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Gladiator shoes

What to Wear with Gladiator Shoes

Gladiator shoes

From the times of the Romans straight in to modern fashion comes gladiator shoes and gladiator sandals. These versatile shoes look exactly like the shoes of old except that they now come in many different colors where the ones from long ago were typically gold in color. Because of this, gladiator shoes can go with a wide variety of outfits and still look great.

Gladiator shoes are gaining so much popularity that they can even be seen in some instances on the red carpet. Here are some different ways in which you can dress up a pair of gladiator shoes:

•    Miniskirts: Gladiator skirts look great with miniskirts. You can get a pull-over miniskirt that is a dark color such as black and dress it up with very strappy gladiator shoes that come up at least the bottom of your calf. The color of the gladiator shoes can be either black or gold and either one works for an unbelievably great look.
•    Skinny jeans: Just another accessory for skinny jeans, the gladiator shoes that are just above ankle high look great and won’t have your foot coming off looking ten times too big as other shoes tend to do. Because skinny jeans are made to stop at your ankle they make the perfect candidate for a dark brown or black pair of gladiator shoes.
•    Short shorts: This is a look straight out of Hollywood. Wearing gladiator shoes that come up to just below the calf are a growing sight with starlets when they are off the set. Topped off with a nice black t-shirt or blouse, this style will have you looking casual and cool all at the same time. If the weather is feeling on the chilly side you can top off the look with a lightweight button up sweater.
•    Dress pants: Wearing a typical pair of lighter colored dress pants such as cream and topping it off with a white blouse that is frilly towards the top and finished with a matching blazer is the perfect pairing for gladiator shoes. The gladiator shoes will actually just take the place of your work shoes and make for a wonderful head turning alternative to the everyday loafer.
•    Tights: Start with black tights and then go with a pull-over dress that is a lighter color like white. Go with black gladiator shoes and top off the look with a lightweight leather jacket.
•    Toga, toga: At some point in time everyone gets to experience a toga party. These are great fun and will certainly leave you with lots of memories. If you want to be the perfect toga dresser then top off your toga outfit with a pair of gladiator shoes that come up to the bottom of your knees. This will give you the authentic look of the Romans which are one of the cultures that gave the world this fashion.

Though the time of the Romans have come and gone, there timeless shoes have not. Gladiator shoes can be paired with many different garments in your closet and using your imagination will have you looking your best no matter where you go in them.

Black jeans

How to Look Fabulous in Black Jeans

Black jeans

From fashionistas to regular Joes, everyone is trying to look slim and trim these days. Forget months of exercise, crazy celebrity fad diets and mail-order food — wearing the right clothes is a simple and painless way to appear slimmer and put together in just a matter of minutes. Choosing the right pair of jeans can go a long way toward reaching that goal. When those jeans are black, you’re on your way to looking not just great, but amazing!

Since wearing black will automatically shave 10 pounds off your figure, finding a great pair of black jeans is a no-brainer. They are one of those wonderful wardrobe staples that can take you from frumpy to fabulous in five minutes flat. On the other hand, the wrong jean choice will draw attention to every body flaw you have (and maybe even some you don’t), leaving you contemplating a night at home in front of the TV instead of a night out on the town. So add a truly awesome pair of black jeans to your wardrobe today! Here a few tips for what to wear with black jeans and how to make the most of this classic style.
•    Experiment with different cuts and styles of black jeans to find the one that works best for your body type. Skinny jeans are very hot, but they have to fit properly to avoid creating a fashion faux pas. A pair of tailored, bootcut jeans can add instant length to a shorter frame. Cropped jeans are very versatile and fun, while wide-leg styles can also look stylish.
•    Pair black jeans with bright, vibrant tops in colors such as turquoise, coral, red and sapphire blue. The dark bottoms with act as a backdrop for the colors on top and really make them pop.
•    Tuck your skinny black jeans into tall black knee boots. Not only will the black be slimming, the extra height of the boots will lengthen your silhouette even more and make you appear incredibly glam. Wearing high heels will have a similar effect.
•    Wear a sundress, sweater dress or long tunic over skinny black jeans. They are the perfect alternative to tights.
•    Go all-black in black jeans, a fitted black sweater and black boots or shoes. To pull off this chic look, pay attention to the shades of black you choose. All blacks are not created equal, and a darker shade of black can make a lighter shade appear old and faded.
•    Make your look really pop by wearing shoes and colorful accessories with your black jeans. Try red pumps or flats, or a chunky fuschia necklace and bracelet combo.
•    Metallics always look glamorous when paired with black. Wear strappy metallic sandals (low or high heeled) with your black jeans, or try metallic flats. A metallic belt is also a fun option. Layer on your favorite gold and silver jewelry pieces to stand out from the crowd.
•    Avoid black jeans that are too low-cut. A bulge of flesh escaping from the top of your black jeans will do nothing for your sophisticated look.

