How to Dress Like Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is the girl that every tween girl wants to dress like. In her onscreen incarnation, Hannah Montana, she wears a blond wig and dresses in flashy stage wear that fits her rock-star persona on the show. But in real life, Miley Cyrus has a hip style all her own. Her unique outfits and trendsetting outfits have made her the ultimate fashion icon for the under-18 set.


If you want to dress like Miley, you have to start wearing boots. Miley Cyrus is rarely seen without a pair of large, fashionable boots. Sometimes she wears Ugg boots or other types of fuzzy, furry boots. At other times, she wears sleek leather boots in brown or black. And occasionally, she is seen in brown leather cowboy boots that are a tribute to her Southern roots and her father who is a country singer.

Miley also wear flats occasionally. Her flats are usually bright and sparkly with plenty of eye-catching detail. Sometimes she wears Converse All-Star flats in either black or a bright color. She has been photographed in red, blue and gray Converse flats

Pants and Shorts

For shopping, going to events and spending time with her boyfriend and family, Miley prefers to wear pants and shorts. Her pants and shorts are usually in a neutral color like white, black or beige. When she wears pants, they may be paired with a pair of boots or with flats. For photo shoots, she sometimes wears high-heeled pumps with her pants.


Miley wears a lot of dresses for photo shoots to publicize her show and her music. She generally favors dresses for these shoots. The dresses are almost always short and feminine looking. The dresses she favors usually have a low-cut front and have lace, ruffles or some other type of girlie embellishment. She loves wearing white and often pairs a white or light-colored dress with a pair of dark boots.

Casual Attire

When dressed casually, Miley often wears printed t-shirts with a scooped neck along with jeans or shorts. She loves wearing yellows and oranges, and these are often worn with jeans, denim shorts or white pants. When she wears shorts, she likes wearing them with torn up tights that are β€˜80s retro style. These are usually black tights that are either opaque or sheer. The holes and runs in the tights make the outfit look casual and chic in the boho style.

One of the popular causal looks that Miley has popularized is a scoop-neck t-shirt, denim shorts, torn up tights and a pair of furry Ugg boots. She has worn this outfit many times, varying the color of the shirt, the kind of tights worn and the color and style of the boots. This has become one of her signature styles, and one that can be copied easily at home. To copy the look of the tights, simply buy a regular pair and make random tears in them. They will son begin to run on their own and will look like a pair of Miley’s tights.

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