How To Hide My Bra Line Under My T-Shirt?

Supportive undergarments, like a good bra, are necessary for anyone who enjoys wearing T-shirts. Without a great looking bra, we sag and don’t look nearly as good as we can. Support means a great figure, even if it is only with the help of a little boost. Many people however, are not crazy about others being able to see their bra line under their shirt. So how do you go about hiding a bra line?

The first and most obvious solution is to layer. If your bra line is visible through a T-shirt, put another top or jacket over it in order to cover up a little better and hide the bra line from plain view.

Another option is to choose large accessories like flowing scarves to drape over the front of your T-shirt. Such scarves will provide you with enough coverage to be able to comfortably not need to worry about things like bra lines.

You can, of course, choose to not wear a bra so no one will see a bra line. This may be an okay option for a young girl, but one with a rather developed figure typically would not have this luxury.

Choose to put a tight-fitting one-piece undergarment under your T-shirt instead of a regular bra. It will eliminate the bra line and will look more like a camisole if that is okay.

You may also want to look at opting for T-shirts with textured fabrics. Rib knits and other fabrics that have interesting textures will completely hide the appearance of bra lines. This is a great way to eliminate the problem without having to give up a bra.

Get a bra that is strapless or one that has the clear straps. Such new improvements will considerably help you to eliminate the look of straps.

Choose to wear T-shirts that are looser than you typically wear. This will take attention away from your bra line. In fact, with a loose shirt a bra line may be completely not noticeable.

4 thoughts on “How To Hide My Bra Line Under My T-Shirt?

  1. Lily

    I just found the most effective way to prevent bra lines on t-shirts is to wear a tan/nude colored bra. White bras and others appear much more under shirts.

  2. Allen

    Bra lines will show, especially on the back and sides. Hard nipples also show thru most tops.

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