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How Do I Keep My Shirt Tucked In?

Wearing a T-shirt tucked in makes it look much neater than when it is hanging loose, especially for T-shirts that are loose fitting. A shirt that is not tucked in does not give the impression of a pulled together look. In fact, if you are planning to wear one as a part of a dressy outfit, you will want to start by tucking in your T-shirt and putting a jacket over it. However, the problem remains of how to keep a shirt tucked in.

When tucking in a shirt the first thing to check is to make sure the T-shirt is long enough to tuck in properly. If you are trying to tuck in a shorter tee, you will find that it does not stay tucked in as you move about and you will look sloppy as the hem slips out from you pants or skirt.

Another thing to remember is to tuck your shirt in using the right technique. The best way to properly tuck in a shirt is to start with your pants or bottoms undone. Pull the T-shirt on and straight down into your bottoms. Adjust your bottoms and do them up with the T-shirt tightly tucked in. Now the important part is to adjust the amount tucked in by lifting your arms straight over your head to gently pull out an even amount of the T-shirt around your waist. This will give you the neat look of a tucked in shirt with the perfect amount of looseness so you can move around comfortably without worrying about pulling your shirt tail out.

Another thing to keep in mind is the type of movements you will be doing while wearing a T-shirt. You may not want to bother tucking it in if you plan to do gymnastics or moving furniture or any activity that demands a lot of range of movement. If you are dressed up and want to remain looking neat with your T-shirt tucked in, limit the extreme movements that you make and your shirt will stay in place.

If you love the look of a tucked in T-shirt, make sure you have the ideal ones for tucking in. You will need ones that are not too short, but also not too long because they will bunch up and create unwanted bulk. You will also want to choose T-shirts that fit properly. Oversized T-shirts will look definitely oversized when tucked in. You also want to make sure that any design you have printed on your T-shirt is not covered up by tucking it in.

Should I Tuck My T-Shirt Into My Underwear?

There are many times that the person wants to tuck in their shirt. There may even be times when it’s required that they do so. The question for some people is whether their t-shirt should be tucked into their pants or skirt or directly into their underwear. The answer to this is a personal preference, usually depending on their level of comfort.

For some people, it is an embarrassment for their shirt to ride up on them and expose their skin. If a person has gained weight or has figure flaws they don’t want on display, they can tuck their t-shirt into their underwear in order to make sure the t-shirt stays put for a prolonged period of time. Tucking a shirt into your underwear will keep it anchored more securely than simply tucking it into your pants or skirt.

Four other people, the discomfort can occur when a shirt rides up in the back. This may expose them to a cold breeze in the back or it may make them feel self-conscious. If a person is wearing a jacket or overcoat, having their shirt come un-tucked from their pants in the back may make the shirt bunch up. This can be very uncomfortable and awkward to remedy. Tucking a t-shirt into the underwear can make sure that doesn’t happen.

For children, tucking their t-shirts into their underwear is a great way to make sure their t-shirt stays put. It can be hard for any young child to remember how to tuck in their shirt and even to remember to do so. For social occasions or events in which a tucked-in t-shirt will look best, tucking the child’s t-shirt into their underwear is a great way to make it stay put. For casual schooldays, tucking a child’s shirt into their underwear will spare them a lot of trouble trying to tuck their shirt back in. Because they raise their hands in school and engage in physical exercise, their shirts will come un-tucked rapidly if they are not tucked in securely.

Because pantyhose isn’t worn as commonly anymore, many women have started tucking their t-shirts into their underwear because they used to tuck it into their pantyhose. For anyone used to the security of a shirt tucked into their pantyhose, using the underwear as a substitute can be a good alternative. It can give them the peace of mind that they had before with pantyhose.

For many people, however, there are other comfort issues involved. Tucking a t-shirt into your underwear may feel awkward and uncomfortable to you because it is new and unfamiliar. It may make you feel self-conscious and it may even make you wonder whether it is hygienic to tuck your shirt into your underwear. If tucking your shirt in this way is uncomfortable for you then there are alternatives to keeping your shirt more securely tucked. You can buy a larger sized t-shirt. Because it is longer, you can tuck more of it into your pants and keep it there more securely.

Top 10 T-Shirt Fashion Faux Pas

1. Wearing a dirty or stained t-shirt
No one wants to see a dirty t-shirt. It doesn’t matter how casual the gathering is. It doesn’t matter what the activity is. No one wants to see it. There are plenty of ways to take care of a t-shirt and to remove any stain imaginable, so there’s no excuse for wearing a shirt with stains.

Clean Dirty T-shirt Tips
, Top Methods for Removing Stains, Use Bleach to clean your t-shirt, Remove ring around the collar

Stain Specific Solutions:

2. Inappropriate shirt tuck

If you’re at a formal occasion, or a very dressy one, it is possible to look great in a t-shirt that has been dressed up with the right clothes and accessories. What isn’t appropriate is having your t-shirt hanging out untucked. Even worse is a half tuck that looks like only half an effort has been made. Both looks are sloppy for many occasions. If you’re going to go somewhere nice and you’re going to wear a t-shirt- make the effort to keep it tucked in.