Liquid leggings

What to Wear with Liquid Leggings

Liquid leggings

Liquid leggings are just like regular leggings except that they are made of some sort of shiny material that gives them the appearance of being ‘wet.’  Thanks to start like Lady Gaga these liquid leggings are making their way into the mainstream of fashion at a very fast pace. Because there are a number of different colors of liquid leggings there are a number of different possibilities when you think about what you want to wear with your liquid leggings.

Liquid leggings are made to be noticed so when wearing them you need to pair them with garments that will compliment them and highlight them at the same time. Here are a few examples of how you can utilize liquid leggings:

•    T-shirts: This is the look that Miley Cyrus has helped make famous. Wearing black liquid leggings and a t-shirt that is on the long side, you too can accomplish this look. Use a wide belt to tie the outfit together and wear high top shoes like Converse to complete the look. You can also opt for a fun and stylish hat if you like.

•    Frilly blouses: Blouses that have frilly tops and frilly sleeves also go rather nicely with liquid leggings. If the blouse is long enough you can use a skinny belt if you wish. If you are wearing black liquid leggings then you can go with lighter colored tops such as white and yellow, but if you are wearing a metallic colored pair of liquid leggings then stick with black blouses as these will look great with the gold and silver colored leggings. Finish off the look by wearing a pair of high heels that compliments the entire outfit.

•    Dresses:
You can wear any number of cute short dresses over your liquid leggings for a casual and cool look. Choose to tie in the outfit with a belt or be a bit different and use a sash. If the weather dictates, you can wear a lightweight jacket and still look great. Go with heels once again when choosing your footwear.

•    Miniskirts:
A sexy way to jazz up a pair of black liquid leggings is to wear a black spandex miniskirt over top. This can be topped off with a short white blouse and fished with a lightweight black leather jacket. This is the ultimate in sexy cool. You will of course want to go with a pair of very high heels that are black.

•    More liquid:
Lady Gaga often wears her black liquid leggings and a top that is made of the same material. This look gives her an overall wet appearance and everything is very tight. That said if you are not comfortable in everything tight then you will want to skip this look. If however you are confident enough to go for it then pair it with black heels and you will have the Gaga look down.

Liquid leggings are a sexy and fun alternative to the ordinary. Pairing them with the right outfits will have you too looking your best no matter where you roam in your liquid leggings.

Khaki pants

What to Wear with Khaki Pants

Khaki pants

Khaki pants are one of those wonderful fashion staples that you can always count on. While the style of khaki pants may change slightly now and then, such as flat-fronts versus pleats or fitted versus loose, it’s safe to say that khakis will never be shunned from the modern casual wardrobe.

The word “khaki” can refer to both the fabric and the color of the fabric. The term came into the English language via India, and has its roots in a Hindi word meaning “dust-colored” or “earth-colored.” The British Indian Army adopted khaki uniforms for service in the mid- to late-1800’s due to the material’s lightweight texture and cooling properties. The first khaki fabrics were a blend of cotton and linen that were light tan in color, but darker shades later became popular as well. Khaki is now the official uniform of military forces around the world, including the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps, as well as many police forces worldwide.

Khaki is also the informally adopted uniform for business casual wearers everywhere. It’s an easy, comfortable style that goes with just about anything. Here are some ideas for how to wear khaki and look stylish while doing it.

•    For a relaxed business casual look, pair your khaki pants with a button-up oxford-type shirt or a classic collared polo shirt. Add a coordinating belt and you’re ready to go in style.

•    Another idea for classic business casual is to pair your khakis with a crisp, white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Leave the tie at home, and you’ll be both chic and comfortable. Don’t forget a nice belt, and be sure to match your shoes with your belt color.

•    Khakis are available in many more styles than just pants. Try khaki shorts, cropped pant khakis, Bermuda shorts and skirts for ultimate versatility.

•    Don’t wear the classic tan khaki exclusively. Khakis come in a wide range of colors, including olive, brown, green and navy. Experiment with different styles of khakis in various colors.

