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Aly and AJ

How to Dress Like Aly and AJ

Aly and AJ

Aly and AJ have been on the music scene since 2004 and their careers continue to blossom into film as well as more music. They recently re-named their band to 78violet and are planning the release of their third album soon which they say will be more on the rocker side. Their fun style and flare have many young ladies across America wanting to emulate their looks and doing so couldn’t be easier.

Because they are sisters and because they share the spotlight in the band, Aly and AJ pretty much dress the same. Here is what to wear when you too want to look like these two music icons:

•    Shirts: These two sisters typically like to wear either from fitting khaki pants or jeans. While the khaki pants that they wear can vary in color rather greatly, they almost always wear a light blue color when it comes to their jeans. They always wear form fitting, but you will never find these two sisters flaunting what they have and wearing jeans or pants that are too tight.
•    Shirts: The duo likes to wear fun and vibrant colored shirts. These shirts can vary greatly in styles but usually they will go with multicolored tank tops or t-shirts that may even sport a cool design. If you decide to go with a longer sleeved shirt, then layer it with a rocker looking vest that contrasts the color of the shirt.
•    Dresses: When attending interviews off the stage you can sometimes catch the sister in dresses. These dresses are usually on the shorter side and are solid colors that range from sunny yellow to dark blue and every color in between.
•    Shoes: These two are seen in a number of different types of shoes, but more often than not they are wearing an open-toe pair of heels. The heels are not too high so when choosing yours, be sure that you can still move around in great comfort.
•    Accessories: Aly and AJ go big and bold when it comes to accessorizing. They are often spotted with big belts, big bracelets, big necklaces, and big earrings. The point is; big. They also wear the occasional scarf and even a loosely tied neck tie. When you choose your accessories, the important thing to remember is to have fun with it.
•    Hair and make-up: Both Aly and AJ have long blonde hair and style it rather simply. Some added curl can go a long way, but above all else, never wear it up, as the two always have their hair down. When it comes to make-up Aly and AJ have the ability to look as though they aren’t wearing a lot, even though they probably are, and pull of the all-natural look with the greatest of ease. When applying your make-up go light and stay more on the conservative side.

Now you can go out and get some voice lessons to truly be like these talented sisters. At least for now you can look like them.

Anna Kornikova

How to Dress Like Anna Kournikova

Anna Kornikova

Anna Kournikova is famous all over the globe for many reasons. Her rocking tennis body is the envy of many women, and the fantasies of many men; her signature cascading blonde locks make her stand out in a crowd; and her high profile relationship with Enrique Iglesias all work to thrust her into the spotlight. You may love her, you may hate her, but Anna Kournikova has style and finesse that is uniquely hers. You can copy this Russian beauty’s look by following the steps below.

Let’s start with the hair. If you don’t already have a shining blonde mane, then you will need to find a wig, or get hair extensions for a more realistic effect. Extensions will be the very expensive option, since you will need to first buy the hair, and then find a salon that will put them in for you. Be sure to keep your hair well conditioned to maintain the shine. Anna usually wears her hair up in a ponytail during the day. For nighttime, she lets it fall down her back in long, loose waves.

Anna has a distinct sun-kissed glow. Get this same look the healthy way by applying self tanner. Be sure to exfoliate your skin first to remove the dead skin cells, otherwise you may end up with dark patches and an uneven skin tone.

Anna has a phenomenally fit body due to years on the tennis courts. Because of this, she can wear very little clothing and still look fantastic. Whether you opt for an all white tennis outfit, skimpy bikini, or little black dress for the evening, keep your accessories at a minimum. Anna doesn’t wear much jewelry, and her look is understated and sexy as a result.

When it comes to clothes, find a cute tennis skirt with a matching racer back tank. Anna tends to wear sporty outfits on and off the court, so don’t limit your outfit to only the gym. Be sure that everything you buy is form fitting. When looking for a bikini, buy the skimpiest one in the store. Anna has a hot beach body and likes to show it off. When it comes to a night on the town, Anna’s pick is a little black dress. Pick out a short one that shows a healthy amount of your legs, and pair them with some short heels. Anna is rarely seen in stilettos.

Get a simple but classy bag. Anna doesn’t overdo it on the accessories, but can always be seen with a practical yet sophisticated purse. She has been spotted carrying the Louis Vuitton Multicolor 30 Speedy to various tennis matches. This is a very informal bag that doesn’t stand out too much and will go with anything.

As far as makeup goes, Anna favors the natural look. By day she usually wears some smudged black liner, mascara, and light gloss. At night she opts to vamp it up by adding some bold red lipstick. Less is more when making up your face like Anna.

From hitting the gym to religiously using self-tanner, it takes a bit more effort to pull off the Anna Kournikova look. But by following these steps, you’re sure to stop traffic like she does.

Mandy Moore

How to Dress like Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore is a singer, song writer, actress, and most recently, a fashion icon. She has sold over 10 million records worldwide and is fast becoming one of the who’s who in Hollywood. Her popularity with the younger generations makes her style one that is often imitated. Her chic yet elegant way of dressing gives her a truly unique look that can be replicated with the right garments.

Achieving the Mandy Moore look is as much about confidence as it is about what you put on. She seems to have a spring in her step no matter where she is or what she is wearing. Keeping that in mind, here are some tips on how you too can dress like Mandy Moore:

•    Be colorful: Moore is often seen in many bright colored outfits. It is not uncommon for her to wear yellows, pinks, peaches, and any other color that gives off a bright persona. These types of colors seem to mirror her personality and she is as bright and cheery as the colors she wears.
•    Dresses: Moore loves to be casual with dresses. She is often spotted wearing a strapless sun dress that comes down just above her knees. When you go sundress shopping remember to go with fun, bright colors. The dress should fit you nicely, but it should not be tight. Every now and then get funky with your dresses and go for a multi-colored one as Moore has been known to do this from time to time.
•    Formal wear: Here is the exception to the bright and cheery color rule. Moore often shows up at a red carpet event wearing a tasteful black dress. Make sure you choose a dress and not a gown as Moore prefers to be comfortable while walking down the red carpet as opposed to being trailed by part of a flowing gown.
•    Shoes: Moore loves her shoes. The shoes she will wear will be dictated by the outfit she has on. She usually wears heels of some sort and has been spotted in high heels, pumps, flats, and sandals. When you choose your colors of shoes, make sure you are matching them to your outfit like Moore does.
•    Accessories: Moore seems to prefer bigger earrings that hang down as opposed to studded earrings. She can also be found wearing a sensible gold chain from time to time.
•    Hair and Make-up: Moore’s hair style is usually ultra simple. Part your hair in the middle and then style it lightly. If you are feeling brash, you can give it some loose curls as Moore will sometimes do. When you go for your make-up bag, grab some darker rouge to help bring out your cheekbones as Moore does. Go easy on the lipstick and use lighter colors that don’t scream for attention to be drawn to your lips. Above all else, try to maintain the natural look.

All that is left for you to do is to practice your singing and acting and you too can be like Mandy Moore; at least in the way you dress.