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Gladiator shoes

What to Wear with Gladiator Shoes

Gladiator shoes

From the times of the Romans straight in to modern fashion comes gladiator shoes and gladiator sandals. These versatile shoes look exactly like the shoes of old except that they now come in many different colors where the ones from long ago were typically gold in color. Because of this, gladiator shoes can go with a wide variety of outfits and still look great.

Gladiator shoes are gaining so much popularity that they can even be seen in some instances on the red carpet. Here are some different ways in which you can dress up a pair of gladiator shoes:

•    Miniskirts: Gladiator skirts look great with miniskirts. You can get a pull-over miniskirt that is a dark color such as black and dress it up with very strappy gladiator shoes that come up at least the bottom of your calf. The color of the gladiator shoes can be either black or gold and either one works for an unbelievably great look.
•    Skinny jeans: Just another accessory for skinny jeans, the gladiator shoes that are just above ankle high look great and won’t have your foot coming off looking ten times too big as other shoes tend to do. Because skinny jeans are made to stop at your ankle they make the perfect candidate for a dark brown or black pair of gladiator shoes.
•    Short shorts: This is a look straight out of Hollywood. Wearing gladiator shoes that come up to just below the calf are a growing sight with starlets when they are off the set. Topped off with a nice black t-shirt or blouse, this style will have you looking casual and cool all at the same time. If the weather is feeling on the chilly side you can top off the look with a lightweight button up sweater.
•    Dress pants: Wearing a typical pair of lighter colored dress pants such as cream and topping it off with a white blouse that is frilly towards the top and finished with a matching blazer is the perfect pairing for gladiator shoes. The gladiator shoes will actually just take the place of your work shoes and make for a wonderful head turning alternative to the everyday loafer.
•    Tights: Start with black tights and then go with a pull-over dress that is a lighter color like white. Go with black gladiator shoes and top off the look with a lightweight leather jacket.
•    Toga, toga: At some point in time everyone gets to experience a toga party. These are great fun and will certainly leave you with lots of memories. If you want to be the perfect toga dresser then top off your toga outfit with a pair of gladiator shoes that come up to the bottom of your knees. This will give you the authentic look of the Romans which are one of the cultures that gave the world this fashion.

Though the time of the Romans have come and gone, there timeless shoes have not. Gladiator shoes can be paired with many different garments in your closet and using your imagination will have you looking your best no matter where you go in them.

Doc martins

What to Wear with Doc Martens

Doc martins

Doc Martens got their start in 1960 and were an instant success. The working class at the time loved them as did the youth and what followed was a growing in popularity from generation to generation that it is still going today. Now it is very common to see Doc Martens on many a shoe rack and because of the many different colors and styles of the shoes it is easier than ever to match them with many different garments to create some unique looking ensembles.

Because Doc Martens are masculine looking shoes it can be somewhat of a challenge for women to know what to wear with them. Luckily these days the shoes at least come in a variety of feminine colors such as pink, yellow, and bright green so matching them with your favorite outfits isn’t so hard. Here are some ways you can dress up in your Doc Martens and look great in the process:

•    Jeans: This is the old standby. Wearing your favorite pair of Doc Martens with a nice pair of jeans looks great every time. Stay away from the skinny jeans here as wearing them with your Doc Martens will give you the look of having really big feet. Instead opt for a pair that is a bit looser on the fit and that will cover the shoe. You can then add a roll to the bottom of the jeans creating a stylish cuff. Pair this with your favorite shirts and tops and you have a great look. You can further enhance this look with a blazer style jacket or even a lightweight leather jacket.
•    Skirts and dresses: Wearing skirts with Doc Marten boots may have at one time seemed taboo, but these days it is seen quite often.  Start with a black pair of Doc Martens and then put on shorter style skirt that is a loud and bright color and be sure that your shirt is just as bright and loud. You can top off the look by wearing a shorter style leather jacket. For dresses go for the same look as the skirt but go a bit longer in length. Wear dresses that come down to the top of your knees for a more conservative look.
•    Tights: This is a look that is being made popular by a team of teenage television starts. With this look you need to start with black tights and then wear a different colored mini skirt. Then wear loud and bright colored tops, such as yellow, and pair it all with Doc Martens that are colored to match the top. You can easily accessorize this look with a jacket or even a scarf if you like.
•    Shorts: This look was made popular in the 80s but seems to be making a comeback. The look starts with black Doc Martens and is finished off with lighter colored shorts and a darker colored short sleeved t-shirt that hangs off of one shoulder.

Doc Martens are definitely here to stay and with their versatility they are a must have for your shoe rack.


What Type of Footwear Is Ideal With Shorts and a T-Shirt?


Shorts and a t-shirt make up the official uniform of summer for much of the world. Wearing a t-shirt and shorts are comfortable, affordable and always in style. When wearing this outfit, there are many different types of stylish footwear that can be worn to keep the outfit fresh, current and comfortable.


One of the most classic looks of summer is shorts and sandals. Sandals now come in so many different shapes, sizes and colors that there are pairs of sandals for everyone.

Many women choose to wear flip-flops during the summer because they are versatile, inexpensive and can be found in any color. There are many simple pairs of flip-flops that can be worn with anything. There are also more decorated ones that can be purchased to go with certain outfits.

Newer styles have plenty of bling on them, dressing up an outfit while remaining easy and comfortable. Crystals and rhinestones can make flip-flops look special.

Other types of women’s sandals, form high-heeled pairs to slides to huaraches can all be paired with shorts for a fun summer look. A high-heeled sandal can make an outfit look dressy without loosing the comfort of the outfit. A pair of slides is a slightly dressier way to get the comfort and convenience of flip-flops.


Another popular look is wearing stylish flats with shorts and t-shirts. This look gives an outfit just as much versatility because of the broad range of colors and styles. Some are decorated with bows, crystals and other decorations. Others are simple in style, letting their color do the talking. Some flats are loafer-like, some are styled to look like sandals and others are Mary Janes.

Metallic flats are currently in style and are worn by all of the hot young actresses of Hollywood. Metallic flats can be in any shiny, metallic color and they go with any neutral or metallic color.

Men’s Shoes

Men can wear flip-flops for the same easy look as women. Their styles range from surfer style to an athletic style to a dressy style of flip-flop. If an occasion is a little dressy, however, a different type of sandal may be worn for a slightly dressier look.

Men’s Sandals

There are an enormous amount of styles available in men’s sandals. The simplest of these styles have a single, thick strap around the middle of the shoe. Others have lots of straps that meet in the center. There are sandals made for hiking for running or for a casual day spent at home.


A pair of loafers is easy to slip on and they are always comfortable. The styles range from beach loafers to very dressy styles. A good mid-range loafer will be dressy enough to wear to most occasions while still retaining the casual comfort of a summer shoe. A simple moccasin-style loafer is a shoe that can be worn just about anywhere and with any style of shorts and t-shirts. Loafers can even be worn to the beach and slipped off for a dip in the water.