3. Stretched neck

There are ways to keep your t-shirt neck from getting too stretched. If you have a lot of t-shirts with stretched necks, you are either putting too much force on it when you get dressed or you are buying a size that is too small. Once the neck gets stretched out on a t-shirt, it’s time to replace it with a new one.


4. Wrinkled T-Shirts

Wrinkled t-shirts are preventable but if they do get wrinkled its an easy fix. var iety of methods to get the wrinkles out.


5. Frayed Edges or Holes in your t-shirt

Small holes, or holes that are on the seam, can be fixed easily with just a few stitches. If you don’t have the coordination to use a needle and thread, you can try an alteration shop. Fixing a small hole is very inexpensive. Or, simply replace the t-shirt. It is not acceptable to have holes in a t-shirt that is to be work in public.


6. Wearing a t-shirt in an inappropriate location

There are times, such as a formal church service or a wedding, in which a t-shirt isn’t generally appropriate. If you can dress up your t-shirt, however, people may not realize that you’re wearing a t-shirt at all. If you’re going to wear a t-shirt to a location that isn’t appropriate, pair it with dressier clothes and make sure it’s in perfect condition.


7. Not wearing the correct color t-shirt to match your pants

Nothing looks worse than an outfit that clashes. Literally. It’s hard on the eyes, it irritates people and it’s just a fashion mess. Make sure that your t-shirt color coordinates with your pants color. If you don’t have an idea about what will look good with your t-shirt, err on the side of caution and wear it with jeans. They look good with any t-shirt color.


8. Showing/not showing undershirt t-shirt under another piece of clothing

Whether your undershirt shows or not is a personal preference, but there are many places in which it is not considered appropriate. In an office that requires business attire, make sure to keep it out of sight. In a more casual environment, keeping an over-shirt buttoned up tight may make you look uptight and unfriendly. Think about the environment you are in before you decide to show or not show your undershirt.


9. Wearing a smelly t-shirt

No one appreciates someone who smells. There are many inexpensive ways to get a bad odor out of a t-shirt and it’s respectful to others to try those methods before going out in public. Think about the people around you and how you’d feel if someone near you had an offensive odor.


10. Wearing a t-shirt that is not the correct size

At work, wearing a t-shirt that is too tight may get you into trouble. When you’re visiting family, it’s just inappropriate. When you’re out with friends, wearing a t-shirt that is too big and doesn’t show off the basic line of your physique may mean that you don’t get the same attention that your friends will. Make sure that your t-shirt size is appropriate to the occasion and to the company you are keeping.


How To Tuck In Your T-Shirt

Tucking in your shirt is as easy as one, two, three! First, pull down your shirt and straighten it out. Second, loosen your waistband and put the shirt tail inside all around.  Three, pull a little back out to allow freedom of movement. One of the best ways to do this is to stretch from side to side and front to back with your arms over your head so that the perfect amount of the shirt comes out. The alternative is to pull straight up on the T-shirt itself, just above the waistband in a few places around your waist. Do not pull up too much or you may have to start over. Check your work in a mirror to ensure that your tee is not lopsided.

Tucking in your T-shirt does not work for everyone and in every circumstance. Therefore it is important to know when to tuck in a T-shirt and when not to. If you are wearing a T-shirt that is too long or too big for you, tucking it in will accentuate the issue and create unnecessary bulk. Therefore you should keep these types of T-shirts over your pants. If the T-shirt and your pants or skirt are a similar color you can do well by tucking in the shirt, even if you have a few extra pounds. However, if you are battling your weight and your T-shirt is a contrasting color to your bottoms, do not tuck it in. By doing so, you will cut the visual line of your torso and this will make you appear shorter and heavier.

If you have some extra weight on, tucking in a T-shirt tends to also draw more attention to your waistline than otherwise. You might want to consider letting the T-shirt remain over your pants to camouflage your belly and provide a straight uninterrupted line that looks much better than a tucked in shirt. If you are tall and thin, tucking in a T-shirt can make you look shorter and give the appearance of extra curves.

Tucking in T-shirts is always a neat look. It tends to give a more pulled together appearance than a T-shirt that hangs over your pants. In fact, you can dress up a simple outfit, simply by tucking in your tee. This is especially true for loose fitting T-shirts. Fitted tees can pull off a neat look without being tucked in.

You can wear practically any T-shirt tucked in. Just be sure that a part of the design is not cut off by tucking it in. This is the one thing that can really make it look wrong that you have tucked in a T-shirt. In fact if you love the tucked-in tee look, you can get a variety of custom-made T-shirts printed that would be perfect for tucking in. When you order custom-made T-shirts you can choose the color, style, weight, design and placement of the design. This means you can have your text, picture, drawing, logo or other design placed high enough to not be disturbed when the tee is tucked in.

Get your perfect custom-made T-shirt to tuck in today and look smart, stylish and pulled together in your tees.