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Clothing tells

What Our Clothing Tells about Us

Clothing tells

You’ve heard the expression wearing it on your sleeve right? Well nothing could be truer than what you actually wear on your sleeves and on the rest of your body for that matter. Cloths say more about us without ever speaking a word then we could tell someone in an hour long conversation.

Just by looking at the way a person’s ensemble is arranged can tell you a lot about them and some of the combinations can tell you even more. Here are some of the things you can gather by observing the way people dress:

•    Sloppy and wrinkled cloths:
When you see sloppy and wrinkled cloths on someone, right away you think of someone that doesn’t care much about how they look. But it is much more than that. A person dressed in this manner is probably much unorganized and has too much on their plate. It can also tell you that the person likes to sleep in and are probably rushing in the morning to get ready and just don’t have the time to iron.
•    Ironed cloths that are prim and proper: This type of person obviously cares a great deal about the way they dress and you can bet that everything else in their life is as tidy as their attire. This person may be what some call a neat freak and is more than likely just a little on the uptight side. Though these individuals are usually on top of their game they are also usually easily frazzled. This will be evident if you ever get to point out a stain to them.
•    Jeans, a t-shirt, and flip flops: This is a person that is usually very easy going. They usually care what others think, but only a little bit. These are the types of people that are not easily unnerved and can shrug off many little things that can greatly upset others.
•    Workout cloths like muscle shirts: You know the guy; he is at the grocery store in either a really tight t-shirt or a muscle shirt and is always kind of looking around to see who is looking. This person is obviously stuck on themselves and really likes attention. But give them a break; they worked hard for their body so they deserve a stare or two. Besides, this type of person is also usually insecure about life in general.
•    Baggy clothing like sweat pants: These people are usually very self-conscious and are usually a bit overweight. Usually they want to get into shape with their mouths but rarely with their actions. Instead of doing things the hard way, these people will simply opt to wear loose clothing and hide what they don’t like.
•    Colors: This is a no brainer. People who wear bright cheery colors are usually, well bright and cheery. On the flip side those who wear dark and drab colors are usually depressed and sad all the time.

As you can see, our cloths speak volumes about our lives and our actions and now that you know some of the things that clothing says about you, you may want to think just a bit more before you get dressed in the morning.

Personal shopper 1

How to Choose a Personal Shopper

Personal shopper 1

It may be that when you think about a personal shopper you think about someone who goes shopping for a rich person that just doesn’t want to be bothered with the chore, but this is simply a misconception. A personal shopper is someone who can offer you advise on your fashion sense, or lack thereof, your hair style, what to give as a gift, go shopping with you to help you determine what looks good and what does not, or even be given free rein to shop for you and create a new look for you. Personal shoppers are not just for the rich anymore and are now plentiful and many are very affordable, so how do you go about choosing one?

Here are a few tips to help you choose your personal shopper:

•    Make sure you like the person: This can be done in the initial consultation. Make sure that you get a good feel for the personal shopper as you have to be comfortable with that person ultimately choosing certain items on your behalf. If you dislike the person who will be making fashion decisions for you as a person, then chances are you will dislike their taste in clothing as well.
•    Look online: Like everything else these days, you can find plenty of personal shopper services on the Internet with a simple search. This is a great place to start and you are bound to find a few qualified companies in your area.
•    Charges: Many personal shoppers will offer a discounted or even free consultation, but then hit you with higher than normal charges once you have hired them. Be sure to ask exactly how much the service will charge for what you want done. Most services charge on a per item basis so never assume that one price is all inclusive.
•    How often do you have to use them: Some personal shoppers will offer a lower rate but will also want you to sign a contract committing to using them four or more times per year. If you plan on using your personal shopper a lot this can be great, but if not, calculate the cost because it may cost you more in the long run.
•    Ask for references: If you already know someone who has used a personal shopper in the past by all means ask them their opinion. If you do not know anyone who will give you a word of mouth reference then ask the service you are considering to provide you with some references.
•    Make sure you get ‘approval or return’: This is important to have and may cost you a bit extra, but if you don’t get it, you will be stuck with whatever your personal shopper buys on your behalf, whether you like it or not.

