How To Tuck In Your T-Shirt

Tucking in your shirt is as easy as one, two, three! First, pull down your shirt and straighten it out. Second, loosen your waistband and put the shirt tail inside all around.  Three, pull a little back out to allow freedom of movement. One of the best ways to do this is to stretch from side to side and front to back with your arms over your head so that the perfect amount of the shirt comes out. The alternative is to pull straight up on the T-shirt itself, just above the waistband in a few places around your waist. Do not pull up too much or you may have to start over. Check your work in a mirror to ensure that your tee is not lopsided.

Tucking in your T-shirt does not work for everyone and in every circumstance. Therefore it is important to know when to tuck in a T-shirt and when not to. If you are wearing a T-shirt that is too long or too big for you, tucking it in will accentuate the issue and create unnecessary bulk. Therefore you should keep these types of T-shirts over your pants. If the T-shirt and your pants or skirt are a similar color you can do well by tucking in the shirt, even if you have a few extra pounds. However, if you are battling your weight and your T-shirt is a contrasting color to your bottoms, do not tuck it in. By doing so, you will cut the visual line of your torso and this will make you appear shorter and heavier.

If you have some extra weight on, tucking in a T-shirt tends to also draw more attention to your waistline than otherwise. You might want to consider letting the T-shirt remain over your pants to camouflage your belly and provide a straight uninterrupted line that looks much better than a tucked in shirt. If you are tall and thin, tucking in a T-shirt can make you look shorter and give the appearance of extra curves.

Tucking in T-shirts is always a neat look. It tends to give a more pulled together appearance than a T-shirt that hangs over your pants. In fact, you can dress up a simple outfit, simply by tucking in your tee. This is especially true for loose fitting T-shirts. Fitted tees can pull off a neat look without being tucked in.

You can wear practically any T-shirt tucked in. Just be sure that a part of the design is not cut off by tucking it in. This is the one thing that can really make it look wrong that you have tucked in a T-shirt. In fact if you love the tucked-in tee look, you can get a variety of custom-made T-shirts printed that would be perfect for tucking in. When you order custom-made T-shirts you can choose the color, style, weight, design and placement of the design. This means you can have your text, picture, drawing, logo or other design placed high enough to not be disturbed when the tee is tucked in.

Get your perfect custom-made T-shirt to tuck in today and look smart, stylish and pulled together in your tees.

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  1. Robert Dole

    Wow. You don’t tuck in a T-Shirt on ANY occasion… That is like getting a mullet so you look sophisticated from the front and ready to party from the back…

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