How to Dress Goth – More Than Just Black Clothes


If you want to dress goth, it’s important to understand the symbolism behind it all. Dressing goth is a way of expressing romanticism as well as darkness. For this reason, goth clothing is often a combination of casual black clothing and more formal attire. Some goth dressers wear evening wear regularly and dress shoes with every outfit to portray this romanticism. This isn’t the only way to dress goth however. As long as the right elements are there, the outfit will look goth.


The most common color to wear in goth dressing is black. Many goths wear black from head to toe and even dye their hair black to match. However, it isn’t necessary to always wear all black. Other colors are perfectly acceptable in the goth world as well. Deep wine reds, dark purple, dark green and even white are also worn along with black. When wearing these colors, black is still usually the predominant color. A wine red skirt may be paired with a black shirt and black jacket to create the goth look.

Casual Wear

Shirts or jackets that resemble corsets are often desired in goth outfits. These are then worn with jeans or black pants. Many goths wear ripped up jeans in deep blue colors. T-shirts can be worn by goths, as long as the t-shirts are either plain black or have a black background with dark-colored printing on them.

For guys, the look is often expressed with black jeans and worn black t-shirts and jackets. For girls, black velvet usually plays a part somewhere in the look. A black velvet skirt can be paired with worn tennis shoes and dark t-shirts. When choosing a t-shirt, look for ones that have goth bands printed on them. Goth band shirts are an immediate sign that a person is into goth culture.

Anything with a skull on it is also a big of being goth. Skulls are popular right now and can be found printed on t-shirts, handbags, ties and even shoes. In particular, look for black items that have white printed skulls on them for the maximum contrast.


Black tennis shoes are popular with goth dressers, but boots may be a more classic goth look. Black combat boots are a common sight among goth dressers. Any type of black leather boots from ankle boots to thigh-high boots will work with the goth look. Along with your black shoes, be sure to wear black socks. A contrasting sock color will stick out and not look the way a goth outfit should.


Any accessories should be black or silver. Gold jewelry of any kind is not a part of the goth look. Silver reminds goths of the moonlight, and it’s an important part of goth culture. Goths love to wear plenty of jewelry, including lots of silver bracelets and necklaces with meaningful pendants on them. Goths sometimes wear black studded collars on their necks or black studded bracelets. Plenty of silver rings are also important to the goth look. Any piercings should be outfitted with silver jewelry.

3 thoughts on “How to Dress Goth – More Than Just Black Clothes

  1. Natalie

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    A while ago Justin wrote an article:

    I think it could be a fun guest post. In addition, “the experts at fibers” may be able to further diagnose Justin’s stinky shirt issues.

  2. The Apprentice

    “More than black clothes” – yes, absolutely. So much more than simple whimsy too. Goth clothing at it’s best is so much more complex in both it’s style and it’s statement than most people realise.

  3. Rozemaiden

    No gold? Says who?

    I know plenty of goth friends who work gold and bronze jewelry into their coordinates. This whole idea about the moon being sacred to Goths is ludicrous. You’re thinking Wiccans or something….

    As for tennis shoes, I can’t say I’ve ever seen that pulled off well in a legit Goth look. Ever.

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