Just because you are behind in the fashion times or you simply don’t have time to go shop for yourself, doesn’t mean you should be embarrassed. If you are like most people, you probably have enough to worry about without thinking which designer shirt goes with what. With the ease and affordability of a personal shopper these days, it is better to sit back, relax, and let them worry about your fashion for you.

Fashion stylist

How to Become a Fashion Stylist

Fashion stylist

If you are an individual that is always up to date with the latest in fashion and you have a passion for helping other, perhaps you should consider becoming a fashion stylist. As a fashion stylist you will help those whose fashion sense isn’t up to par and work with them to create an entire new look that is unique to them. Just as a hair stylist is charged with making a masterpiece out of someone’s hair, you job will be to mold them and their sense of fashion.

While there is no real formal training to become a fashion stylist, you must have a true passion for what you do as the world of fashion is an ultra competitive one. Still, if you can handle the competition, there are few jobs as rewarding as a fashion stylist. Here are the steps to take to get your fashion stylist career going full steam:

1.    Keep up with the latest fashions:
Obviously if you want to become a fashion stylist you have to be up on all the latest fashions. This can be accomplished by reading all the fashion magazines you can get your hands on and also attending any and all fashion shows that are in your immediate area.
2.    Create a portfolio: In order to sell your services you have to have examples to show potential clients. This can be achieved by dressing a mannequin in styles that you pick out and photographing the results. This will enable you to show to potential clients your ability with fashion and gives you examples to work off of. As you gain clients, start using before and after photos with their approval for your portfolio as well. These photos can easily be uploaded to a simple website so that you can access them from any computer and always have them at your beckon call to help you sell yourself.
3.    Build your clientele: It is important to build up a solid list of clients as quickly as you can. This doesn’t mean you should cut corners with your services, but until you have a good list of clients you should cut your fee. Once you have a solid list of clients you can gradually raise your prices to match your reputation, just be sure to always charge your original clients the same low price they have always enjoyed. This will increase their loyalty to you and make them more likely to recommend you to family and friends.
4.    Give impeccable service: If you take care of your clients and give the best service possible they will reward you by referring you to everyone they know. Word of mouth is big for any business, but it is especially big for the fashion stylist business.

One thing that many in the fashion stylist business eventually have to consider is relocation. Yes you can build a successful business in a small area of the country, but to be mega successful you should really be in areas that have lots of people and lots of money. Some of the more popular places to be a fashion stylist include parts of New York, California, and Florida. Many times a fashion stylist will get their feet wet in a smaller area and move on to a bigger area as their reputation becomes big enough to match the area in which they wish to relocate to.

Wet t-shirt 1

Not Your Mama’s Beauty Pageant: A History of the Wet T-Shirt Contest

Wet t-shirt 1

Moms and dads enter their adorable tykes in those baby beauty contests everyday. Darling little girls with bouncing curls and frilly dresses are a beauty pageant staple. And who hasn’t spent a few hours in front of the TV, watching regal, tanned goddesses stroll across the stage at the Miss America Pageant or the Miss Universe Pageant? There’s something irresistible about watching lots of beautiful people, young or old, compete to decide who is the MOST beautiful. It’s just one of those quirks of human nature, even as we try to teach our kids that “it’s what’s on the inside that really matters” or “everyone is beautiful in their own way.”

The wet t-shirt contest has all the makings of a beauty pageant, combined with a heavy dose of sex appeal. Sex, in fact, is the number one draw here, with classic beauty and poise taking a back seat to plain old big boobs. No one knows exactly where the first wet t-shirt contest took place, or whose idea it was (though we can logically assume the genius was of the male gender). Some claim that the wet t-shirt contest was inspired by the opening scenes of the 1977 movie “The Deep,” in which Jacqueline Bisset swam in a t-shirt. Today the competitions are the domain of bars, nightclubs, resorts and similar establishments that are looking to draw a big crowd with the lure of sneak-a-peeks.

