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Will you Regret Wearing an Ironic T-Shirt?

SheKnows.com did a story on the top 10 regretable fashion trends and one of them includes the t-shirt. The fashion/style no-no’s include:

  1. overtanning
  2. extensions
  3. hobo chi
  4. t-shirts with ironic expressions
  5. giant sunglasses
  6. Uggs
  7. bringing back the 1980s
  8. hoodies
  9. crocs
  10. ultra low rise jeans

The article states that “This once-cute trend has now reached an annoying level of pop culture pervasiveness. Sorry, hipsters, but it would be nice if you found some other way to express your sarcasm.”

Well, I have to say that shoving all ironic expression t-shirts into one group is not exactly fair. As a t-shirt lover I believe there is a place for ironic t-shirts. I would love to hear more from SheKnows about why they don’t like them. Personally I find them amusing and always commend those who are brave enough to wear text based t-shirts. Will you really regret wearing the shirt 20 years from now? If the ironic t-shirt was your biggest no-no when looking back 20 years then I say you aren’t doing too bad. Let us know what you think.