San Diego

What To Wear In San Diego

San Diego

The city of San Diego is a bustling city of commerce and tourism. In fact, it is second only to Los Angeles as the biggest city in the state of California. On the coast of the Pacific Ocean, San Diego has unique geography featuring hills and canyons which separate the city into different neighborhoods.

The temperature there is great with very little fluctuation in temperatures from summer to winter. Daytime averages range from the 60s to the 70s. Nighttime averages range from high 40s to high 60s. These temperatures mean that in San Diego a T-shirt and jeans is a suitable wardrobe choice any time of the year. Just add a sweater or jacket for the winter or cool summer evenings. San Diego style is like much of the state, California casual. Even though San Diego is a wealthy city and there are many upscale events and outings to attend that require formal wear, for the most part the city is one that is casual and laid back.

San Diego is a great place for tourists and has a booming tourism industry. It offers a variety of amusement parks that are popular with people of all ages, as well as a renowned zoo. If you are planning to visit the amusement parks in San Diego, you will need to dress for the weather. Check the forecast before heading out. Since mornings are cold and the days warm up nicely before becoming cold again in the evening, a variety of clothes may be needed for one day. Layering is a great way to dress with such varying temperatures. You can shed or add layers as necessary. Be sure to bring a long sleeved jacket or sweater to stay warm both in the morning and evening and in air conditioned buildings. Wear a hat and sunglasses, as well as sunscreen for sun protection. Choose comfortable, supportive shoes or sneakers so that days spent walking around will not cause too much foot discomfort.

San Diego is a hotspot for outdoor activities. Surfing and skateboarding are very popular there. Cycling is another sport that is prevalent, as there are numerous cycling routes throughout the city. It is mostly recreational cycling though because the geography and size of the city makes using cycling for transportation less than ideal. The comfortable temperatures make San Diego a great spot for practicing these and other outdoor sports year-round. In terms of fashion, this means that sports clothes are often seen on the street. Styles popular with the younger generation often are influenced by the surfing and skateboarding especially.

Industry and commerce in San Diego runs the gamut of agriculture, the military, manufacturing, computer science, shipbuilding and repair, financial services, research and much more. Business wear ranges from professional to business casual and should be checked before you choose your wardrobe for work.

San Diego with its great beaches and parks make it a great place to visit or live in. Mild year-round temperatures take the worry out of what to wear. Just throw together a nice California casual outfit and you’ll be good to go just about anywhere.

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