What To Wear In Japan


Japan is a country on an archipelago, made up of almost 7000 islands, in the Pacific Ocean. It is an Asian country, rich in heritage, tradition and culture. It is an exciting country to visit or live in. However, if you are going there for the first time you need to know a few things about what to wear in Japan. The Japanese tend to be a well-dressed culture. Opt for mix and match outfits in classic styles. Women should avoid shorts, even in the summer, if they do not want to stand out. Cover up all visible tattoos if possible.

Knowing what to wear when you go to Japan is largely a matter of the weather and the part of the country that you go to. There are 6 different areas on the islands of Japan and the climate is very different in each. Some parts receive heavy snowfalls, others light winter snowfalls while other parts have warm winters with no snow. Summers are equally diverse with some areas having mild summers and others with very hot summer temperatures. Check the forecast for the specific region before choosing your wardrobe.

While casual clothing is fine for tourists, one thing to remember is that in the Japanese tradition, you remove your shoes when you go in many places. This includes in homes, temples, traditional inns and even certain hotels. It is important to make sure that your socks are without holes and are clean when you remove your shoes. You may also want to choose footwear that is easy to take on and put off because of doing it so often.

When you are in Japan you will likely be doing a fair amount of walking. Because of this you should choose a good pair of walking shoes or sneakers for maximum comfort. If you are there in the winter, opt for lined winter shoes or waterproof boots with good traction for added security.

If you are visiting most of the country you will need to bring along a jacket for the evenings in the summer. In spring and fall a jacket or raincoat is a good choice to bring. In winter a heavier coat is usually needed, along with gloves and a scarf unless you happen to be in the part of the country that experiences warm winters.

In terms of accessories, a hat and sunglasses are good choices if it is sunny outside, as well as sunscreen for protection. Tote an umbrella all year round as you never know when it might rain. An extra layer like a sweater in case a building is overly air conditioned in the summer is a good choice also. By bringing an oversized bag along, you will be able to carry these extra items comfortably and have a place to put anything you may take off as the day warms up. Before you go to Japan it is advised to purchase these items because many things are overpriced there.

If you are in Japan on business opt for business professional dress. Men should wear dark suits and be clean shaven. Women should also wear dress suits, hose, closed toe shoes and blouses with sleeves. Avoid wearing all black or black ties, as this is a look reserved for funerals.

Choose your clothes carefully and be ready for a truly different cultural experience when you get to Japan.

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