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What Are The Best Hangers To Hang Your T-Shirts And Clothes

Finding the perfect hangers to hang your T-shirts and the rest of your clothes is much more than simply a matter of personal opinion. There are many different types of hangers that exist and people often have very different opinions about each of them. Some people regard certain hangers as fodder for the trash can, while this is the only type others use. Some swear by certain types of hangers as being the only way to hang your clothing and keep it looking good.

Wire Hangers: These are the ultimate in throwaway hangers. Dry cleaners and alterations shops give away this type of hanger with finished products, meaning that many people have a very steady supply of them coming into their homes. While these types of hangers are great for retrieving things in tight spots and roasting marshmallows over a fire, they are not the kindest to clothes. Wire hangers tend to leave unwanted dents and bumps in clothes, making it necessary to press them or even relaunder them after taking them off the hanger.

Plastic Hangers: These come in many different forms. There are the freebies from many stores that work well; especially the ones with built in grips on the shoulder part. There are also the triangular tube hangers, which provide good support. T-shirts rarely slip off them. Plastic hangers are a good multi-purpose choice.

Luxury Hangers: There are many different types of hangers that one would consider luxury hangers. These include wooden hangers, bamboo hangers, cedar hangers, padded satin hangers, velvet hangers and hangers with built in clips. While these each have their specific purpose and are excellent for certain clothes, they are not ideal for T-shirts.

Padded hangers work great with knits and delicate items. Velvet hangers are perfect for tops that need the extra gentle grip to stay in place.  Wooden and bamboo hangers are designed for heavier items. Hangers with clips are ideal for suits. Cedar hangers are specialty items especially for use when storing out of season items.

There are tons of great sites that offer the latest and best in hangers for T-shirts and all types of clothes. Some of the top ones include: www.clotheshangers.com, www.hangers.com and www.onlyhangers.com. If you are in the market for some great new hangers or just want to see what your options are, check out these sites.