•    Polish your khaki by adding preppy items such as a v-neck sweater and a blazer. The look will offer a hint of schoolboy charm while still being classy enough for work or a nice restaurant.

•    As with any nice pant, avoid wearing white socks with your khakis, especially white socks with sandals. This will scream geek. Instead, choose socks that are the same shade as your shoes so they will blend well.

•    The type of shoes you wear can go a long way toward making your khakis appear casual or dressy. Wear leather loafers with your khakis when the dress is business casual. A dark brown loafer will almost always look great with khakis, while black can be worn with a black shirt and black belt. To dress down your khakis, wear them with a pair of canvas sneakers.

•    Women can pair khakis with a pretty blouse and casual sandals for running errands, while men may pair a casual khaki pant or shorts with a nice t-shirt and sandals. However, ladies should avoid high heels and other dressy shoes when wearing khakis as they are not meant to be dressed up too much.


How to Wear Prints


Clothing styles and designs vary from season to season, culture to culture and even from one city to another. Individuals create their own styles based on what is in style, what they like to wear, what appeals to them visually and what is appropriate for their body type and age. One of the trickier things to incorporate into any wardrobe is prints. While some people naturally gravitate towards prints, many of us are shy to wear prints for fear of drawing too much attention to ourselves, matching it incorrectly or looking outdated. However if you know how to wear prints, you will be comfortable with adding them to your wardrobe and wearing them often.

Choosing the right print is always tricky. A good way to start wearing prints is to opt for tame prints in similar tones that will make it easy to match up and will not be too flashy. This will ease you into the change in your style. This is important to do if you have stuck with solid colors only in the past.

Another technique for choosing patterns is to opt for ones that have an abundance of colors you like and wear often. If you like the look of black and white together, a black and white print may be the perfect place to start.

If you are worried about choosing an outdated print, head to stores like Banana Republic or Urban Outfitters that are on the cutting edge of fashion. You are sure to find only up-to-date prints there. You may also want to look at fashion sites online and see what is in vogue this season. Many of these sites will provide you with opportunities to buy the attire you like or link you to sites that sell it.

The other factor in wearing prints is the impact the print will have on your overall look. If you are top heavy, you may want to invest in pants and skirts with prints in order to draw the eye downwards. The opposite is true for those who are pear-shaped or have heavier legs. Wear printed tops to draw the eye away from those less-than-ideal areas of the body.

When it comes to matching prints up with other things, you will want to examine the print carefully and choose a predominant color in the print in order to pair with it. For example a print top with a lot of brown in it will look great with a brown skirt or pants. This will create a more subdued look and keep the print from overwhelming the outfit. If you have an ensemble with bold colors, choose one of the lesser used colors to match up with cardigans, jackets and accessories, as it will help to bring out the color more.

A warning about wearing prints must be given. Do not try to match up prints with other prints. If an entire outfit is purchased together and the print continues throughout the ensemble, it is fine. However, trying to mix and match prints is a bad idea. Your outfit should only have one piece of clothing that is printed. All the others should complement it. Stripes, polka dots and other geometric designs never go with prints.

Be bold. Wear prints, but keep in mind the guidelines of looking good in prints.

What T-Shirts Match Corduroy?

Corduroy is a warm fabric, typically used in pants and occasionally in shirts and sports jackets. It has vertical ridges, made of tufted cords that are similar to velvet. They give corduroy a unique texture. The wale of the cord is the thickness of the ridges in the textile. The look of the fabric is very different depending on the size of the wale. Corduroy is very popular in cooler climates and during the cooler months of the year. In fact, some people see corduroy as a sign of seasonal changes, much like when women stop wearing white shoes. Corduroy can be found in a wide variety of colors and is worn by men, women and children.

Corduroy is a very versatile fabric and can easily be dressed up or down. It works perfectly well with a shirt and tie or a nice blouse in a casual corporate environment. However, it can also be worn with a T-shirt for a much more casual look. If you are looking for a totally relaxed, outdoors look, a white T-shirt and corduroys look great together. However for everyday looks that are not quite that laid back, colored T-shirts look much better with corduroy.

The wale of the corduroy also reflects whether or not an item made of it is seen as casual or dressier. Narrow wale corduroy is much dressier and should be worn with shirts and jackets. It typically does not go well with T-shirts, unless they are layered under something else. Wide wale corduroy pants are a great addition to any casual wardrobe and are perfect with T-shirts, especially heavyweight ones.

