How to Dress Like Ashley Tisdale

Whether she’s in a movie or walking down the street, Ashley Tisdale has her own unique style. She loves wearing very casual outfits like jeans and t-shirts and track suits. She is often seen in pink and in outfits that are feminine and casual.

Casual Wear

Many times, she’s photographed wearing simple track suits that are all in one color. She has been photographed in this outfit in bubblegum pink, which shows off her casual style as well as her love for the color pink. Ashley wears a lot of jeans and t-shirts for casual occasions. Sometimes she will pair high heels with a pair of jeans and a pink or patterned t-shirt. She likes to wear t-shirts paired with long jeans that emphasize her height.

Sometimes her t-shirts have bright patterns on them or print pictures on the front. She occasionally wears halter tops that are printed with patterns as well. This shirt is one that she was photographed in while out shopping. She paired up with a pair of very dark blue jeans and a pair of flats.


Ashley Tisdale often wears sweaters when she’s out shopping or having lunch. Her sweaters are usually long and neutral colored to go with whatever outfit she’s wearing. Sometimes she wears baby doll dresses and wears a sweater over them. If you can find a baby doll dress that is in a bright color or has a bright pattern of colors on it, that is the perfect outfit to pair with a cream or pastel colored sweater.


Ashley Tisdale loves the color gold. Any accessories, jewelry or clothing you can find in the color gold will be perfect for creating an Ashley Tisdale ensemble. She particularly loves to wear gold shoes and carry gold handbags. She wears these often with jeans or with black pants. She has been spotted many times carrying a gold Louis Vuitton handbag over one arm. She loves to wear gold jewelry as well. Any outfit you have that can be paired with gold accessories is one that can be made to look like an Ashley Tisdale outfit.


Ashley Tisdale often wears pants when dressing casually. She tends to wear pants that are long enough to cover much of her shoes. This can elongate the frame and make a person look taller. Her pants generally come in dark blue, black or white. Often she wears Capri pants that are cut just below the knees. She loves to pair her Capri pants with high heel shoes. She has worn these shoes in beige with several outfits. While she loves to wear high heels, she also wears moccasins of flats with pants. To find shoes that are in a typically Ashley Tisdale style, look for ones with fringe, bows, beads or any other details that make the shoes more eye-catching. The more details they have, the better. She also loves cutout shapes and peep-toe shoes. Look for neutral colors or pastels when shopping for Tisdale-style shoes to pair with your Tisdale-style outfit.

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