Atlantic City

What To Wear in Atlantic City

Atlantic City

Atlantic City is virtually a gambler’s paradise. Located on the Atlantic Ocean it offers beautiful scenery, a great beach, the world’s longest boardwalk, exciting casinos, fabulous restaurants and so much more. People of all ages and all walks of life are attracted to Atlantic City. Because of this you will see an eclectic display of fashion in the city, especially in the tourist areas.

Because Atlantic City is a total resort town, many people wear resort wear. You see lots of light clothes in bright colors and patterns. Men often wear Hawaiian shirts, while women favor sundresses. Shorts and T-shirts are also commonly seen. Due to the beach being right there you will often see people wearing a bathing suit and a cover-up. Those who use the world famous boardwalk are most typically dressed in sports clothes and sneakers.

Certain casinos have dress codes for those arriving after a certain time at night. This includes bans on work clothes, T-shirts, some sports clothes, work shoes and baggy jeans. This is in order to make their establishments seem more high fashion. However for the most part casinos have no dress code and most people go there in casual attire.

If you are heading to Atlantic City, your choice of what to wear is endless. Pretty much anything goes. However, since it is a vacation spot, dressing like you are on vacation is a good tip. Bring a swimsuit or several for trips to the beach or the pool. Make sure you have a cover-up in case you decide to stop somewhere to shop or for a bite to eat. For the beach, flip flops or sandals are a good choice of footwear, but bring along sneakers or walking shoes also for those long walks on the boardwalk or around the shopping centers. Bring some dressy clothes for dining out or shows in the evening. Some of the chic restaurants in Atlantic City will expect you to be dressed appropriately. If you plan to hit the club scene be sure to get a hot outfit that will turn some heads.

If you visit Atlantic City in the winter, things look very different. The beach and boardwalk are still breathtaking and there is still much to do however, expect it to be cold, windy and snowy. New Jersey in winter is definitely not tropical. Be sure to bring along a winter jacket, gloves or mittens, winter boots that are suitable for walking outside and a scarf. It is also a good idea to layer when you plan to be inside as some places keep the temperature high while others do not. A dressy coat is a good choice to bring along if you are planning to take in some exciting evening events.

Clothing choices for Atlantic City depends on the weather and your agenda. A family trip to the beach in the summer will require completely different things than a work-related convention for business professionals in the winter. Make your choices accordingly with such things in mind.

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