Corduroy is a classic for layering, much like T-shirts. In fact, one of the most classic looks with corduroy pants is a T-shirt and a button down shirt or blazer. It can work for casual Fridays at work, an evening out with friends or a date. Practically any color T-shirts look great layered in an outfit with corduroy for a casual, fun ensemble. Layering is all about comfort and nothing is more comfortable than soft, absorbent cotton T-shirts and warm corduroy pants. It’s simply a match made in fashion heaven.

If you are looking for a great T-shirt to match with a nice pair of cords, check out the options afforded by custom-made T-shirts. By choosing to go with custom tees, you can select the perfect color to match or complement your corduroys. You can also opt for higher quality or lower quality shirts and those in different fabric weights. Different styles, from loose fitting to regular fitting to differing necklines, also can be chosen to help you create the perfect shirt. If you want to have something printed on a custom-made T-shirt for a fun casual look to wear with your corduroys, you can choose practically anything. You can even choose to make a special corduroy T-shirt that says things like I heart corduroy or Eat, Sleep, Wear Corduroy.

Get your selection of great custom-made T-shirts today to match up with the corduroy you have in your closet for when the weather turns cool.

Top 10 T-Shirt Fashion Faux Pas

1. Wearing a dirty or stained t-shirt
No one wants to see a dirty t-shirt. It doesn’t matter how casual the gathering is. It doesn’t matter what the activity is. No one wants to see it. There are plenty of ways to take care of a t-shirt and to remove any stain imaginable, so there’s no excuse for wearing a shirt with stains.

Clean Dirty T-shirt Tips
, Top Methods for Removing Stains, Use Bleach to clean your t-shirt, Remove ring around the collar

Stain Specific Solutions:

2. Inappropriate shirt tuck

If you’re at a formal occasion, or a very dressy one, it is possible to look great in a t-shirt that has been dressed up with the right clothes and accessories. What isn’t appropriate is having your t-shirt hanging out untucked. Even worse is a half tuck that looks like only half an effort has been made. Both looks are sloppy for many occasions. If you’re going to go somewhere nice and you’re going to wear a t-shirt- make the effort to keep it tucked in.


3. Stretched neck

There are ways to keep your t-shirt neck from getting too stretched. If you have a lot of t-shirts with stretched necks, you are either putting too much force on it when you get dressed or you are buying a size that is too small. Once the neck gets stretched out on a t-shirt, it’s time to replace it with a new one.


4. Wrinkled T-Shirts

Wrinkled t-shirts are preventable but if they do get wrinkled its an easy fix. var iety of methods to get the wrinkles out.


5. Frayed Edges or Holes in your t-shirt

Small holes, or holes that are on the seam, can be fixed easily with just a few stitches. If you don’t have the coordination to use a needle and thread, you can try an alteration shop. Fixing a small hole is very inexpensive. Or, simply replace the t-shirt. It is not acceptable to have holes in a t-shirt that is to be work in public.


6. Wearing a t-shirt in an inappropriate location

There are times, such as a formal church service or a wedding, in which a t-shirt isn’t generally appropriate. If you can dress up your t-shirt, however, people may not realize that you’re wearing a t-shirt at all. If you’re going to wear a t-shirt to a location that isn’t appropriate, pair it with dressier clothes and make sure it’s in perfect condition.


7. Not wearing the correct color t-shirt to match your pants

Nothing looks worse than an outfit that clashes. Literally. It’s hard on the eyes, it irritates people and it’s just a fashion mess. Make sure that your t-shirt color coordinates with your pants color. If you don’t have an idea about what will look good with your t-shirt, err on the side of caution and wear it with jeans. They look good with any t-shirt color.


8. Showing/not showing undershirt t-shirt under another piece of clothing

Whether your undershirt shows or not is a personal preference, but there are many places in which it is not considered appropriate. In an office that requires business attire, make sure to keep it out of sight. In a more casual environment, keeping an over-shirt buttoned up tight may make you look uptight and unfriendly. Think about the environment you are in before you decide to show or not show your undershirt.


9. Wearing a smelly t-shirt

No one appreciates someone who smells. There are many inexpensive ways to get a bad odor out of a t-shirt and it’s respectful to others to try those methods before going out in public. Think about the people around you and how you’d feel if someone near you had an offensive odor.


10. Wearing a t-shirt that is not the correct size

At work, wearing a t-shirt that is too tight may get you into trouble. When you’re visiting family, it’s just inappropriate. When you’re out with friends, wearing a t-shirt that is too big and doesn’t show off the basic line of your physique may mean that you don’t get the same attention that your friends will. Make sure that your t-shirt size is appropriate to the occasion and to the company you are keeping.


