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What to Wear Bowling


Possibly one of the best ways to enjoy an evening out is to go bowling. Bowling can make for a great family night or can even make a great date night. If you really get into bowling you can join a league and enhance the fun you have by participating on a weekly basis. To fully enjoy your bowling time you should dress the right way but how is that?

No there is not a rule book on what you have to wear while bowling but there are some garments that will allow you to look the part and be comfortable as well. Here’s what you need:

•    Shoes: You will have to wear special bowling shoes when you bowl. You can either buy yourself a pair that you like or you can rent them for a couple of dollars at any alley you like. Be sure that you are wearing socks when you bowl, especially if you are renting shoes as you never know who wore the shoes before you. If you do buy your own pair have fun with this. Bowling shoes are known to be hideous looking but these days they come in all sorts of fun fashions and designs. Choose a pair that will compliment your personality.
•    Pants: Relaxed fit are the operative words here. If you are wearing pants that are too tight you will no doubt be uncomfortable and that may lead to a lousy game and a lousy time. Save the tight jeans for another night. If you like you can also wear shorts. The point is to wear something that is going to be easy to move around in. It’s hard to bowl strikes when you are as stiff in the pants as Frankenstein.
•    Shirts: Ah the ever popular bowling shirt. These can be picked up at almost any bowling alley or a specialty store that deals in bowling apparel. The great thing about bowling shirts is that you can get them custom made with your name on it in almost any design imaginable. Like the pants you wear, you also want your shirt to fit rather loosely. If you are going to join a league you may want to hold off on buying your own bowling shirt as league members are usually required to wear matching shirts so you will end up with one after you get onto a team. A word of warning; bowling shirts can be uncomfortable to sensitive skin so you may want to wear an undershirt underneath your bowling shirt.
•    Accessories: Aside of a bowling ball, which you may eventually want to buy for yourself, there really isn’t much that can be added to your bowling attire. You can wear a wrist guard if you like to help stabilize your wrist for a trickier shot and some people like to wear sweat bands around their wrists as well.

Now at least you can look the part of a bowler. As for the gutter balls, you’ll have to get lessons to help with that.