How Do I Keep My Shirt Tucked In?

Wearing a T-shirt tucked in makes it look much neater than when it is hanging loose, especially for T-shirts that are loose fitting. A shirt that is not tucked in does not give the impression of a pulled together look. In fact, if you are planning to wear one as a part of a dressy outfit, you will want to start by tucking in your T-shirt and putting a jacket over it. However, the problem remains of how to keep a shirt tucked in.

When tucking in a shirt the first thing to check is to make sure the T-shirt is long enough to tuck in properly. If you are trying to tuck in a shorter tee, you will find that it does not stay tucked in as you move about and you will look sloppy as the hem slips out from you pants or skirt.

Another thing to remember is to tuck your shirt in using the right technique. The best way to properly tuck in a shirt is to start with your pants or bottoms undone. Pull the T-shirt on and straight down into your bottoms. Adjust your bottoms and do them up with the T-shirt tightly tucked in. Now the important part is to adjust the amount tucked in by lifting your arms straight over your head to gently pull out an even amount of the T-shirt around your waist. This will give you the neat look of a tucked in shirt with the perfect amount of looseness so you can move around comfortably without worrying about pulling your shirt tail out.

Another thing to keep in mind is the type of movements you will be doing while wearing a T-shirt. You may not want to bother tucking it in if you plan to do gymnastics or moving furniture or any activity that demands a lot of range of movement. If you are dressed up and want to remain looking neat with your T-shirt tucked in, limit the extreme movements that you make and your shirt will stay in place.

If you love the look of a tucked in T-shirt, make sure you have the ideal ones for tucking in. You will need ones that are not too short, but also not too long because they will bunch up and create unwanted bulk. You will also want to choose T-shirts that fit properly. Oversized T-shirts will look definitely oversized when tucked in. You also want to make sure that any design you have printed on your T-shirt is not covered up by tucking it in.

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