How to Dress Like Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez loves wearing young, flirty clothing in which each piece has a little bit of flair. The type of clothing she prefers tends to be colored away from the neutral spectrum. She enjoys color and plenty of it. Selena has several different kinds of clothing choices, including dresses for appearances and photo shoots and her more casual clothing for every day wear and daytime appearances.

Evening Wear

When posing for the camera for evening events, Selena Gomez loves to wear frilly, feminine dresses with high heels. These outfits are always show stoppers with bright colors and large prints. Her dresses are often short or long enough to just cover the knee. The dresses are sometimes sleeveless, sometimes strapless and sometimes they have only one strap for an asymmetrical look. This dress was a big hit for the Teen Choice Awards. She paired silver high-heeled pumps with the dress for a bright look that was age appropriate and hard to forget.

Many of her patterned dresses are either plaid or polka dotted. The black, polka-doted mini-dress that she wore to the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party was in perfect signature Selena Gomez style. It used the large, bold pattern to attract attention and showed off her feminine style with the large bow and the ruffles. The front, like many of her dresses and outfits, was cut low.

Casual Wear

Selena Gomez prefers a low-maintenance casual style for daytime events that still manages to look feminine. She wears t-shirts that have ruffles and other feminine details to keep her style consistent even during the most casual events. She wore a WWF t-shirt to an event, but paired it with a thick belt to emphasize her waist.

Sometimes she wears striped hose or tights along with color-coordinated shorts and a ruffled top or t-shirt. This t-shirt is similar to one worn to a daytime premiere with its scooped neck and its feminine, lacy details on the front.

Selena wears skinny jeans when she chooses denim. These jeans have a highly-tapered leg and are tight at the knee. She often wears dark gray and dark blue jeans. Sometimes, she rolls up the ends into short cuffs. If you roll up your jeans, be sure to leave enough length so that there is some wrinkling of the pants if you want to play up the real Selena look.

Shorts and Hose

Along with t-shirts ands other casual shirts, she often wears shorts and pantyhose. These are often black for more formal occasions. Plain black shorts, that are worn very short, are paired with sheer black hose in several occasions. The hose sometimes have vertical black stripes that make her legs look longer. Anyone can have the same results by wearing striped tights and a pair of ultra-short shorts in a dark color. These can be paired with a pair of black high heels, as Selena Gomes often does. Or, they can be paired with a pair of dark Converse low-tops, as Selena occasionally does.

19 thoughts on “How to Dress Like Selena Gomez

  1. Madi

    I luv to dress like u and got inspired by your tv show wizards of waverly place and I luv your style!keep smiling I’m a big fan from. Sacramento!

  2. hazelyn

    u r so awesome and the way u dress u look so pretty. I’m a huge fan like pictures of u from the pop star magazine all over the wall in my room my mom said that its a little out of control so does my friends when they come over but they still think Ur pretty and i agree!

  3. Josie

    omg selena gomez was on here thats so sweet i really like you clothes and im trying to be like you but i wear more sporty stuff oh well i wish i had my own tv show oh well


  4. mary cruz

    hi selena i like your clothes,im trying to wear clothes like you,im your super duber fan..i hope to see you in person..luv yah!!

  5. arianna

    Hi selena i really want to be an actress, but I am afraid of being a bad actress and what not, or having to act rediculas like hannah montana. I am not sure what to do…love you bye!

  6. jgfsf hlsjghskl

    WOW people are idiots! selena was NOT on this website! she obviously has better things to do with her time than research herself!

  7. Rocher (ro-shay)

    omg selena ur like my idol i always wear your type of casual clothes to skewl and all my friends r like omg u look so kute and im like thank selena gomez

  8. SelenaGomez

    hey u guys!!!
    some of this stuff is true
    but now that im getting older,
    i try to look more sophisticated.
    but thank you anyways!!! :]

  9. mariam

    Hii selena my name is mariam ilove u very much some people say to me like you and now i try to wear like u and my style like u my hear and my make up and im really love u i hear your songs and my favo songs (its magic-Naturelly-tell me somthing i dont now-round and round-make it happen)

  10. lex

    SELENA!?! I AM 1 of ur BIGEST FANS! not to sound weird or anything but its TRUE! i think U R AWESOME! i love ur style! i also think u and Justin Bieber make the CUTEST couple i m also a fan of his! i hope to some day live out loud my dream of being an actress just like U!!!!!!! i think u r so sweet u r my rolemodel ! thanks for reading my coment!<3 – lexx 😀 #1 fann ;P

  11. jennifer

    ohhh my gosh r ugly stefanie scott is more better loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and tell r bf justin bieber to stop kissing stop it already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!gosh ugh i am going to start talking to stefanie scott bye ugly ugh tell justin bieber to a bye.

  12. jennifer

    u make mee super sick i hate ur smile ur look even ur boy friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!u know who is duper better stefanie scottt and sierra mccormick ohhh and jake short so i am going to call them right know

  13. Selena

    Hey guys! It’s Selena! I’m so sorry about all the posers. Please try your best not to impersonate me. Thank you! I hope this article helps y’all out! You can also try other website like or magazines! Thanks so much for all of the support! Love you guys! XOXOXO.

    God Bless,

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