Wet t-shirt contests are a staple of spring break celebrations at locations such as Daytona Beach and Cancun, and typically involve lots of big-breasted young women (though male versions of the contest do exist). Participants wear white or light-colored t-shirts, tank tops or crop tops, sans bras or other undergarments. At the height of the contest, water is sprayed or poured onto the contestant (we’re pretty sure that job is one that’s not hard to fill among the men), making the material see-through and revealing the breasts. Each girl may dance or pose for the crowd, with the ultimate winner determined by crowd reaction or a panel of judges.

Wet t-shirt contests have always been viewed as risqué, and occasionally become the subject of controversy locally and nationally. In 1998, an airplane flight carrying a group of Portland, Ore., high school students to Mexico following graduation became notorious for a wet t-shirt contest held en route. Flight attendants encouraged the contest, and airline pilots supposedly acted as judges, disobeying FAA regulations that prohibited passengers in the cockpit. An investigation followed, and the pilots were disciplined for sexual misconduct.

In 2005, a 17-year-old Florida teenager brought a federal suit against Playboy, Anheuser-Busch and other companies regarding video of her appearance in a Daytona Beach wet t-shirt contest the previous year. While the girl admitted that she had lied about her age to participate, her suit claimed that as a minor she was unable to give consent to participate or be taped while performing. The suit was later settled. A similar suit was brought against Deslin Hotels, “Girls Gone Wild” and various websites in 2007, by two girls who participated in a 2001 Daytona Beach wet t-shirt contest.

Lady t-shirts

Are T-Shirts Ladylike? What Makes T-Shirts Ladylike?

Lady t-shirts

Everyone has a different opinion about clothes. Some people think that anything and everything is fine to wear. Others have very specific beliefs about what is appropriate and what is not, especially when it comes to fashion. Still others believe that in some situations strict standards are necessary, while other situations are really a case of anything goes. For anyone who is wondering if T-shirts are ladylike, there are many things to take into consideration, not the least of them being the situation in which someone is wearing the tee.

There are some people who believe that T-shirts are not ladylike. However, for the most part, people today believe that T-shirts are as ladylike as any other item of clothing, especially since there are so many styles and looks to make certain T-shirts feminine and distinctively ladylike compared to other tees. Choosing a woman’s style T-shirt leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind about whether or not a T-shirt is ladylike.

T-shirts used to be simply unisex, meaning that the same cut of T-shirt and the same sizing would be used for both men and women. Often women would almost float in a T-shirt. However, luckily with time fashion changed and now there are T-shirts made just for women, even though sometimes they still opt for the unisex T-shirt or even a man’s tee. Many things make a T-shirt appear ladylike.

Some of the things that successfully help a T-shirt look as ladylike as they should include the following:

•    Color: Feminine colors like pink, purple and pastel colors are distinctively ladylike.
•    Girly Prints: T-shirts that feature feminine looking things or are full of flowers and other girly stuff definitely contribute to tees that are ladylike.
•    Neckline: Women’s T-shirts come in a wide variety of decidedly feminine necklines, like scoop necks, square necklines and princess necklines, in addition to the traditional crewneck and V-neck ones.
•    Cut and Style: T-shirts made for women are usually shorter, have properly fitting shoulders and shorter sleeves. They are also more fitted and have a softer line. They also come in a much wider range of options.
•    Design: Designs that are feminine also make T-shirts seem ladylike. They include snappy remarks, jokes, provocative lines and cutesy graphics.

Custom-made T-shirts are a great addition to any wardrobe. They can be made as ladylike or not as you want. The many things you get to choose from include color, style, fit, quality, cut, necklines, fabric weight and of course, the design you want on your T-shirts. Below are some great suggestions for ladylike T-shirts.

•    It’s a girl thing.
•    Didn’t your mother tell you that fighting is unladylike?
•    Girls rule
•    Hip chicks do wine
•    Put on your big girl panties and deal with it
•    Everyone loves an American girl
•    If Mommy ain’t happy, no one is happy
•    I’m the Momma, that’s why

Get your ladylike custom-made T-shirt today and never question your T-shirt again.