning a winter expedition to Alaska, be prepared to purchase outerwear that may be hard to find in your part of the country.

Visiting Anchorage in summer for most people will require fall or spring outfits. For Southerners, summer in Anchorage means wearing winter in the south clothes. Long pants and shirts, light jackets and even a warm sweater for chilly days and nights are ideal. There is very little occasion for tank tops, shorts, swimsuits (unless your hotel has a pool) or flip flops. That is not to say that you won’t see Alaskan residents wearing such things but if you are unfamiliar with such tepid summer temperatures, chances are you won’t be comfortable scantily dressed in 60 degree weather.

Much of the attraction of visiting Alaska is exploring the unique geography of the area. In order to do so it is important to wear appropriate footwear, such as newer lightweight hiking shoes or good sturdy sneakers. Wear several layers of clothing, including a synthetic layer closest to the skin to keep you dry, comfortable and warm. A waterproof exterior layer is also a very good choice. A hat and sunglasses are very important, especially during the long periods of daylight in the summer. Wear sunscreen to protect your skin also.

Even though Anchorage is a city, due to the temperature and the lifestyle in Alaska, high fashion is not commonly seen. It is much more important for people to dress according to the temperature than to be on the cutting edge of fashion. The predominance of outdoor activities like fishing, hunting and hiking that people spend their free time doing are not typically activities that one tends to dress up for. Casual dress for both men and women is acceptable. Jeans and a sweater can take you most places. Business casual is the norm for most work environments, however be sure to check how a company defines business casual before showing up overdressed or even worse, underdressed.

No matter when you go to Anchorage, you can be sure that you will need some warm clothes, how warm exactly will depend on the season. Relax and forget about fashion while you enjoy the unspoiled nature around Anchorage.


What To Wear In Japan


Japan is a country on an archipelago, made up of almost 7000 islands, in the Pacific Ocean. It is an Asian country, rich in heritage, tradition and culture. It is an exciting country to visit or live in. However, if you are going there for the first time you need to know a few things about what to wear in Japan. The Japanese tend to be a well-dressed culture. Opt for mix and match outfits in classic styles. Women should avoid shorts, even in the summer, if they do not want to stand out. Cover up all visible tattoos if possible.

Knowing what to wear when you go to Japan is largely a matter of the weather and the part of the country that you go to. There are 6 different areas on the islands of Japan and the climate is very different in each. Some parts receive heavy snowfalls, others light winter snowfalls while other parts have warm winters with no snow. Summers are equally diverse with some areas having mild summers and others with very hot summer temperatures. Check the forecast for the specific region before choosing your wardrobe.

While casual clothing is fine for tourists, one thing to remember is that in the Japanese tradition, you remove your shoes when you go in many places. This includes in homes, temples, traditional inns and even certain hotels. It is important to make sure that your socks are without holes and are clean when you remove your shoes. You may also want to choose footwear that is easy to take on and put off because of doing it so often.

When you are in Japan you will likely be doing a fair amount of walking. Because of this you should choose a good pair of walking shoes or sneakers for maximum comfort. If you are there in the winter, opt for lined winter shoes or waterproof boots with good traction for added security.

If you are visiting most of the country you will need to bring along a jacket for the evenings in the summer. In spring and fall a jacket or raincoat is a good choice to bring. In winter a heavier coat is usually needed, along with gloves and a scarf unless you happen to be in the part of the country that experiences warm winters.

In terms of accessories, a hat and sunglasses are good choices if it is sunny outside, as well as sunscreen for protection. Tote an umbrella all year round as you never know when it might rain. An extra layer like a sweater in case a building is overly air conditioned in the summer is a good choice also. By bringing an oversized bag along, you will be able to carry these extra items comfortably and have a place to put anything you may take off as the day warms up. Before you go to Japan it is advised to purchase these items because many things are overpriced there.

If you are in Japan on business opt for business professional dress. Men should wear dark suits and be clean shaven. Women should also wear dress suits, hose, closed toe shoes and blouses with sleeves. Avoid wearing all black or black ties, as this is a look reserved for funerals.

Choose your clothes carefully and be ready for a truly different cultural experience when you get to Japan.

Italy 1

What to Wear on Vacation in Italy

Italy 1

Italy is a place that is filled with culture and history and a trip to this great country will have you coming back with memories that you won’t soon forget. But Italy is more than just great food and great romance it is a place where you need to look as though you are a local. The rules for dressing in Italy are not as strict as other foreign countries but if you want to ‘blend’ in then you do have to follow some rules.

Knowing what to wear and when in Italy can mean the difference in being labeled as ‘a tourist’ or blending in and coming off almost as though you are a local. Here is what you will need to know:

•    Casual wear: When you are in Italy and you want to dress casual you need to keep in mind that the Italians definition of casual and Americans definition of casual are as different as night and day. If you dress in your normal casual manner and throw on a jogging suit that is complimented by bright white sneakers you will be diagnosed as a tourist in about two seconds flat. In Italy there is a lack of closet space for many and clothing tends to be on the expensive side. For those reasons, many Italians buy only a handful of clothing from high end retailers and mix and match what they have. There clothing is usually clothing that can be worn at any time of the year and their ‘casual’ look is more like an American formal look. Not that you should walk around in a tuxedo, but slacks go a long way as do nice button down shirts.

•    Shorts: This is a somewhat touchy subject in Italy. Some Italian men can be spotted in shorts but their shorts will always come down to their knees at least and most Italian women won’t wear shorts unless they are at the beach. If possible avoid the shorts, but if you feel you must wear them at least follow the local customs.

•    Shoes: The historic cobblestone streets in Italy are definitely not easy on the feet. If you plan on doing any type of walking around you better have a pair of shoes that have a thick bottom but not so thick that you lose the feel of the ground. Be sure that your shoes offer great ankle support so you don’t turn your ankle as that can lead to a nasty sprain. As far as those sneakers, flip flops, mules, and other cozy American style shoes are concerned, go ahead and leave those behind. If possible try to get your shoes before you take your trip to Italy so that you have ample time to break them in. Even if you have the right kind of shoes for Italy a pair that is not broken in will lead to many blisters and much discomfort.

When all else fails, see how the locals dress and spend some of your money at a local shop and mimic the local fashion as best you can. While Italy always promises a great time, your trip will be even more enjoyable if you do your best to blend in.