What Pants Match My Pink T-Shirt

When you have a pink T-shirt you may want to wear as often as possible. That means having plenty of pairs of pants that you know can be paired well with it in order to show it off to its best light. There are many different ways to showcase a pink T-shirt and to do it in style.

If the T-shirt is light pink, it is generally paired with something light to medium colored. It will not work well with a pair of black pants or a pair of dark brown pants. Even a pair of navy blue pants will be too dark to be paired with a light pink T-shirt. There are a number of other options, however, that are just as readily available. No matter what the shade of pink, every pink T-shirt tends to look good with a pair of tan pants. Tan pants are easy to find and come in many different flattering shades. They are light enough to coordinate well with a pink T-shirt but they are not so light that they will compete with it. They are a very good neutral tone to show off the pink color of your shirt.

In addition to the tan pants that you can wear with this color, there are also very light shades of white, off-white, and peach that can be worn with it. If the T-shirt is worn with an off-white or cream pair of pants; this is a well coordinated, cute outfit that is perfect for the spring time. It’s great for casual events and perhaps for casual Fridays as well.

There are some people who wear a pink T-shirt with jeans, but it may not be the best way to show off the pink color. The deep color of the jeans will tend to drown out the lighter color of the pink T-shirt. This is not true however, if the pink is a very deep pink or a fuchsia. If the pink is a very startling, bright color it will always get noticed. Even if worn with a dark color, a shocking pink T-shirt can be worn with a darker pair of pants for this reason.

There are a number of other colors that can be worn with pink T-shirts as well. For some shades of pink, particularly the ones that have a red hue rather than an orange one, a pair of red pants may go well with the shirt. The red should be a little darker than the pink color so that the pants will enhance the pink rather than overwhelm it. The darker red will then act almost as a neutral color to showcase the pink.

If your pink T-shirt has a noticeable orange hue to it, a pair of orange pants might work better than red ones. This orange hue will act much like the red pants by highlighting the color of the T-shirt. It will bring out the orange tones in the shirt and create a striking image. It will coordinate well and create a put-together image with a beautiful palette of colors.

Which Pants Match with a Blue T-Shirt?

Blue is the classic color. To find pants to match a blue T-shirt is not at all a difficult task. It may only depend on your mood and the type of look you are trying to convey. Through a variety of pants you can express that exact mood you desire. By simply changing your pants, you can create a variety of different looks. The best thing to do is try them all and see what works for you but here are a few suggestions and the most popular choices.

First, you could try your blue T-shirt with beige pants. This will create a nice classic look that is sharp and easy. But just as easy and classic is to go with a gray colored pant. This look is easy too and it is hard to go wrong. Making this even simpler, almost any shade of beige or any shade of gray is going to work as well. The lighter shades will be a more casual and perhaps friendlier look. The darker shades will make you out to look a bit more formal and perhaps professional.

Secondly, however you could go with some more daring and expressive combination. For example, a pair of white pants with your blue T-shirt is and fresh and exciting look. Think of all those boaters who go with this combination and look great. You can go in the exact opposite direction and try a black pair of pants. With this you create a sharp and professional look. You can see how versatile blue is.

So if you branch out in almost every direction your will be alright. In fact, even blue would work. Just imagine a dark pair of blue pants with a light blue T-shirt. This is a winning and elegant combination. So, as long as you have any of these types of pants you’re going to look sharp in a blue T-shirt.

Now, there a few colors of pants that would be more difficult with your blue T-shirt. For example, green pants are tough and would be a near fashion disaster. If there really were fashion police, you would be pulled over for wearing green pants and a blue T-shirt. You would be heavily fined by these police as well, most likely. But, this is all not a reflection on the blue T-shirt or how versatile it is in the wardrobe. Indeed very little goes with the green pants. In fact, if you own such a pair, odds are they don’t make their way out of the closet very often. If they do, hopefully for the rest of us, it is on those days that you have decided to stay in.

As a general rule you probably want to stay away from very bright colored pants when you wear a blue T-shirt. It’s a look that works for kindergartners, but it can start to look a little funky for adults. Red, orange, yellow, purple, and pink are all colors you’re going to want to stay away from with a blue T-shirt. To be honest though, neutral colors like blue, gray, khaki, black, and white seem to work a lot better for pants anyway. Save the brighter colors for your T-shirts, and everybody will be okay.