What Is Your T-Shirt Body Type?

Knowing your T-shirt body type is very useful when it comes to choosing the perfect T-shirt for you. Whether or not we want to admit it, we all have a specific body type that fits into a certain category. Choosing the right T-shirt for our body type will result in a flattering look that is sure to be appreciated by the wearer.

If you happen to be very thin or sporting some extra pounds, the loose fitting short-sleeved T-shirt is the perfect tee for you. Loose fitting shirts skim the torso showing a little of the shape but not too much. The less than perfect details are nicely hidden and you tend to feel much more comfortable than you would in a more form-fitting T-shirt.

If you have a great shape and are confident enough to wear more fitted clothes, then form fitting T-shirts are the choice for you. They nicely flatter the best figures and show them off to advantage. They always look neat and can easily transition from casual to more dressy affairs.

If you are pear-shaped, you may want to consider wearing T-shirts that have a line of text or something printed across the chest part only of the T-shirt. It draws the eye up and no one will notice your less than perfect sized hips. Likewise, if you are top heavy, a T-shirt that has printing on the tail will draw the eye down and you will appear more balanced.

If you have a short neck, remember that the key to looking your best in a T-shirt is the neckline. You should always opt for one with d├ęcolletage, such as a V-neck or a scoop neck. Such T-shirts give the impression of a longer neck, making you appear more balanced proportionately. These types of necklines are also sure to add to your sex appeal, another great reason to choose them.

If you have a bigger weight problem, do not be tempted to use oversized T-shirts as a way to cover up. Oversized T-shirts look like you are trying to hide something no matter what size you are. Therefore the illusion is busted right away. Oversized T-shirts are best used for sleeping in, never for day wear.

When you have discovered the T-shirt body type you have, it is important to make sure your wardrobe reflects that. You will want to get rid of shirts that are plainly unflattering to your body type. Then, you will need to invest in a variety of great, new T-shirts in the style that best fit your body type. The ideal way to do so is to get a selection of custom-made shirts printed that are exactly what you want. You can choose the colors you need, the weight, the style and the quality. You can also opt for a line or two of text printed on the T-shirt. It can be a fun, witty line, a joke, a belief, something you are proud of, an accomplishment or something or someone you love.

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